The ancient Egypt

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Illustration: Part 01 people share the Nile God story God gods live into the Kingdom, although the LORD God appeared, but regional God worship continued development. Regional God worship since the former dynasty there, it consists of tribal, state totem worship evolved. In ancient Egypt, 42 Noam (the state) has its own myths and deity worship, God often with regional animal or animal characteristics of humanoid, regarded as the creator, enjoy a high status in the local. In addition to hector Mo wave Lisburn God, 赫里奥波利斯 area is another major religious center, here to worship the sun god, therefore is called sun city. The creator of the sun god created the air God Hugh and rain god Tai Venut, Sue and sister begot, God of the sky and the earth God out of Knut, the world two and god Osiris, Isis, born Seth and Nephthys four brother and sister. The nine part is Helio Boris God God "Jiulian God", the ancient Egyptians were in popular worship. Memphis is one of the ancient Egyptian religious center, the creator God is 普塔赫. 普塔赫 for everything in the world was named, and then they all read out, which in turn generates. Thebes God system center God amon later replaced the Sun God became the Egyptian god of Thebes, in people's minds, amon God of gods power, creating the gods, but, he is the embodiment of truth. Regional development like a raging fire worship, God family often as God the creator God and triple, protection of God. As its core, such as: the god Osiris Isis, wife and son Horus composition dis family triad, Memphis triple God by 普塔赫, his wife and son of God -- plug Hummert plant 奈斐图姆 composition. Triple God's story legendary, and complete them in ancient Egypt, the land of the most wide spread. The ancient Egyptian magical often has many variant and address, can be different in different aspects, representativeDifferent identities. Toth is Luna, the Ibis or baboon head image to show him as a writing and the wisdom of god. However, the most typical than the sun god, his image beyond count. When he was with Horus integration, will become the pull - Horak the person, head in the sun disc, on behalf of the "home of the sun"; and Atum, when 普塔赫, Osiris, God Amun, fusion, they become more powerful and god.

This is a glorious for thousands of years in the country, whether it is full of mysterious hieroglyphics or towering stands in Pyramid, whether it is thousand years not Fu mummy or a stunning beauty and wisdom of Cleopatra, is still a mystery attracts people. Stop in the Nile, see the barque came, with the bow that turns into a woman's goddess Isis dialogue, she will tell you a thousand husband, help the Revenge of the past; go on the Giza plateau, Pyramid group, you'll find out its body has many hidden secrets; into the beautiful decoration. Pharaoh tomb the Pharaohs, will show you the son of the sun god's supernatural powers...... The Pharaoh Akhenaten tragedy because of religious reform and repeatedly by people criticized, but who ever really heard his touching poem, who had tasted his humanism art of reality; female Pharaoh 哈赛 Pu Su special didn't love red love men, although from time to time to turn back the powers of darkness but the end of men and women in royalty status of the embarrassment; Thutmose III, often giving battle invincible, only a pity Na Yingwu I of Ramses III, finally unexpectedly died in the harem conspiracy...... Rich people with ancestors either, frequently in the villa where the party feast. Toast each other between the guest of honor, ointment wig wore diffuse out move one deeply aroma, nude dancers with the beat of the music for the drinker to add to the fun, and that does not allow a man woman picked up the sword fighting each other blow, straight Bo brought the house down. Out of the rich family's garden, walk Fang asked string lane, home of common common people mud brick house quietly guarding the most ordinary ancient Egyptians life. One time, then the ordinary family is also converging on a family entertainment. "Drink, get drunk, do not give up the pleasures. When you are living under the sun, let the heart as you wish." This is the ancient Egyptian life attitude. However, don't think that the ancient Egyptians who enjoy life, they were born in the provision for the afterlife, and all the good wishes and the evil curse into amulets, bringing it to the grave, to the underworld through smoothly obtain eternal life. The mysterious adventure began, to see how Stigmata souls braving the danger of war, evil, evil spirit to drop; the way the chanting, singing songs, protection for the gods, so that eventually reached the king was given to eternal life. Into the mystery of the pharaohs, reduction of thousands of years ago in the society, uncover shrouded the layers of the veil, you will see the brilliant and mysterious.
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Part 01 the story of God God the creator and father live -- the sun god myth kingdom "ghost" Eighty Years War of revenge of the gods of human residence -- Temple mythology and monarchy of Egyptian hieroglyphs in Pyramid under the numerous living beings God and mediator -- Pharaoh Pharaoh's harem gods on earth -- the priests servant the ancient Egyptian soldiers and military to create timeless craftsmen of ancient Egyptian women status life of crime and punishment in ancient Egypt "the"scholar's four jewels"" Part 03 life impression in full bloom in the sky sex contradiction flower "Besieged City" construction and collapsed with Pluto for children the ancient Egyptians wardrobe national cosmetic fragrance country opened the sky goddess the veil Nile gift farming civilization domesticated animal fairy tale fishermen and hunters of the ancient Egyptian mud brick house and Les Loges Du Park Hotel menu and aristocratic elegance multi seize today, enjoy pleasure in good time and maintenance skill God for human to celebrate the delta of the papyrus in a contract if trade of ancient Egyptian sacred animal Part 04 yearning for eternal afterlife afterlife palace or death Paradise Valley of the kings in the order of battle of life and death curse of the Pharaoh Sphinx Waiting for the mystery mummy undead way be the underworld through road in science 道玛 Artemis Temple ultimate trial Osiris Orcus a new soul through the sun god of ancient Egypt @##@ monarchs In ancient Egypt, people are still the Nile water tides in the struggle of life, the divine pharaohs has been in a magnificent tomb for luxury afterlife. The statue in the forest, hieroglyphs was still writing, Steefan Kors the terrible face gradually blurred in the years of efforts, Pyramid was still filled with the breath of the mummy. In 3000, the rich and powerful "dream of the ancient Egyptian civilization has become a non reproducible golden years, into the mysterious of the pharaohs, space-time perhaps we can through the history, feel the Pharaonic Dynasty left many incredible, one of the world's greatest ancient civilized taste.
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"The ancient Egypt": This is a glorious for thousands of years in the country, whether it is full of mysterious hieroglyphics or towering stands in Pyramid, whether it is thousand years not Fu mummy or a stunning beauty and wisdom of Cleopatra, is still a mystery attracts people. Into the mystery of the pharaohs, reduction of thousands of years ago in the society, uncover shrouded the layers of the veil, you will see the brilliant and mysterious. The ebb and flow of the Nile, stand as firm as a rock in Pyramid; the prevalence of family marriage temporarily, many organs of the underworld through road...... Into the mysterious of the pharaohs, a glimpse of the Millennium years left miracle.
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