The ancient city of Doom - a trip

Date of publication:2012-4   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Press   Author:Xue Jijun   Pages´╝Ü146  

"Science and education the action and CCTV discovery: the ancient city of doomsday" is what kind of a column, or say, its value is reflected in where? A program, it should be its artistic value. Compared with other programs, "UNESCO action and CCTV discovery: the ancient city of doomsday" have very distinct characteristics, it is stressed that the fascinating story of creation. The first is a story, and then is connected before and after the event, and finally unlock the puzzle of science. Here, the knowledge into the background, using stories to promote scientific knowledge, will be integrated into the plot, entertaining and educational purpose of propagation. This kind of entertainment creation means is not our invention, but in the domestic scientific program, we do a step ahead. Second, is the value show in the media, a good program, a program has value in art, is bound to take education and the role of propaganda, education and publicity have a variety of means, is out, express, or cool and objective dissemination of scientific spirit, we chose the latter. Third, is the social value, the more is the embodiment of a cognitive value, science itself is a clear-cut attitude, Quweicunzhen, pragmatic, seeking truth from facts, the scientific spirit and attitude subtly to the audience immersed, naturally is the social value of the harvest. And this, I think it is the loss of our national spirit in the present.
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Underground mystery City 1 mysterious ancient native 2 sent by the central study group 3 authentic Tibetan soldiers? 4 Title pieces found 5 Cao Cao constructed tunnel? King of the 1 giant tripod reappear 2 mysterious visitors 1 strange bones 3 questions about the ancient doom 2 is cut down by half human bone 3 Jining road was destroyed in the war? 4 mass graves were found 5 cattle trampling cellar 6 fragments of porcelain in amazing discovery 7 and a pile of bones found strange 8 Commercial Street 9 city rich lead to war? The major problem that ink 10.- families have the seven kiln porcelain porcelain 11 12 coins on the 13 succession war? 14 another war? Ancient 1 odd copper bumps 2 cultural relics experts at the scene 15 Jining road tough final lost survey 3 main tomb in where? 4 bronze inscription exegesis, trying to identify the owner 5 tomb excavations carried 6 Tomb of marital status has been questioned 7 new 8 points for fish "family shadow dragon bones
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