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Paul Coelho was born in 1947 in Rio de Janeiro City, a middle class family, youth is determined to become a writer like Jorge Amador success of occupation. Before being engaged in literary creation, worked as a screenwriter, theater director and reporter, is Brazil's most famous rock singer wrote "reduction was born ten thousand years before the" and so on more than 60 lyrics. After indulging in the alchemy, magic
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The master walked in front of me, put a new sword I put in the buried in the soil of the old sword. Everyone with open arms, I master using skill a halo, gathered around us, the ring is not bright, but obviously, and reflect the contrasts between people of yellow fire fire. Then, he pulled a small own sword, touch my shoulders and forehead, and said: "I 'Rahm' power and love, to appoint you from today for the mission lifetime master and knight. 'Rahm' R strict, A represents love, M represents kindness; R also represents the Kingdom, A represents the lamb, M on behalf of the world. When you get your sword, don't let the sword in its scabbard for long, because it will rust. However, when the sword, to do good, open a new path, splashing the enemy blood, can return to the sheath." Then, with his sword tips gently across my forehead. Since then, I no longer need to keep silent. I do not need to hide my best, I need not hide to me in the "traditional" way to implement a miracle. From this moment, I have become a mage. I reached out my hand for the new my sword, it with black scabbard steel swords wear, black wooden hilt corrosion. However, when I touched the ready to take up, the master took a step forward, stomping around my finger, it hurt so much I cried, loosened the sword. I stared blankly at the master. The strange light has disappeared, in the firelight, now appeared on his face with a fantasy. He gave me a look of indifference, my wife here, and the new sword given to her. After that, he turned to me and said to me: "take off the cheat your hand! Because the 'traditional' the road not those selected few people on the road, but the road! Do you think has the strength is not to be worth a hair, because it is not a shared power! You should reject this sword, if you do, then it will be in your hands, because your heart is pure. However, as I was worried about, in this moment of sublime but you slipped. Because of your greed, you have to leave to find your sword. And because your arrogance, you have to look for the simplicity of people. Also because of you the miracle obsession, you have to strive hard to obtain the generosity of you." The world as if from my feet to escape. I kept kneeling, terrified, the brain a blank. My old sword has already returned to the earth, have been impossible to get it back. A new sword not to me, I would like a nothing, no strength and defense ability of people to start again. I accept God appointed day, master all over my fingers, and let me come back with a hatred of the human. I put my head down on the knees, took a deep breath, relax. My body is very obedient -- maybe today went a day I have be tired out. I began to hear the sound of the earth, this is a deep, hoarse voice, slowly I became a seed. I have no idea. It was dark, I sleep in the center of the ground. Suddenly, what action, is a part of my body, is a small part of my body to wake me, want me out, because "there are other things that way.". I want to sleep, but this doesn't let me sleep. It started fingers moving my fingers, then I went to the activities of my arms -- however, not finger, nor arm, but a germ is working with the land struggle, toward the "stuff" into. I feel the body began to follow the movements of the arms. Like every second is eternal. But "that" there is something in the seed, seed to seed growth, to know what it is. Head first, and then is the body, I began to play very hard. Everything is very slow, I must use force to resist downward to the push my strength, there was my permanent calm sleeping place. However, I struggle, I struggle, I finally broke through what, has stood up. To push my strength cease abruptly. I break ground and out, is "the east two" surrounded by. "That thing" is the field, I feel the heat of the sun, a mosquito buzzing noise, far away in the flowing river. I closed my eyes and slowly, at any time can be lost balance returned to earth, but I continued to grow. My arms are slowly opened, my body has been slowly straight. I was born there, hope, from the inside to the outside are bathed in the unlimited sunshine, sunshine is so bright, let me continue to grow, to stretch, to embrace it with all the branches and leaves me, get more stretched out arm, muscular pain, this timeI feel very high, can embrace the mountains. My body in the expansion, in the stretch, muscle pain, I can not stand by, gave a loud cry. I opened my eyes, Petrus stood in front of me smile smoke. The sun has not disappeared, but, I was surprised that I did not imagine the brilliant sunshine. I asked him, I don't have to describe what I feel, he said that there was no need. "This is a very personal thing, you know. In the bottom of my heart on the line. How can I to judge? The feeling is you rather than me." Petrus said on the night. We lit a bonfire, drinking a bottle of wine with him, and I also used at Saint Jean - Pierre Boer bought before the foie gras do a few sandwiches. Petrus to the nearby river caught several fish, then put in the campfire baked. Later, we got into their sleeping bags. In a variety of important experience in my life experience, can't forget is the way that the first night in Santiago. Although it is summer, but it was very cold, but, my mouth still have Petrus the wine fragrance. I look up to the sky, the Milky Way in my head stretch as far as eye can see, show me a long road we must experience. If in the past, this long will make me feel very painful, feel too small, very afraid of their own inability to successfully. Today, I was a seed, has been reborn. I have found that, although the soil make people feel at ease, I slept very soundly, but "it" life better. And I can always reborn countless times, until my arms long long enough to embrace the land of my birth. "You go now is' power road ', so I can only teach you the various forces. Before this trip is a kind of torture, because you just want to get to the end, and now has become a pleasant thing, looking for adventure and become happy. Thus you cultivated a kind of very important thing, that is your dream. "People never stop dreaming. Dream is the food of the soul, as the food is food for the body in general. In our life, how many dreams, hopes, but still want to continue to dream, or our mind will die, love cannot enter the heart. In front of you fields had shed much blood, fighting in several bloody war in the recovery. Who is right and who is wrong, truth in the one side, it is not important: it is important to know both sides in the play 'wonderful instrument' "" 'the good fight' is our heart to go to war. In the age of heroes, the knight errant era, this is very easy, because there are a lot of land to conquer, there are a lot of things to do. However, now that the world has changed, and that 'the good fight' from the battlefield shifted out of our inner world. "'the good instrument' is our dream to the name of the battle. When we are young, the dream in our heart go, our courage, but we have not yet learned to fight. After great efforts, we finally learned to fight, but we have no courage to fight. So, we turned against his own, to the war, we are our own worst enemies. We say that our dreams are very naive, difficult to achieve, or that dream is the product that we don't know the real life. We kill their own dreams, because we are afraid to play 'good fight'." Petrus is more hard finger pressure my 脖梗儿. I think the church cross changed -- cross profile slowly become like a winged man. Is an angel. I blink, cross, and back to the original. "The first sign we kill her dream is no time," Petrus continued. "The most busy people in this life I know always have time to deal with all the. Have nothing to do people always tired tired, do not need that little bit of work to do, always complain that the day is short. In fact, they are afraid to play 'good fight'. "Kill the dream second signs will address our conviction. Because we don't want to get our life as a great adventure, then our life in the little prayer that he is wise, just, right. We let the line of sight through the daily life of the fence, you will hear the rattle of the spear, you can smell the sweat and the smell of gunpowder, you can see the eyes of defeat and soldiers to conquer desire. But we never see the joy, the joy of the people in the fight, for the battle to them no matter what, important just 'good fight. "Finally, stifle the dreams of third sign is flat and. Life is like a Sunday afternoon, do not ask us to do what thing, did not ask us to pay a lot. So we think we are mature, forget the childhood dreams, but to achieve personal and occupation of success. And when their peers who also want to do, we will be surprised. But in fact, we know that we gave up the fight for his dream, gave up playing 'good fight'." The church tower in change constantly, it has now become an open wings of angels. I again how the blink of an eye, the scene would not disappear. I want to talk to Petrus, but I felt that his words haven't finished saying. "When we refuse to dream and find peace," after a while he said. "We will have a short time to calm. However, the dead dreams will decay in our hearts, and will be infected with the environment in which we live. We become cruel to the people around, and finally began to cruel to his own. Disease and mental disease began to appear. We want to avoid in the battle of things -- disappointment and failure -- to become the only consequence we fear. In a sunny day, the die and rot dreams make air to breathe, so we expect death, expect it to save us from that job, Sunday afternoon, the terrible peace." "One day these days, but I assure you that is not today, you will face Santiago on your most important enemy: the dog. When that day comes, you relax, I will need to be around you and give you strength to fight. However, you need to face another enemy today, this is a false enemy, it can destroy you, also can become your best friend: death. "The human nature is the only knowPeople will be the death of the biological. Therefore, it is only so, I have a deep respect for human beings, and I believe the future of the human race was much better. Although they know the day of life can be counted on one's fingers, but in most of them did not expect when everything will come to an end, human or take life as a worthy of eternal life to the last battle. Leave work, offspring, let his name be, people call these vain, but I think that is the highest form of human dignity. "Human force a frail creature, always want to hide the inherent in a death this iron facts. They see death is to make human life to the best motivation. They're afraid of walking in the dark, afraid of strangers, and they overcome this fear is the only method to forget their day can be counted on one's fingers. They don't understand the awareness of death will be more brave, will advance in the daily struggle farther -- since people inherent in a death, that they have no what can be lost."......
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Order Prelude pilgrimage map arrived in Saint Jean Pied Bohr seed power creator and creation speed power cruelty angel angel love power ceremony awakening intuition (water power) marriage warmly blue ball ritual death alive work personal habits to conquer Rahm breathing power crazy shadow power command and service to work from traditional dance work 塞布雷 end (Santiago - Luoshan de Kong Post La @##@) This book is the world's most influential Brazil contemporary writer Paul Coelho's masterpiece, from 1987 to 2000 in Brazil have been printed in 122 editions of. Works with documentary and fiction combined form, describe the writer was named "Rahm" after the master wizard, in the company of Peter Ruth, the medieval a "Santiago road" pilgrimage route, through the months, suffer all kinds of tests, walk the seven hundred km journey, finally found the master life he find that he can bring a new sword power and "traditional" wisdom. Works by describing Paul Coelho's trip to Spain, to the world reflects the success of the "extraordinary thing there" from ordinary people, "as long as your feet with your pace, you absolutely can go its own way, to realize his dream and his sword" and philosophy of life, philosophy.
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Order your imagine, in sector a dynasty era Logrono battle, St. James across a white horse, to Abdul Rahman II of the Arabs to deal a fatal blow, and for Christians to bring glory to. Since then, Pedro cable at the foot of the mountain battle took place, Kamps Stjore the Spanish town land owners every year to St James's offer of wine or grain. Soon after the war, the town has become a famous pilgrimage place, local residents say the saint's body was buried here. In nine nine seven ad, the moors sacked the city, ad one eight, nine to one eight one four years, the French occupied the city, however, this piece of land has been deified, leading to the road it has magic. If we go to realize their dreams, then, all the ways of magic. Where the pursuit of magic, hoping to have a dream of access road. In the eternal search process can help you solve the mystery of the human soul, bathed in the light through the mysterious night sky. In this regard, "pilgrimage" one book is a precious gift for us. The classic is to assure people, as long as your feet with your pace, you absolutely can go its own way, to realize their dreams and get his sword. We know, St. James, or said Mahatma John, is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, the Apostle St. John's brother, he first earned his living as a fisherman. Christ was arrested, he left Jerusalem, after the death of Jesus, he immediately returned there. There he became a great communicator belief, he is so dedicated to preach faith, resulting in the final by Hilli Akipa in four four ad, sentenced to death. And in St James's body, faith and enthusiasm on the Paul Coelho body is transparent. When to know him, I can't imagine anyone could show me a new world. However, as the only sixteen years old at the time of love and at the age of twenty philosophy of the human person, Paul Coelho taught me to know much more than I can believe in the world. He told me that, in order to find the hidden things, must take seriously the logic combined with peculiar intuition. To give the pilgrim inspired by actual to recognize the sacred things hidden under the sensitive surface. For those purpose set foot on the journey of man, all kinds of phenomenon is indicative of the appearance of things, it's not about philosophy, but rather to stimulate spiritual flash. Paul and Petrus dialogue, let our hearts a road. In this way, walking with Paul and Petrus. St. Peter, St. James and his brother John never to St Paul have what special affection -- instead, they believe in mystical philosophy, and the pagan god difficult. St Paul in wisdom defeated them, and much higher than in their philosophy and knowledge, but he will have to endure people affected north or Greece mysterious wisdom to his discontent. I don't believe that Peter in the "pilgrimage" in one book and Paul come on pilgrimage was accidental. Two people walk, talk, eat, drink and observation. Faith, hope (we) should lead us to the love (love). Paul is a quality of these three people. However, we have already talked about the journey of faith, the St. James and life. We talk about hope, full of enthusiasm to go on. Etymologically, "passionate" is synonymous with "sacred". In Greek, "God is in my heart". Paul put the "love" into the love, the love of wisdom and love. Love, that is love, to us, just as the party -- and I immediately thought of Platon's dialogue. "The banquet", or "Symposium", rather than the dialogue is more appropriate, the Latin tradition culture with "love feast", and the Germanic philosopher is selected "cocktail" one word. In today's society, the concept of banquet and reception has been completely different from the past. However, like food, knowledge is a kind of in front of us can analysis can be eager to eat things can metabolism. Knowledge and food, as well as the thing they love, is part of our. The Greeks correct again.......
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In this full of adventure and magic spirit journey ("pilgrimage"), Paul Coelho easily lead us forward, let us focus on his stories, but when we were in the book mysticism poetic deeply attracted, Coelho through the process of training his fine God we will deeply moved.
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  •   Despite the mystical religion no matter, "pilgrimage" described many rituals, perhaps it is these rituals to help people out of Guan long life, and enter a new world.
  •   Everyone has a belongs to own "pilgrimage" way to go, you can start at any time, but also at any time on the road.
  •   Just finished, the same question "to find the sword, but also used to do what?"
  •   The same question, see the final author didn't seem to explain??? He used to do what?
  •   @clover, I think that this does not need to explain more of a reminder to get people to think about their own quest for what.
  •   Well, thank you, but I still want to know the author thinks he is for what, because I think the answer should be generally applicable
  •   Is not universally applicable. Everyone has his own answer. The author's answer, he know their own good.
  •   @Ruby_ Yee is
  •   "Pilgrimage" is according to the author's experience, which exclude the magical elements, most of the content is really happened. As for the author to find the sword did -- what he wrote "pilgrimage" this book.
    see Department of Eliot's life will know.
  •   Good words!
  •   Said I want to read, not to read novels, but reading and practicing techniques, rich experience of reading the...
  •   He had been sent to a mental hospital several times
  •   His novels always nice, very readable.
  •   Want to read to read, ha ha, for me this divine person.
  •   This journey is an exploration of the human heart journey, in exploring the heart, people will truly change. The annual pilgrimage of the faithful soul like back to worship.
  •   Right, his books are good, Veronica decides to die is also good

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