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Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Jincheng press   Author:Erich von Dniken   Pages:224  

Huge footprints, alien tomb, extraterrestrial spacecraft explosion fragments, in 4000 before the nuclear explosion, the original jungle astronaut stone … … 500 years ago the Incas had a huge man-made diamond, this is the Inca masterpiece? Or the higher the gifts of civilization?
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Erich · (Switzerland); von · Dniken (Erich von Dä niken), was born in April 14, 1935 in Switzerland, the most authoritative writers in the world's mysteries. In 1968 because of a relationship between the alien and the early stage of human civilization works "memory of the future" and spring into fame, become one of the world's super best-selling author. He is “ the Ancient Astronaut theory ” put forward and perfect. His series of works explore the mystery of human civilization has been translated into more than thirty languages, and by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Nbc National Broadcasting Company (NBC) taken into many feature films. In 1969, American television film "looking for Ancient Astronaut" is based on Dniken's work "chariots of the gods" production; in 1993, the German satellite television 1 according to his "cosmic trail" shoot the 25 episode TV series; in 1996, America ABC/Kane TV company produced an hour long special film "chariots of the gods — — mysterious renewal", and show in the world, the ABC television network broadcast the film in 1996. 1996-1997, ABC/Kane television again and iken together, produced a feature film, "found" in the channel; in September 26, 1996, Germany's largest television network RTL broadcast the film, then Europe alone 4900000 people watching. So far, Dniken speaking tour of more than 3000 games in 25 countries worldwide, of which more than 500 is held in each university in the world. Dniken himself had created the archaeology research, space and search for extraterrestrial civilizations will. The organization has a great influence in the world, members up to 10000 people, both the various sectors of the general public, there are experts.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter to the second chapter A thing for it. Kiribati

third chapter spirit one one all material source
fourth chapter verifies the false news
in the fifth chapter, the sixth chapter, a
twilight of the gods
Chapter excerpt

The first chapter to Kiribati a priest led me to set foot on the long — — Kiribati where — — three from Kiribati — — the night we live as wealthy sheik — — island of peace strike & mdash; — theory &mdash Kiribati origin; — TetA, our black angel — — &mdash has been found in 白里奇 village library; — 那日奥 and alien — — — &mdash to Abyan; magic stone array — — in the Great Mausoleum before &mdash aro love land; — Ara Ai &mdash — navigation; out of the darkness the God of creation — — how to make himself go down to posterity giant — — farewell to new friend, bid farewell to the old riddle if not the letter from South Africa Cape Town letter, I could never go to Kiribati: Dear feng. Mr. Dniken: you must be busy, so, please allow me to come to the point. The reason why I write to you, because that is a very good evidence that God drop from the clouds. When I was in the Pacific, they took me to two of a giant's grave, local people said the two giants is coming from the sky. Graves are well preserved, and each is five meters long, a fossil footprints, on a rock number, that can be photographed. In addition, there is a stone compass, even there is a place, people said the gods had landed there. This place is very interesting, there is a ring of stones, plants do not grow. If you think this story is very interesting, and I would be honored to give you some details. If you heard it in his place, even if you do not give me a reply, I can understand. With best wishes, and thank you for the wonderful time I bring to the books. Your priest. Gabriel 1978 5 at the end of this letter to my hands. This is a Protestant priest would open up to me. I immediately wrote a letter of thanks, ask him to tell me more, and asked whether the related books and pictures to prove this magical place does exist, and promised to the resulting costs borne by me. A month later, Alaska, the priest replied. Dear Mr · Mr. Dniken: Thank you for your reply. I declare, I not let you pay me pay, because I am very glad to help you study. You asked whether there is a related books, I regret to tell you, no books on Kiribati basically, but the points I mentioned above, there is no written records. I can imagine, you often receive from all over the world a bit neurotic people to send the information, so I think we should let you know what a person I am. I am now South Africa thepot religious association. … …
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Dniken portrayed the alien world of fascinating. He is a complete earth people also fascinating. — — "Lu" as reported Dniken to prove that, as early as before very long time, the aliens had a spaceship landed on earth. Therefore, these 50 years.Quietly found in caves and Pyramid, took a helicopter ride through the jungle and desert, he wrote the book, and the content of the movie, in the University, the Convention Center and the multifunctional lecture hall. He takes an irresistible force quickly conquered the world audience. — — "Du" the summer of 2008 nineteenth period @##@ tip Erich von · · Dniken in today's world the best-selling author of 32 films in the global sales total 63000, 00 books have been translated into 35 languages, German, American works perennial in Britain, Italy and other 40 countries of the bestseller list
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