People actually have two lives

Date of publication:2011-8   Press: Education in Liaoning   Author:Li Weidong   Pages:288  

Here, we found a way to realize the dream, and to share with you. Although this method is still not perfect, but it is the most unique. This is a can make out a good case theory. Said to be hardly worthy of belief, although we dream every day, but the human for thousands of years, but little is known about the dream. Freud, Carl Jung, Fromm and other names, although forever in the annals of history, but to the correct understanding of dreams help is not great. Such evaluation, not the proud as Lucifer, only if their achievements compared with China ancient "Huangdi Neijing", this assessment is not disrespect. Why? Looking at all times and in all countries all about dream research, there is a very interesting phenomenon: almost all of the research must first assume that, in the human body has a hidden in the depths of our brain spirit. If you do not make such an assumption, research would be impossible. Therefore, the ancients believed that dreams are the soul night travel experience; Freud thought that dreams is a relic of human subconscious out for a walk; Carl Jung thought that dreams of ancient human collective unconscious dialogue...... However, these assumptions are has a fatal flaw: the independent physiological structure of all assumptions and human, that these assumptions are not basic physiology. Thus, it seems the dream and the physiological completely it doesn't matter, only the human brain have nothing to do at night when the make blind and disorderly conjectures. It was only in psychology or in psychoanalysis level physical meaning, which inevitably trapped an air-to-air. Dream as a necessity of human physiology, obviously it is an important responsibility of maintaining the normal operation of the physiological function, and it also participate in the physiological function of the operation. Therefore, any not associated with physiological dream, do not exist, no to physiology is the basis of dream research, is a great defect. So, the dream physiological basis in where? To be sure, the current western medicine not to dream of such a reasonable physiological platform. However, if we through the 2500 time tunnel, back to the ancient times, will find a physiological is not based on the anatomical basis of learning platform,That is the "Huangdi Neijing". Traditional Chinese medicine tells us a completely different structure of human body. People have two sets of truth -- life system, from this structure, we found the basis of dreams. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that, based on the anatomical basis of medicine is not complete, human life is composed of two systems: one is the physical anatomy system; one is to hide elephant life system. Each of us is a symbiont, we seem to be noble body, in fact, is a tool, like a hermit crab shell. All our social behavior, do not feel in the case, the real purpose is to another life form -- like life service reservoir. "People have two sets of life system" correspondence, people there are two spiritual subject: one is dominated by the human brain spirit body; one is by hiding like life dominate the spiritual subject. The two spirit, in the awake state does not occur, because rational thinking brain is exclusive, only when people in sleep, when brain lost the role of rational thinking, two mental body occurs in communication. This is the dream of human truth. Thus, we get the following conclusions: the fundamental purpose of the dream is physiology sex, it is to ensure that the balance of yin and yang two sets of the life system, especially to prevent the human emotion over the impact on Zangxiang system. Children dream, in order to establish the pattern of emotion, cognition, behavior and life, it is a future psychological experience ability rehearsal. Character is destiny, and the children's dream is to determine character. · adult dream is the two main spirit of mutual communication platform for dialogue, dreams are most concerned about, is that we are most concerned about the recent problems, therefore the dream can give us more wisdom and enlightenment. · the dream is the extreme personality, it is a combination of dream thinking, emotion, idea. Dream is to let the dream to read, what kind of person, what kind of dream. Each person has a unique set of "identification system", it is like a dictionary, can help the dreamer to read dream transfer information. So, the world of dream, only their own. In order to ensure the authenticity of information, Book Dream cases are the vast majority of the author, there is also a part of the dream cases from around the very close friends. Thank all of them. And the traditional Chinese medicine related parts of this book, is from the "Huang Di Nei Jing" in a book.

We each person's life will be like that, something like is going on in your life, you will be very clear I had dreamed about; or some of them the death of a loved one, or some family accident will also appear in the dream, and it is proved that the. Including some dreams are warning the body appear corresponding condition. Therefore, if the dream is useless, it will be the natural evolution of the principal! A new report on the dream of
2007 published in science magazine America "", the report's authors Washington Neuroscience Research Institute and Mali Lanzhou BOCAI Sida National Institutes of health cooperation group camera for a dozen accept experimental people were tested by a high performance of neural fault, found them in the in dream sleep stages of brain cortex of the specific areas of abnormal blood circulation to speed up, researchers have discovered, the brain responsible for watching Dream Vision and visual neural system external visual scene of the original is independent existence.
western theory only a set of anatomical and physiological systems, namely the picture of life can be seen, two sets of systems where exist independently of what is the reason? It is a invisible system is what? All this, can not find the answer in the western medicine. What is
? What is the structure of the truth of human life? Dreams give us reveals what? Evolutionary pattern spirit how form? Dream what role?
seemingly chaotic a powerful and unconstrained style dream or not its inherent logic? How to determine the useful and useless dream dream? How useful the dream to find its intrinsic logic and method to resolve it?
let us abandon the so-called scientific theory, from a new direction into the dream dream, uncover the truth.
Author brief introduction

Li Weidong, doctor of history, prehistoric civilization expert, expert on extraterrestrial life. The study of prehistoric civilization in Europe and America have caused a sensation. Currently committed to China ancient medicine and ancient natural science research. Since 2003, concentrated on the study of a dream, the relationship between physiological basis, the Dreamspell people trying to find a dream life signs, the research achievements obtained again in the innovation field height.
Catalogue of books

the first chapter dream in the end there is no use
the first day dream useless?
second section I divine prophetic dreams --
third sages of the footprint of
second chapter helpless dream?
the first day why not believe dreams?
second master
third day dream a dream.
third chapter is the symbiont
the first hidden self
second section we is a symbiont
third and
fourth section Darwin decryption black box
fifth western medicine can not reach the area
the fourth chapter there are two spiritual world
section two spiritual world
second brain shock wave
third day dream control
Fourth passive dream
fifth chapter dream the physiological function of
the first section scanning memory
second memory
Third day early warning radar
sixth chapter dream spirit function of
first mentor
second big dream
fourth day induction dream parapsychology.
seventh chapter life rehearsal -- children dream
the first dream arms
second fairy tale world
third extreme life
the fourth section forgotten dream.
eighth chapter dream is dream incarnations of
the first day dream principle
second day dream logic
third emotional meaning
fourth dream recognition system
Chapter excerpt

The first chapter dream whether some people say: dream is the fallacy of natural evolution, is God made man's fault. Some people say: the dream is one without a translation of the ancient letter. Some people say: dream is the life of another cadenza....... But no matter how to comment on the fact of the matter is that we must dream, dream every day. The difference is, know the dreamer, perspective to the soul, life; I do not know the dream, still life, no harm. Dream is like this, not only generous, and stingy, key in our own. The first section dream useless? Many scholars have summarized the characteristic of our age, hence the "information age", "post industrial era" and other terms. In fact, this time should be said to be a "post era of utilitarian", whatever is useful to us (the useful things, directly useful) are used, utilitarian people by this time was most incisive mining. So, the social resources, have been re combination in the "utilitarianism" under the baton of, people stare big eyes to tour around, by utilizing will be any useful resources. However, people in the utilitarian view, valuable resource is not including the dream, at least not yet a mature science can effectively use the dream resources. Because in the minds of people, those who be a wild legend dream, without any help of real life, can not let people get promotion, also won't bring in money, so the dream is always useless. 25 years of dreams by Freud's point of view: the dream is to maintain sleep. If a person does not sleep, there is no existence of the dream. Visible, dream and sleep is the two aspects of a problem. So, a person's life how much sleep? Everyone needs sleep, sleep time is differ from man to man. Some people just need 3 to 4 hours of sleep, such as during the Second World War, the British Prime Minister Churchill USA invention King Edison, every night they had so little sleep; but some people who need a long sleep, such as the great physicist Einstein, every day to sleep 10 hours. But most people sleep every night for about 8 hours. So a person sleep length and clever, stupid, lazy, industrious ideas without the slightest relationship. The scientists found that night, we almost all night consciousness in the activity. The scientists will sleep is divided into two kinds: one kind is the slow wave sleep; one is the fast eye movement sleep. When people sleep, REM sleep is in slow wave sleep, people will be the section called a sleep, also is a shallow sleep. About 90 minutes later, into the first fast eye movement sleep, people will sleep which is called REM sleep, also is the deep sleep. Then the slow wave sleep, then enter the fast eye movement sleep. A night of this process is about repeated 4 - 5 times. People would dream in shallow sleep and deep sleep, but the nature of dreams is different. The light sleep phase dream is almost awake thinking fragments continue, for example, a student just attended the college entrance examination, he in the shallow sleep will presumably with the assessment of his achievements, the exam state, this is all mental activity he continued awakening, this is people often say "Riyousuosi, the night has a dream", people will usually shallow sleep dream called little dream. However people deep sleep stage dream is entirely different, it is illogical, droller, have never even heard of it. That is the real meaning of the dream, is also the focus of attention. Deep sleep is called dream dream. If a person can live to 75 years old, so his life for dream time is about 223500 hours, or 9312 days, the equivalent of about 25.5 years. Among them, the deep sleep the sleep time of about 25% people, is a person's life for the dream time is 55800 hours, is more than 2320 days, for a total of 6.4 years. The rest of the time is a light sleep a dream time. Do not know, be shocked. The life of people will actually do dream of 25.5 years, spent the useful life of more than 1/3. People can do many things in 25 years: if you use 25 years of time to learn the knowledge, toEvery 5 days to read the book of 30 000 words calculation, 25 years reading 1800 books can, equal to a small library. If you use 25 years to 3 years of doctoral degree, a doctoral degree calculation, then you can get at least 8 professional doctoral degree, you will be the most knowledgeable person in the world. If you use money in 25 years, the monthly wage of 2000 yuan, a year is 24000, 25 years is 600000 yuan, you will be a very rich man. If writing for 25 years, to write every day 2000 words to calculate, January is a year is 6 words, 72 words, 25 years to write 1800 words, if a Book 30 words to calculate, can be written in the 60 book, you must be one of the most prolific writers in the world. If you use 25 years hiking to walk every day, 8 hours, 5 km per hour calculation, 25 years a person can walk 41000 kilometers, enough to turn a circle around the earth's equator....... However, in these 25 years we have in fact what also not stem, just dreaming sleep, read 8 doctorate, earn 600000 yuan of money, write 60 books, travel around the world for a week and so on, can only be Nanke dream. So people will have a question: why do we every day to waste 1/3 time doing useless dream? Natural mistakes? In people's minds, since human nature is evolved, it should design the human according to the utilitarian principle, the factors of human useless all evolution, the evolution into a boutique in the boutique. If the dream is not what role, the biggest mistake that dream is committed in the evolution of human nature. Think of every human life, waste 1/3 time to do some useless dream, really very uneconomical. Therefore, we have many reasons to believe that the dream is should be evolved out: first, to reduce the people dream for food time. In the original population in the early, because there is no modern tools, in search of food is difficult, whether hunting or gathering, requires a lot of time. When people are in a dream, gave up the autonomy of action, will certainly reduce the primitive people looking for food at a time, will reduce the chances of survival of mankind. If we can reduce the dream, increased to 8 hours per day, the chances of survival of human beings would be doubled. Second, reduce the breeding, breeding time. Male pursuit of female is physically also need time, if can increase 8 hours a day, so there will be more males leave their offspring. For the female, the offspring is a demanding and time-consuming job, if can increase 8 hours, infant mortality can be reduced, thereby increasing the feeding success rate. Third, increase the risk faced by human dream. Research shows that, REM sleep is a very special way of life, when people in sleep, the brain and other organs of the body cut off contact, is not to accept the information, nor the output information, similar to the kind of death. For example, when the person is in REM sleep, it no longer respond to raise and lower the outside temperature, that is to say, REM sleeper temperature regulating mechanism does not work. Sleep do not sweat, also not shivering contraction capillaries. Only when suddenly wake up, the body can quickly return to normal. When the REM sleep the room increases in carbon dioxide concentration, sleep not awake as: respiratory rate, breathing gradually. In addition to wake up the moment, breathe without change. Think about it, the original one is asleep in dangerous environment, have lost the ability to various risk alert around, a snake, a foraging jackal, could be their fate. A mother was asleep, she may lose the child care accidents, thus losing her offspring. Just a hunting back to primitive man, may also because of his sleep and lose go through untold hardships to prey, which lost to express love to a girl a chance. Fourth, you know, in the human body organs, the brain thinking activity consumes most energy, 70% of the energy consumed in the make blind and disorderly conjectures. Dream is a kind of thinking activity, its intensity is a little better than the daytime difference. Therefore, the dream is also the precious energy consumption of people. If the dream is useless, so this is a great waste of resources. Dream fifth, delaying the evolution of human brain schedule. Today people can distinguish between dream and reality, evening dream wedding festivities, not really a bridegroom, dream and reality are different. But humans for about hundreds of thousands of years to know the difference. In the early stage of human, people cannot distinguish between the two different, is always equal to dream and reality. So in quite a long period of time, the human brain is confused, this is all because of the dream. If people never dreaming, may we have been very clever. About dreams harm we can give many benefits, but about the dream but we don't know much, who know the night at sixes and sevens dream about the sun we have what benefits. So many people think: the dream is one of the important design errors of nature, which makes people spent 25 years doing useless dream, this is a mistake made by the most vulgar evolution. Dreamless night: now that the dream is a wrong choice, so people can not dream? In 1959, a man named Peter Tripp radio announcer, at times square in New York was a no sleep experiment. He sat in the times square a completely transparent to the broadcast booth, passers-by free to watch his endurance performance. The experiment lasted 200 hours, set a new world record of sleepless. But the long time does not sleep, will make people slow reaction, One's mind is wandering., even psychopathic, often have the illusion, total feel someone to put drugs in his food. Sleep researcher Perez Ravi has presided over a sleep deprivation experiment. He chose 64 soldiers as the experimental object, let them engaged in military related training courses. Later he wrote: "the first night and second days past, not surprisingly, morale, they almost no sleepy signs, no imperceptibly asleep phenomenon. The second night, the fundamental changes have taken place in the larger changes, and. In the evening, especially in the sun rises in the morning, the staff must often monitor these soldiers, to make sure they do not sleep. Some of the wounded soldiers in the stationStanding, sitting or walking will fall asleep. A 2 experiment in the morning of the third day, I and a group of soldiers talk. They stood about shaking, trying to keep awake. They answered my question, according to their voice and know that they have terribly fatigued, they slowly, exceedingly. In this talk, some soldiers report, in the last few hours, they began to automatic speaking, all objects encountered are as people, and they talk, this makes us confused, and we are afraid of the. One soldier told before the meeting minutes experienced supernatural experience: he marched together with partners, to see all of a sudden he walked to his front. He said, as if he had two different people, and held each other's gaze. Americans also made similar experiments: San Diego brother USA naval base, in order to improve the soldiers fighting force, has made two about sleep experiment. The first time they picked out the three day used to sleep 8 hours of soldiers, through the continuous reduction of sleep time, to observe the effect of sleep on subjects. When sleep time reduced to every 4 - 5 hours, the subjects physical state and does not have much impact, but the condition is psychological concern, many people appear fatigue irritability, abnormal phenomenon. The second experiment object Navy civilians, they chose five of college couples, these people the habit of daily sleep time is 8 hours. When the sleep time is reduced to about 5 hours, these subjects had mental problems are more obvious, mental tension was unbearable, many people will have to fill 1 hours of sleep during the day and secretly. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, 48 subjects were divided into four groups, during the two week study, sleep time every day were 4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours, or three consecutive days without sleep. The subjects had been monitoring in the laboratory, to ensure they don't nap or caffeine refreshing. Researchers every a series of mental and psychological tests on the subjects, also asked subjects felt fatigue degree. The study found, the daily sleep time is less than 8 hours of the subjects reaction ability of slow, can't keep a clear mind, can complete a simple memory. The subjects ability at the completion of a certain task with one or two consecutive nights without sleep approximation. Combined with other different research report, such a conclusion can be drawn: long time sleep deprived, impact on the physical aspects of the not too big, but the spirit of the great influence. Sleep and dream studies expert William Dement, once described accurately once experienced himself, when he is Claitman laboratory, due to work stress, lack of sleep. He suddenly found, I will reason to doubt his colleagues, doubt they are conspiring against him. Many of the long-term lack of sleep, can cause hallucinations and delusions. For example, a man suddenly got insomnia (in fact is not true do not sleep, but sleep very little, or normal sleep patterns were disrupted), continued for some time, he will become irritable, irritability, spirit exceeding slack, difficult and normal human conversation, and even hallucinations. Some people will be long-term sleep deprivation caused by One's mind is wandering. called "sleep deprivation, mental disease", can make a pointed comment. The above said, the true meaning of the dream only in REM sleep, therefore, deprived of REM sleep deprived people like dreams. Experiments show that, when people were deprived of REM sleep, the body has an automatic compensation mechanism. Scientists have also done experiments: researchers are monitoring the EEG of subjects, when subjects enter REM sleep, wake him in a timely manner, and keep a few minutes awake, and then go to sleep. So, have selectively block REM in subjects with sleep, that is not to let the subjects. At the same time, but also to prevent the subjects during the supplementation of REM sleep, to ensure the accuracy of the experiment. The researchers found, this experiment can't proceed continuously, the reason is, after blocking the REM sleep, subject to spontaneous complement this sleep. Once again to sleep first, subjects would not hesitate to enter REM sleep, the researchers according to the procedure will wake up again, this actually makes subjects couldn't sleep all night. As a result, the research direction is changed, not selectively deprived subjects REM sleep, but sleep deprived of all subjects. From the incomplete experiment, people get an uncertain conclusion: REM sleep (the dream), is a must for the people, when it is deprived of, the body will automatically add the sleep. At the end of the experiment, many people sleep all night REM was prolonged, not the standard 100 minutes, but more than 150 minutes. Do the blocking of the REM sleep is dangerous in the human body, the researchers chose to do experiments with animal. The researchers found a pot, pour in the water, the water just didn't have the bottom of the pot, and then on to a rat. Rats in the awake, must ensure that the neck muscle tension, so that the head up out of the water. When the rat entered the REM sleep, the neck muscles relax, the head will not into the water, it will immediately wake up. This can effectively block the REM sleep. After the experiment was carried out to several days, people found that the behavior of rats began to abnormal, it begins to uncontrolled consumption of food, food is far greater than the level before the experiment, at the same time than other stages of sleep deprived rats are much more. Do the same experiment found in the cat, the cat when blocking REM sleep, the cat food, sexual impulse will increase substantially. That is to say, when blocking the REM sleep, animal instincts awaken system. Sleep deprivation, resulting in the death of experimental animal. Show that in rats experiment, effectively blocking the REM sleep, for 40 to 60 days in a row, the rat will die a natural death. And the doctor in animal anatomy of death, not death, that is not found in various organs of the body. Without dreams, harm to people we can also be demonstrated in insomnia cases.
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"People actually have two lives: what dreams predicted (Second Edition)" Editors: domestic first so popular language about the most profound life science field. "Huangdi Neijing" won the admiration of the great generation, why in the end? Don't just keeping in good health? Nan Huaijin in theThe writings about "life science" by the Yellow Emperor, and in particular about reservoir as life science. Professor Wang Qi, Chinese doctor, spent six years finishing "TCM Zangxiang theory", with 153 words, to hide elephant life for what? How to find hidden like life? Learn how to understand and use the hidden image thinking? All this with a dream what is the relationship? Through dreams, we can get what? "People actually have two lives: what dreams predicted (Second Edition)" the dream plain paper, not only explain the dream originates from the dream of the role, more writing a logical and analytical method of dream. Through this book, everyone can find their own dream of law. Get a life through the help of the correct understanding of the seemingly useless dream.
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