Secret code - a journey of ups and downs

Date of publication:2012-4   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Literature   Author:Xue Jijun   Pages´╝Ü136  

"Science and education the action and CCTV discovery: the secret code of ups and downs" is what kind of a column, or say, its value is reflected in where? A program, it should be its artistic value. Compared with other programs, "UNESCO action and CCTV discovery: the secret code of ups and downs" have very distinct characteristics, it is stressed that the fascinating story of creation. The first is a story, and then is connected before and after the event, and finally unlock the puzzle of science. Here, the knowledge into the background, using stories to promote scientific knowledge, will be integrated into the plot, entertaining and educational purpose of propagation. This kind of entertainment creation means is not our invention, but in the domestic scientific program, we do a step ahead. Second, is the value show in the media, a good program, a program has value in art, is bound to take education and the role of propaganda, education and publicity have a variety of means, is out, express, or cool and objective dissemination of scientific spirit, we chose the latter. Third, is the social value, the more is the embodiment of a cognitive value, science itself is a clear-cut attitude, Quweicunzhen, pragmatic, seeking truth from facts, the scientific spirit and attitude subtly to the audience immersed, naturally is the social value of the harvest. And this, I think it is the loss of our national spirit in the present.
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