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As a medical commentator, I have been concerned about the topic of health 35 years. I on TV and the radio talk about this topic for more than 25 years. These years I and many doctors, scientists, natural treatment of experts and related personnel dealing with. During the existence of such a situation, has the most objective attitude doctor frankly admitted to me, a patient "had not a chance of rehabilitation, the patient's recovery was a miracle!" In fact, on the basis of medical knowledge, this recovery is absolutely impossible. Dear reader, perhaps you have heard of some miraculous recovery. This is what the power play a role? I and some have had a near death experience talking to people, they had felt the life disappear rapidly in their eyes: "I already died once". I would think after each conversation: unbelievable thing happened at that time, actually this is not possible. When I read the talented artist and has a keen perception of the writer Reinhard Habaek's works, I recall these conversations. Habert tells the story of a mysterious force, ghost events and abnormal phenomenon. These have proved that: a lot of things we could not accept the world, just because we don't know them. In this book, you will read a fascinating event -- I don't disclose their. First I want to talk about some small events and situations, they usually also hidden behind some strength, the strength to challenge our understanding. You may also have had a similar experience, if not, perhaps one day will have similar things, and you will have a question: is this a coincidence or supernatural forces? I believe there are some unbelievable strength by surprise, they have appeared in my life, and prove to me, in our life, anything is possible. Therefore, when those we are familiar with, the logical view of the world cannot explain the unusual event, we should change the cognitive. From childhood I have a pet cat, because I think this animal contact enriched my life. Many years ago, I and a cat named Mobius very close. It is not old, but had a serious bladder disease, but not through second times of high difficulty operation. I feel disappointed, also very sad. When he died a few days, a hot summer night, I lay in bed, half awaken. Suddenly I heard very clearly: blah, blah, blah. Moebius entered the room and climbed into bed with a wooden floor, very strange. I feel it move around in my bed, a happy and joyful feeling filled with my heart. I know, it's back, in order to comfort me or tell me it very well. There is a dimensionNa, a cold winter night, I hurried to meet with others, in a new book contract. Time is tight, so I took a shortcut through a park. There is a bench in the park, winter almost nobody go over there, on the steps of a layer of smooth ice. My foot slipped, arm jerked up, I think I will fell heavily, may the whole body will fracture. However, the situation has changed, I miraculously kept balance. I have this feeling, as if some invisible force to catch, brought me, let me smooth standing on the ground. I breathed a sigh of relief stand in situ, gently said "thank you"! Now in retrospect, I think that is the guardian angels to protect me, but maybe I was just lucky? I remember one thing: some people, like me, life has hosted hundreds of TV programs or invited to participate in the talk show, but in the live program still excited. A special day for me to come. The central German radio entertainment anchor Ukraine, Fort gave me a chance, and the most popular TV star Guenter Emmerich and the German TV station announcer Claudia Kleinert, CO chaired the large evening program "the German song". Go into the spotlight and realized that there are about 6000000 sitting in front of the television audience, you know that this moment is how exciting? Live will begin soon, and I both excited and nervous to stand on the stage. Suddenly, I felt a force to support me, I head out of the following sentence: "you can do it! I'll be at your side!" This is a I can't explain the strength, but I really feel it, it is my long dead mother said to me. These are the daily life unforgettable experience. Heard of them will agree with me: the existence of supernatural feeling. We should listen more to heart, then can better understand the puzzling phenomenon, not just shaking my head in wonder. In this regard, I took a step forward, because I believe that, in our time, from first to last with a keen perception of the people will be more healthy longevity, because they can early perception of their body disease, treatment time and energy and seek doctor. Many doctors repeatedly mentioned, many people have wasted this can create a magical effect. Regardless of whether you have been forced to confront this power, or may experience this ability, or have never encountered this kind of thing. Reinhard Habaek's book has opened the mysterious world of fascinating doors for us. Illuminating the contents of the book, gives you a chance to think about these could have been afraid to touch. You @##@ professor Hademar Bankhofen The copyright page: illustration: you believe in supernatural beings and phenomena? This is perhaps the very popular a long-standing problem. Under the pen of Shakespeare Hamlett once said, between heaven and earth are far more things than we imagine. Today, this knowledge is not out of date, because all over the world have be hardly worthy of belief events appear in newspapers, they seem to be against the laws of nature all: Magical historical relics, from the other side of the information, rely on the idea of obtaining image, appeared a vision of another world, religious miracle, straddling the spirit and material, morphology a hypothesis, mysterious fossil, high-tech to unworldly "gods", as the memory of the crystal skull, leading to the other parallel world channel, supernatural feeling, ghost ghost appeared and love of practical joke. People should have what kind of attitude to these stories? They are controversial, and has been accompanied by the history of mankind, so far there is still no clear answer. The phantom is most attention in the field of the supernatural. The ghost could be anywhere. Then we would say: "this is not possible!" Or "here!" "Ghost" the ancient concept can be very energy of a word from the Indo European languages, it translates to "light". Northern Germany to see ghosts and ghosts called "Spokenkieker" (make blind and disorderly conjectures.). Therefore, High German with "ghost" this word to replace the "ghost appeared". In the meantime, people also made scientific definitions for these phenomena: "cycle of spontaneous spiritual power" phenomenon, namely telekinesis phenomenon. In order to understand, I still use the "ghost" this old saying. People often say: the supernatural events are real, however: how they produce? We 'energy still after physical death? After the death of where we are? There is no reincarnation? If there is reincarnation, what? Dead can appear to transmit information to the people alive? The existence of spatial parallel world or dimension, whether through spontaneous image so that the image of unknown creatures appear in our world in the space? Is there any possibility, live content from the human imagination, and with the help of spiritual power to meditation content is transferred to the film? These imaginative problem is accompanied by a "ghost photography", this kind of photos in the flushing usually show some invisible things. This could be Heaven picture, strange and deformation of the face, the mysterious light, optical phenomena, strange shadows, the drift of the articles and suspicious nebula. They may appear in print, video, TV and computer screens, but in recent years, often appear in the electronic equipment, such as portable cameras and video. In November 15, 2007, a report on the "ghost" caused a sensation around the world: a gas station monitor America Ohio captured a cloud of blue smoke smoke unknown, suddenly appears in the screen, rapidly rotating and then disappeared. Monitor display, this cloud of smoke for nearly an hour. From one angle, can see the rare smoke is how to land in a parked a car windshield. It is a real ghost? Sceptics would rather believe this is a camera malfunction or a phototaxis of insect induced.

This book is a exciting supernatural landscape "guide", include: X-ray vision, bizarre expected, bizarre picture, anti gravity phenomenon appears in the strange place, crack space time structure, from coming back to the present time traveler, shaman rock dynamic...... So strange phenomenon.
the author has followed the "impossible event" unremitting research, found that a large number of unusual, a be hardly worthy of belief untapped human mental field. This book is a wonderful adventure.
Author brief introduction

Reinhard habeck (Reinhard
Habeck), was born in April 20, 1962, independent research and investigator mysterious phenomenon of occupation, writers and illustrators. The research project he most likes the covers in America, Egypt, Italy, Britain and South Africa's secret knowledge, the international field of vision so that readers through his works can understand this world most unsolved mystery. So far, he has published 18 books of non fiction books, and has been translated into dozens of languages. Since 2001, he and the Museum of global cooperation, has more than 480 mysterious archaeological collections were pooled for "should not exist!" Exhibition tour, presents to the visitors from all over the world.
Catalogue of books

哈德马? Bank Eindhoven Professor sequence: everything is possible.
author's preface between heaven and earth: no real events are real
the first volume supernatural souvenirs
the hidden reality, extinct religious and mysterious.
ghost videos and photos from
hyperspace phantom
photographed the idea of
a man named Oscar ghost
the stealth painter
cross, host and the secret
Greek stones
crystal puzzle
from Lou Ben Tum's skull
more strange skull
Vol. second.
confusing nature of gravitation, strange scene and rare natural phenomenon of
"pioneer anomaly"
Lo Cady Papa's reversal of the world
Galileo's heritage and docile "stone"
Biot priest stigma and flowing.
"heaven" Guardian?
rare fish rain and mysterious ball lightning
the will-o '- the wisp and crop circles, circles and circles of ice grass
Bill Arthur Begg energy Hunter
Pyramid power and light the eye of God.
Science and faith
third Legend Legend's volume
Weng 特山, underground power and with one's hair standing on end. A crack in time
"wonders of the mountain" the eternal charm
Lazarus and "Weng 特山 password"

discovered the mirror world from the underground kingdom predicted
to return to the familiar real-world
recent mysterious encounter
Clark? Dalton and "nine strangers"
"ghost cave"
hidden worm, ghosts and goblins air marble
Fort Aydin's Secret
the conclusion
Chapter excerpt

"Not the phenomenon: from all over the world" -- the famous German author supernatural mystery now investigators LaiNehart Habaek and Hartwig Hausdorf traveled five continents, to collect the "nothing is impossible" in the world, with 4 themes will be presented. When the evidence is so strongly exposure area, the sense in the world was completely shaken -- these are listed books kept in print, and has been translated into 20 languages.
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