The ancient Egyptian Book of the dead

Date of publication:2010-3   Press: Jilin publishing Refco Group Ltd   Author:(British) Faulkner   Pages:293  

The world of the death of the most ancient text of ancient Egyptian comfort the magic spell of British Museum first revealed that nearly 150 of precious pictures legendary Hollywood epic "Mummy" series of arcane magic in the land of the dead and there shall be no more death in the land of the dead have no longer fall in the land of the dead don't hate to live in the land of the dead don't allow anyone to take away the dead position and the throne

The 爱艺, contemporary famous poet, was born in Xiangfan city of Hubei province. From the classical poetry reading, at the age of fourteen began to publish works. The income of more than 60 works at home and abroad big newspapers and Anthology: author of "smile", "spring", "snow song", "dream", "night rain skirt", "flower rain", "lonely", "flower", "gentle sun flower", "alone", "love dream shore" @##@, The book is compiled by the funeral. "The book of the dead" was buried in a. These translations from the precious collection of British Museum pictures, reproduction of the British Museum rich Egyptian burial culture collection. Dr. R.O. Faulkner English version of the translator is an important authority of the contemporary British Egyptian burial evolution. He studied down by ancient Egyptian nobility and has an important position in the inheritance of the Egyptians buried. His translation of "Pyramid" in 1969 1973 the advent of inscription version, to 1978 years the translation of "Wen" coffin. At the same time, he was invited to the New York The Limited Editions Club press (the press can be called "limited issue club", the same below) published a translation "book of the dead", color photo book contains a lot of colorful "Arni" copy of the papyrus rolls. This copy is one of the best illustrations in the text of British Museum, 1972, hardcover edition of the tunnel, accurate translation has been approved and accepted. But surprisingly, not successful spell, prayer language selection in fact, students and other people interested in the text hard to read, can't easily access. In order to change this situation, to reduce the potential readers frustration, The Limited Editions Club press an invited Dr. Faulkner to reweave the modern version of R.o.. British Museum thank President Sidney he The Limited Editions Club, and his colleagues, Dr. R.o. Faulkner encouragement and appreciation because they so simple, so that his inspiration, translation more understandable, such a large amount of market demand, forcing it to use new illustrations to the printing and publishing. R.o. Dr. Faulkner explains that ancient texts in the preface, most spells are embodied in his translation. He should be the publisher's request omits the small part of the spell, because they replicate or in fact copy those translated spells, other small part of decay or ambiguous part to translation, easy to understand. His version is coloring papyrus "Thebes" based on the revised version, so Faulkner removed some deviation from the original meaning of the part, wherein all spells by 162, from 163 to 165. The title spell that has translated into a modern version of the new, with advanced papyrus roll interesting little as a graphic illustration. Faulkner's original version, the four section of the text (including two short) has been removed, these texts are out of date, as he put it, "the text of the lack of interest, scholars only professional only interested in studying it, so delete". Faulkner also pointed out that "there are a few spells were experts in nineteenth Century for many times, these texts have problems we have been assigned to all those familiar with the number of". In the explanation of translation according to the time, Dr. Faulkner made the following assessment for data sources and his version: in this book all the spells have made contemporary writer re translated, with one exception.
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So do not go hungry, and he will not thirsty, because he saved him and took away his hunger, his heart was filled with. Oh, in charge of the food after the drink drink, Moumou was entrusted to the bakery...... Pull oneself entrust him; pull he commissioned this year for food to supply the people (or God). They get and give him two barley and wheat, because of his bread to the great cattle. Will you give a five piece of bread in the temple, because there are three blocks and pull together in the sky (share), two pieces and nine on earth of God (share).
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The graphic data sources spell list dedicated to the sun god. The pull of the hymn paean glossary of postscript @##@ translator "The ancient Egyptian Book of the dead" is an ancient and magnificent poetry, a total of twenty-seven, including a spell, hymns, long release, all kinds of manners, such as word of God, they have generally been carved or writing in Pyramid or the tomb wall, while others are printed on the coffin or engraved on the fine. Because the original is hieroglyphs, already lost, at the beginning of nineteenth Century found hieroglyphs and Coptic (a Greek word oriented text) control inscriptions, was able to decipher.
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  •   Is blunt to the coated paper, feeling too comfortable!!! The content is very wide, from what is love!!! The book is slightly a little weight, but it is the kind of big classical head feeling!!! It is suitable for night time a person slowly taste Oh ~ ~ ~ ~
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