Terrible coincidence

Date of publication:2011-4   Press: Central Compilation and Translation Press   Author:Zhang Jingchu   Pages:246  

The copyright page: for the men of his own house, the Jeanne show has always been very keen sense of. Jeanne's sixteen birthday, Mr. Pickett bought a car for her, this is when the father's practice, so for every child. But Jeanne said: "Dad, and other small Erin was sixteen years old, she will be aircraft rather than the car, you will buy for her." Her father half-believe in. Finally, when Erin - pinckert sixteen birthday that day, in her repeated request, Erin got a belongs to own the aircraft. And Erin has become one of the most famous USA female pilots, and in accordance with the sister had foreseen for parachute training. She is so far the only one employed in America forces, and to the army pilots Professor aerobatic women. Jeanne predicted that the talent becomes as everyone knows, Jeanne gradually became famous, people began to know Jeanne the prophecy genius. She moved to Washington, Washington journalist was when she was a baby, she was warmly pursued, became as everyone knows the news. One day, "school field" magazine editor in chief Jeanne invited to tea, said to be a beautiful young woman come to see her, the beautiful woman named mona. Jeanne held the Mona's hand, sat down, sad to say: "dear of, there is something wrong with your heart, if not careful, you'll be in trouble. All things do, be sure not to overwork." Mona in silence, everyone thought that Jeanne made a big mistake. Obviously, the body no problem in high spirit, the energetic young girl, less likely to have heart disease. And Mona startled, she looked at Jeanne in surprise and said: "I am tired, sometimes feel inadequate. Just see a doctor, was told it had heart disease." Then Jeanne explained: "I shook her hand for a moment, my heart is not here, but immediately sat down. 'the heart is not normal, heart disorders,' this is how I feel, so is her disease." Jeanne can shake hands, found each other body disease. Because the other side of the disease will immediately by hand to her, to her pain.

Nostradamus predicted that the American disaster “ 9· 11” event, Jeanne · Dixon predicted the assassination of President Kennedy, a prophetic books "Tui Bei Tu" launched Datang's … … so accurate predictions, really is a God in their calligraphy to write the future? Or, this is just a coincidence? And a "2012" movie, will be the world's attention to the mysterious prophet of doom. The film with realistic computer graphics to show people the end scene: a volcano eruption, earthquake, tsunami, follow close on succession. More strange thing is, the film has just ended, Haiti was a magnitude 7.3 earthquake in Chile, a magnitude 8.8 earthquake and tsunami, there were 80 km of ice in Antarctica China collapse, the Jiangsu climate is abnormal, China Qinghai 7.1 earthquake occurred, the Iceland volcano erupted … … such a chance coincidentally, people exclaim: don't have to prophecy is true? Really a prophet? The Mayan prophecy doomsday really is December 21, 2012? For the future of the things we now should not make the conclusion, but for what has happened, we can go to the specific research and analysis. In September 11, 2001, the occurrence of &ldquo American; 9· 11” terrorist attacks. There is no free from fear, they sent more shocking words: this disaster as early as in Nostradamus's "century" has the record. Nostradamus the obscure language indicates the disaster, and, also predicted the America next to the war. Can make so accurate predictions in the world is not the only one Nostradamus, a beautiful gypsy girl Jeanne · Dixon had predicted the USA the assassination of President Kennedy. In the Kennedy assassination, she tried to tell Kennedy, but he did not believe, result is lamentable tragedy. The beautiful gypsy girl, really can through the crystal ball to see the future? And, to see President Kennedy's death? For those with the gift of prophecy prophet, this let us how to use science to explain? They have developed the sixth sense? Or have a special skill? Or is God in the borrow their strokes to reveal the future? Of course, even Nostradamus that 99% be pass, may be skeptics interpreted as coincidence, there are language implicit. But, how to skeptics explain different people in different locations at different times, has made the same predictions? Slightly to predict some understanding of the people is not difficult to discover, almost all predictions that the human will be the end of the world. Nostradamus's "century", writing "Tui Bei Tu", as well as the Scripture of various religions all agree without prior without previous consultation to predict the end of the human race. But the Maya person is in the thousands of years ago predicted the exact time the end of the world is 2012, said this time and "Tui Bei Tu" in the end of the world is the year of the dragon also agree without prior without previous consultation. These predictions works respectively from different hands, geographical location and time are far apart, what is the force in the nether world to guide them write the same prophecy? It almost makes people believe the real prophecies of 100%. Predicted — — this along with the human history so far things, still can not be scientifically interpreted. Whether it is leaked the secret? Or one opportunity coincidence? Looking forward to you from the book to find the answers in the … …
Catalogue of books

The first chapter prophecy: human Pandora's box.
the first human prophecy:
a ubiquitous, the prophecy of the future
two, human society and the mysterious prophecy
three, contemporary great predicted
second disaster predicted: call it a love hate relationship with pet < br > a doomsday disaster prediction,
two, on the other end of the world language
three, ten future disaster prediction
third famous prophet emerge in an endless stream, Chinese famous predictions that a history of

two, a famous western the prophet
second chapter Nostradamus predicted that "the century"
the first super prophet: Nostradamus
A, Nostradamus and his "centuries"
two, super prophecy genius birth and encounter
three, that Nostradamus prophecy episode
four, predicted that the rise and fall of genius
second festival "centuries": the world's first prophecy concerning
A, writing "the prophecy
two century", Second Edition reached more than 400 years of "new Bible"
third propaganda tool section Nostradamus's amazing. " Br / > A, predicts Hitler dictatorship.
two, predicted that the "9.11" terrorist attacks.
three, predicted that the Wenchuan earthquake
Fourth doomsday prophecy "century" is appropriate.
a theory, Nocel Demas is a gifted prophet?
two, "centuries", phony?
three, we misunderstood "centuries"
third chapter the mystery of the Mayan legend
the first section dusty civilization.
A, opened the mysterious veil of Maya culture.
three panoramic maya mayan culture, the mystery of the missing
Second Maya: for the future and the existence of national
A, living in the prophecy of the Maya
two, psychedelic Maya national
third Maya predicted the world puzzle
A, the Maya five predicted
two, according to Mayan prophecy against
Fourth Mayan prophecy of modern complex
A, stems from the ancient the mysterious "Zhuo" calendar
three, 2012 is not weakness lends wings to rumours. Mayan prophecy derivatives
fourth chapter offbeat prophecy goddess
the first prophecy witch early maturity,
a mysterious Gypsy
two, "prophecy" first showed sharp
three, she can predict the future
four, the witch's love and magic crystal ball
second beautiful prophecy goddess shocked the world.
A, the assassination of President Kennedy
two, the world recognized the great political predictions of
Third In charge of the fate of India
A, predicted India split
two, "see" Gandhi were assassinated
three, predicted that Nehru died and his successor
Fourth USA President Roosevelt and SEER
A, for the two presidential predicted
two, the world situation, the prophet
have all come within shooting range
fifth angel one, she was like an angel, like the virgin Maria
two, angel in the world of the messenger
fifth chapter "book of changes" gossip measuring Qiankun
section "book of changes" is the "book of changes"
A, what is the "book of changes"?
two, "book of changes" is equivalent to "book of changes"?
three, "book of changes" and how to explain?
second masterpieces "book of changes", "book of changes".
A in when?
two, "book of changes" why people do?
third day forecast, "book of changes" to verify the history of
A, "book of changes" to predict
two, "book of changes" predict what
three, "book of changes" prediction, science or pseudoscience?
Fourth scientists "book of changes", "book of changes".
a prediction principle of
two, "book of changes" divination and scientific
three, the famous scientist's eyes "book of changes"
sixth chapter China predicted first masterpieces "Tui Bei Tu"
the first ancient prophecy first writing
A, "Tui Bei Tu" was born.
two, a remarkable talent of many ages and to learn all
three, "Tui Bei Tu" primer -- women "generation
Second World Festival" Tui Bei Tu "four points.
A," Tui Bei Tu "author who is it?
two, "Tui Bei Tu" in figure why is the Qing Dynasty costume?
three, "Tui Bei Tu" in the Tang Dynasty began to spread?
four, "Tui Bei Tu" the true in where? What
third Festival "Tui Bei Tu" launch?
A, launched the
two, Tang Song from
three were conquered, "Tui Bei Tu" and the end of the world.
fourth the history behind the predicted
A, Song Taizong dealt with the "Tui Bei Tu Ban": as
two, "Tui Bei Tu" and "the century" < br > three, prophecy, or records?
seventh chapter striking the Codex
the first day old was Jiang Ziya
two, Jiang Taigong Jiang Taigong's historical status.
second festival to GodPen Ding Qiankun.
A, an inspired passage "Qiankun million years song"
two, "Qiankun million years song" fixed million years and
third Festival "Qiankun million years song" "Millennium
A," Qiankun million years song "
two," Qiankun million years "history of those songs
fourth day record thing China different historical
A, Zhou Dynasty to Han Dynasty ever predicted that
two, the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty ever recorded.
three, the Five Dynasties and ten states to the Qing Dynasty different history
eighth chapter's Zhu Geliang
the first folk gods - Mr. Wolong.
a Zhu Geliang resume,
three strategic tactics to Zhu Geliang, the prophet also understand art.
four, hold the secret of Prophet
second day after Zhuge Fei Kong Ming
A, Zhuge 乃真 Kong Ming
three, save people's gossip vests and feather fan
third Ma ago no measured 100 years.
A, before the start of the future
two, know the history stage before the ten class
three, about the history and the end of the world after the four class
ninth chapters beside Zhu Yuanzhang extraordinary expert
the first Day without Liu Bowen there is no big Ming
A, Liu Bowen's
two, the legendary Liu Bowen
two, the Ming Dynasty first adviser
second day "song" as the world Clay oven rolls out
A, "song" Clay oven rolls from
two, 1912 words every day.
the third section be able to foresee are exempt from
a tragedy, the death of Liu Bowen
two, is expected in the contrary to expectation.
tenth chapters from the underworld death prediction
the first Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.
A, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt
three, the legend of the mummy special the funeral ceremony
four, the valley of the kings, Tut's tomb
second section of the Pyramid expedition.
two, grave robbers dug 19 years
three, I saw yesterday.
third dire predictions from
A, death prophecy began
two, the archaeological team have died mysteriously
three, predict the truth behind
eleventh chapter world everywhere has the predicted
the first section from dream predicted
A, death prediction
the disaster prediction The two section from the book of prophecy.
A, predicted that the Pearl Harbor incident
third predicted submarine Festival from other forms of divination.
A, touch "Challenger" crash
three, madman predicted the animal world "prophecy"
twelfth chapter disastrous doomsday prophecy.
section in the religious doomsday
A, the Christian "Bible" records in
two, Islam "Koran" the doomsday
second festival "Tui Bei Tu" "push" the end of the world.
A, and the Mayan prophecy agree without prior without previous consultation
two, and "the Bible" standards
third scientific speculation doomsday disaster.
A, sunspot outbreak
three disaster drop from the clouds, the north and south poles reversed
four, the day after tomorrow ahead of the arrival of
five, ending the fourth day he may
doomsday prophecy with human
A, nine bankruptcy doomsday prophecy.
two, people still remember the Y2K
three, from 2012, to create the doomsday bunker
thirteenth chapter the most realistic scientific language
the first day of life, medicine Learn to predict
A, cancer will be overcome.
two, cloning organs are widely used
three, at home to enjoy self-help therapy.
second future traffic predicted
A, the car really fly?
three unmanned vehicles on the road, infrared night vision technology
third future technology predictions
A, virtual or real
two, the robot into the people's life
four is connected with the computer and the brain, space travel is not a dream @ ##@ "Terrible coincidence (exploration at all times and in all countries Indigo Prophecy Edition)" compiled by Zhang Jingchu.
"terrible coincidence (exploration at all times and in all countries Indigo Prophecy complete)" content is as follows:
Nostradamus predicted the USA "9 · 11" terrorist attack; Jeanne Dixon predicted the assassination of President Kennedy; a prophecy concerning "Tui Bei Tu" launched the Datang power......
and a "2012" movie, and the world people's attention to the mysterious prophet of doom. The film shows the picture to the people; volcano eruption, earthquake, tsunami, follow close on succession.
more strange thing is, when the film has just ended, Haiti 7.3 earthquake occurred; Chile, a magnitude 8.8 earthquake and tsunami; has 80 km of ice collapse Antarctica; Iceland volcano eruption; New Zealand earthquake; earthquake tsunami in japan......
so coincidence, people exclaim have to; don't prophecy is true? There is a prophet really on the world? The secret was leaked?
Chapter excerpt

I saw yesterday, tomorrow's. — — Egyptian pharaoh Tomb of prophecy we ordinary people in the past, present and future time, but for them, they can get past, present and future intertwined with information. — — Bartlett in December 21, 2012, when the days of darkness, secondDay dawn will never come. — — the Mayan prophecy please tell us, what are these things? You coming and the end of the world, what will be the sign? — — "Bible · Matthew" the study found, Nibira "the planets revolve around the sun cycle for 360 years, in 2012 December, the planet will once again close to the earth, then, is likely to affect element method of estimation to the earth. — — @##@ astronomical hypothesis "Terrible coincidence at all times and in all countries: exploring the Indigo Prophecy:" the complete works of "9 • 11" event was predicted and confirmed, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan was predicted and confirmed, the 2012 doomsday predictions...... The fate of mankind is a good procedure? Is it just a coincidence? I saw yesterday, tomorrow's. -- Egyptian pharaoh Tomb of prophecy we ordinary people in the past, present and future time, but for them, they can get past, present and future intertwined with information. -- Bartlett in December 21, 2012, when the day after second days of darkness, the dawn will never come. Mayan prophecy -- please tell us, what are these things? You coming and the end of the world, what will be the sign? "-- Study on the Bible, Matthew" found ", Nibira planets revolve around the sun cycle for 360 years, in 2012 December, the planet will once again close to the earth, then, is likely to affect element method of estimation to the earth. -- astronomical hypothesis
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