The aliens and UFO

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The earth is to the human, is the vast expanse of the big world; to the universe, it is small as sand blue planet. Perhaps as early as dry human is not born when, in millions of years ago, this piece of land has been from another space singular phenomenon and sound. In ancient times, there have been numerous myths and stories spread: Appollo China the moon, Japan's Kaguya, ancient Greek sun god...... These distant myth seems to tell the dreams and aspirations of human conquest of the universe, it seems that in another space of unknown and mysterious. In 1903, when the first plane the Wright brothers developed a fly on the blue sky, the difficulty in the sky above the first step of. Now, standing at a new height to look at the earth, looking at the stars, they found, we depend on this blue planet has have all kinds of connections with contact with distant space, such as: have a color TV set and there are signs of life unknown organisms found in Egyptian pyramids; large tunnel inside Ecuador had uncovered prehistoric gold model aircraft and human model and the sun and moon and stars; lived a primitive life in Africa cave Dogon have long known the secret of Sirian companion; people still don't understand, Fatima town on the 70000 generation collective hallucination is true or false; crop circles, the death of the dinosaurs, whether the alien hand manufacturing; currently only stay in oral and image data on a magical vehicle "UFO", is really the extraterrestrial intelligence "alien" through "the corridors of time", roaming the star between transportation...... In order to solve the mystery, mystery of extraterrestrial life, human beings have the effort: captured from 50000 years ago launched SOS planet waves to earth people sent the Voyager golden record, from the Armstrong set foot on the moon, that moment to the sixth personal disclosure, sudden explosion from UFO to Harbert Space Telescope monitoring from 51 to UFO, USA box base...... The scholars always spare no effort to explore, looking for extraterrestrial life wisdom in space. Living in a tiny human beings on earth and in the universe may not only intelligent life. The earth carrying humans do long journey unknown destination in the boundless universe, if no other life the vast starry sky,Humans in this long journey is not too lonely?

Really aliens do outside of human existence on earth the existence of other life? This is a troubling human for a long time, if not, then the ghost appeared frequently in people's vision of UFO and repeated exposure to the media the aliens and how is it going? Stonehenge, Pyramid, crop circles, ghost plane, Atlantis, the Maya civilization, mysterious tribe...... There are always people who naturally or half unconsciously to them and alien contact together, is it make groundless accusations or true? The event and so on is still no definite answer. Book a full range including about aliens and UFO archives, quoting the relevant authoritative expert writings and comments, will explore the tentacles of the earth civilization of the vastness of the sky, multi angle exploration of extraterrestrial life and the alien flying tool -- UFO, narrative narrative style with a picture of the impact force, shake your reading nerve, challenge your imagination, to satisfy your curiosity and thirst for knowledge.
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Part 01 dish shadow frequent Arnold first found the UFO tracking failed the Vitesse events Aurora town of hundred years confused who created the Tunguska explosion "Titanic" shipwreck is another explanation, whirling events in Roswell the British version of events in Roswell with the mysterious phantom stroboscopic Moscow marked UFO NAsA hide 凯克斯堡 event 25 astronauts encountered UFO UFO in the China lost time no investigation disappearances BAPU Island Mystery four gamekeeper witnessed UFO after 53 years in the lake bottom American fighter Poland Zakopane event Phoenix Lights phenomenon of British UFO file and the multi frame UFO for multi - 17 years of recording Part 02 days outside the legend shape different alien image information age "fairy ghost" missing pieces of UFO grassland and mountains were the remains of the alien baby drop from the clouds Dogon ancestors from the Sirian companion Part 03 extraterrestrial civilization Pyramid mystery Mesoamerican jungle mysterious Mayan Easter Island monoliths who manufacture by the destruction of "death qiu" Land Bermuda 1800000000 years ago the Oklo reactors who cut the Nazca Lines km tunnel Valley giant painting paintings of ancient astronauts are cracked Du Liba stone dish Qin Shihuang seen aliens tuosu Lake "alien ruins" crop circles and UFO dinosaur was UFO extinction Part 04 close encounters of the third kind seventy thousand people "collective illusion" Pascal Gura the terrible events in Egypt small strange encounter UFO chase car driver harassment flight UFO hijacked two juvenile other hijack experience in bizarre night after full contact musicians and painters of the late night Adventures of magic light is a blessing or a curse for five times on a dish Columbia Adamski and UFO alien biological experiments with human Part 05 air battle who in the "watch" World War to attack Brazil army fort of the Soviet air force had shot down UFO the British have observed the UFO fleet was teasing the Anglo American air force Luftwaffe interceptor Greek aircraft trailing Part 06 SETI 50000 years ago strange waves to alien card and telegraph traveler gold with 38 years of record and UFO China expert scientists in India found two UFO sightings in space explosion the sixth disclosed for the first time in die halfway "Ozma" top secret files "folder" blue "Project Blue Book" through international star Kurt plan "Appollo plan" the final success of UFO base where a mysterious 51 box
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Illustration: Part01 dish shadow frequent who created the Tunguska explosion by thermonuclear explosion to alien spacecraft in 1945 August, the end of the Second World War, under the America shocked the world of the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima 550 meters of investment. In 1945 December, the Soviet physicist Kasaev visited Japan at the end of the war in the ruins of Hiroshima when, suddenly found here and the Tunguska explosion have many similarities: such as the center of the explosion damaged, but the trees stand upright and not fall; such as the explosion of human and livestock deaths are caused by nuclear radiation; the same as the mushroom cloud shaped explosion Tunguska, only much more. Especially the Tunguska site with those dead branches, charred picture, look very similar and Hiroshima. Kasaev thus think of the Tunguska event is a thermonuclear explosion? This thought made him excited, second years, Kasaev not only affirms this is a thermonuclear explosion, but also for the first time proposed a bold guess: nuclear powered spacecraft Tunguska explosion may be driven by an alien in the landing process failure caused by the crash accident. This speculation immediately caused an uproar, many supporters that the Tunguska region of reindeer, the jujube pellagra and American: 1945 in New Mexico nuclear test after local cattle by radiation induced skin disease is very similar to the Tunguska region; and the trees grow faster, plant and insect genetic variation and so on, also conducted a nuclear test and USA in the Pacific islands of the same. Supporters of solo, even speculated that the spacecraft are here in order to obtain fresh water in Lake Baikal. In twentieth Century 50 at the end of 1980s, some scientists first collects the Tunguska event zone soil of high magnification, unexpectedly found a spherical silicate and magnetite. Some of the magnetite particles stick together, some even into the silicate particles transparent. Scientists know of course, these particles only at very high temperatures will bond together, that is to say, they are likely to be the big bang legacy. Later, scientists in the area of underground and the tree, found a mysterious ball tens of thousands of bright, containing cobalt, nickel, copper and germanium metal, these balls and where did they come from? If these strange discovery, contact with the Tunguska explosion so, Kasaev's "alien spacecraft said" Is it right? Strengthened persuasion? Is good at associating scientists come very naturally with the new set of speculation: suppose that a ship at close to the speed of light to the earth, to go into earth orbit, the spacecraft propulsion module failure occurs suddenly, the ship had to slow down but still continue to advance. The morning of the 30 day into India ocean, the spacecraft down after only about 3200 km / hour, when the spacecraft explosion-proof enclosure with acute atmospheric friction, the rapid rise in temperature to 2760 ℃, the spaceship looked into a huge fireball. Finally, when it managed to hold on until the last over central Siberia, due to nuclear fuel tank the last protection wall is melting and explosion. This spaceship instantly turned into ashes. In the "alien" was put forward, and an important supporter one one later Russia Krasnoyarsk universe museum curator, "Tunguska cosmic phenomenon" foundation President Yuri Lavbin and the new evidence. Lavbin was very concerned about a small village called Polly Gus, he learned from the universe back photos show, this area has the abnormal phenomenon, there seems to be something down here. After careful investigation, the "iron silicide" accidentally found in the vicinity of the Tunguska event center distance of 250 km on the hill, another piece of "iron silicide" there are about 70 km. Lavbin surprised look, he knew, own hands this containing neon, argon, xenon three gas "iron silicide" impossible is formed in the earth environment. So, these strange things from where? Lavbin in his report said, these "iron silicide" is no doubt the UFO debris. In these look like pebbles "iron silicide" engraved with the regular pattern, looks like hieroglyphics. Lavbin is the first to be sure, these patterns may not naturally formed, but "hand made". But humans use laser instrument most powerful only in the "iron silicide" leave a slight trace, cannot leave neat and profound imprinting. These are, like hieroglyphics pattern are not human? This strange silicon crystal which is hiding secret information is what kind of? Lavbin speculated that, it will be the alien flying saucer "black box" pieces? All the evidence and that although failed to make "alien" become final conclusion, but from several theories at present popular, can obviously see many supporters tend to this.
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Received the book after the unable to hold oneself back to open the book, each picture is beautiful and clear, very be good to hear or see, read after still feel good. The contents of the book is very interesting, long knowledge. Overall, this series of books are very good. -- the camel of this book, I was in the bookstore has her several times, my heart is really love. Graphic combination, is really long ah. I have seen the individual bookstore there are pirated, internal paper particularly rough, printing the ghost. I have just received very good ah. -- the zijunxiao book printing quality is very good, text, pictures are very clear. The contents of the book is also good, love...... -- yangmeng010
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"The aliens and UFO:" people still don't understand, Fatima town on the 70000 generation collective hallucination is true or false; crop circles, the death of the dinosaurs, whether the alien hand manufacturing; currently only stay in oral and image data on a magical vehicle "UFO", is really the extraterrestrial intelligence "alien" "through the corridors of time", roaming between the interstellar transportation...... Living in a tiny human beings on earth and in the universe may not only intelligent life. The earth carrying humans do long journey unknown destination in the boundless universe, if no other life the vast starry sky, human in this long journey is not too lonely? "The aliens and UFO"As you uncover the mystery! The sea, in houses, what is curious visitors from outer space, or deadly invisible killer, these through time and space ghost really looking into everything......
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