Nicola wills

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PING Z, the culture of the middle ages, has published "Nicola wills", "love Love" 19 volumes, the mysterious culture of books.
Author brief introduction

Illustration: about the name Nicola Nicola's full name in French is written with Nicolas Flamel, from 1330 when he was born has been so. It is in English in spelling and French is slightly different, often written as Nicholas Flammel. In the translation of Nicola Fra or Nicola flammel Zeithaml, also known as "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone" which said "magic stone master" -- Nicole lemay. And you see in this book will be the name "Nicola Flamel". No matter how, when you see these names, you should think, they refer to the same person. Nicola quotes "school from the wall to the great art of person, he should know, he obtained the secret from the dead in the cemetery, and he would soon join them. When justice is coming, he must explain all your actions." -- Nicola "those who get good results in the great alchemy people, they will be like me, will not save our God of wealth, not to buy a house to buy it, these are only vanity world only, they will use their wealth to help the brothers with the cell." "Our ancestors -- Nicola sheep in the grass cluster, their hard work, they do not practise usury, nor drill laws. When using the magic stone, we should be like ancestor honest content. You have to know how to 'balance' value." -- Nicola Neven rumors return in 1612, a strange book first published in Paris. "That Nicola Flamel carved in Paris the cemetery fourth arch wall tomb inscrutable symbols", author name is "Nicola LeMay". The title is very long, we have referred to it as "the symbol" interpretation of Nicola. The book with a sincere compliment the opening: "God from the dust to create these humble people, he gave us emotional, so we can hope, joy. In fear of him, we will be happy. The Father Almighty, you have earthly treasures gave me this humble servant, if one day, I no longer live, please take your great mercy gave me Heavenly Treasures, let I can stare at you that the living can not see face. Amen." Next, the so-called "Nicola" in first person narrative, about his quest for the "magic stone" difficult experiences in the dark ages that terrible. He said, he wanted to help those who like him, heart with hope, never give up to explore the great mystery man, and all the answers to the cemetery in Paris. According to the author in the book, the one point one point spell out a man named "Nicola Flamel" human history. This is "the legend of Nicola" autobiography, after its owner died nearly 2 centuries, it appears in front of people. Now, people are shocked to seriously that spread throughout the European continent old rumors, and before that, a widely-read and since that rational people think it is boring people invented a bizarre story, only greed and crazy people believe the lies. The rumor protagonist is the author of the book, Nicola Flamel, scribe Paris city a lowly 200 years ago. Then, putrid smelling Paris cemetery will hide what things? Rumors have said what? Who is the "Nicola Flamel"? This life really happened what strange things? You'll soon know. Everything back to the devil will fear the dark age. Scrivener Street scribe in 1330, in France 蓬陀 city gave birth to an ordinary boy, parents said, call him "Nicola". This is our hero. When he does not know the strange fate waiting for him, and he will become a world of legend. Born in France in Fourteenth Century is not a blessed life. This is a turbulent and chaotic century, all the terrible disaster one by one to come. People do not understand, they really guilty, to cause the God punished in this way? In 1303, the French King Philip IV issued a challenge to the absolute authority of the church in Rome, he sent emissaries to Rome Gironm Hospital of high, straight into the bedroom, humiliated and imprisoned for over 80 Pope Bu in viii. Then Philip IV made Archbishop of Bordeaux as the new Pope Clement V france. 6 years later, the French royal family under the control of the church from Rome to Avignon in the south of france. This is the famous Avignon "captivity of Babylon" event. The new pope qualifications therefore questioned by European scholars and of the church. The Pope left Rome, after one hundred years, holy and glorious church of Rome only empty hall. This is a serious accident, because religion maintained throughout the medieval European order, it is not only each European beliefs, but also their lives, and the Church of Rome is the order of the center, is the highest authority all beliefs. We can guess, Nicola's childhood was spent in the worry and fear of war. Every day he heard the bad news people talk about the French army defeat. Since 1337, in order to fight for the French throne, King Edward Sans declared war on France, Britain and France the brutal war began, this year Nicola was only 7 years old. Fire has been burning in France for 100 years. Before 1360, the French army defeated all the way, the loss of large tracts of land. Worst of all, 1346, the French emperor John II was the British caught. Never see the end of the war, heavy taxes, the Vatican corruption, aristocratic mercenaries still act recklessly and care for nobody around looting, all this makes people downhearted, they no longer believe that humans have the ability to create a better society. However, really terrible disaster has only just begun. In 1347 October, from the east to the ship docked at the port of Messina, Sicily, it brought the Black Death "for Italy". Just a few months time, this terrible disease has spread to France, at this time, Nicola and his family had moved to Paris. In 1348, nearly half of them died of bubonic plague in Paris, also known as "". It was a strange times, many buildings have stopped building, because architects died of the plague. The world is suddenly stopped. Each person can only watched in horror as the people around you die, then the death soon fall on them. (Figure 5) people probably never expect humanity as the angels good, but did not think it is always so easily lost to disaster. The sackings, dying patient relatives were rejected, and even the priest fear refused to do the last mass for the unfortunate patient... Even those who survived, the heart must also badly injured, perhaps a lifetime are not. In 1351, the French suffered the first famine. Nicola did not explain his parents died in the terrible plague in his autobiography, he only said: "I learned some Latin from their parents, they are very honest man. His parents died, I rely on others to copy for a living." "Nicola -- Interpretation of symbols preface" Nicola Angel dream Nicola Flamel's house in the "junction scrivener" and "Mary Fu" two street. -- Hugo "Notre Dame de Paris" survived the plague of Nicola opened a small copy shop with his savings, as close to Paris Church of Saint Jacques (Figure 6) "scrivener Street". There he generation write documents, or for manuscripts color decoration, also help people accounts, also sell a lot of books. Nicola was hand copied manuscripts and handling of the contract is still in the National Library of Paris. For hundreds of years, that "the legend of Nicola" people always regard them as "one of Nicola Flamel" have real evidence. On this point, we'll talk about it later. As the business development,Nicola again in the next to the "Mary Fu Da Jie" purchase a new house, do the neighbors with more than a dozen butcher shop on the street. He hired three or four copy word and painter to copy and polychrome books work, and he is there some professor reading and writing classes, students are usually illiterate aristocracy. Such is life with the dull, Nicola would do such a rich luster dream: a winged angel with a blinding light, appeared to Nicola in a dream. His hands holding a thick book, he said to Nicola, "take a good look at this book, Nicola, although now you like other people know nothing at all, the mystery of it. But one day, you will see that others can't see things from the inside." Nicola stretched out his hand, but he woke up, the angels have disappeared. Good dreams ended like this: you are always late. This is an unusual dream.
Catalogue of books

About the names of Nicola I. Nicola living in the dark ages of rumors to reproduce the Scrivener Street scribe Nicola Angel dream a mysterious book "the three greatest Hull Mo Jin" "alchemy" from Pope 1317 edict alchemy in the furnace "fire" II. Nicola looked "lack of life" after 21 years of a revelation of the Jews Abraham dangerous "the Milky Way road" "green book" 13 words of Nicola life "missing years" accidental appearance of master Abraham "7 Figure" two mysterious man in the sea of strange rumors about the birth of overnight "philanthropist" Nicola's story of a spread throughout the European continent rumors nicotine. Mr. private fun: in the cemetery on fourth cadaver storage room unusual relief Nicola cemetery dead Ⅳ. Bizarre symbols of a late 223 years in 1382 to explain Kigula's mysterious symbols cellar in January 17th two days: and the in April 25th the alchemy "magic language" El Nino cemetery fourth tomb arch relief * * wall looking for "narrator Nicola symbols "One of the ancient symbols painted Nicola v. Nicola disappeared after years of cardinal Richelieu and gallows tomb robbers new view Nicola symbol two archaeologist Paul Luca adventure mysterious Turks under the snow mountain" to give freedom to "South India forest 18 immortal 伯葛 humor Nicola symbols three VI. Rev Gura rhyme Thom written in ancient scrolls" Testament "1761 The Paris Opera House ghost Nicola symbol four Nicola Flamel is another kind of" history "Nicola symbol five one block the sun's tombstone" N "&" F "a mysterious signed Nicola symbols six Nicola symbol seven" Nicola wills "VII. Remember Nicola's legendary alchemist remember Nicola:" Mr. Nicola Rome, "about the end of the rumor tree Nicola symbols article alchemist Atlas -- face * forever remembered bibliography * * alchemy classic Atlas @##@ noun list "Nicola's will:" 600 years ago, a lowly scribe Nicola • LeMay quietly in Paris's death, the Nicola • Flamel is medieval Europe's most famous mystery, he is the legendary magic stone owner: he left a huge amount of property suspected, an obscure, full of jargon works, and a password as weird wills; before he died that were once notorious repute in Paris. El Nino cemetery house wall engraved the mysterious relief; when the thieves pry open his coffin, appear in the front of the scene so spine chills...... These sound like fiction fantasy novels, it happened in Fourteenth Century france. "Nicola will" a book with the precious materials, explain profound theories in simple language analysis, and lead the reader to go exploring in Europe in the Middle Ages the most bizarre rumors -- "the mystery of the Nicola". For hundreds of years the "Nicola paradox" attracted many of the most outstanding in human history, the wisdom of the elite to follow, to explore the secret, a familiar name in these people: Newton, Hugo, Carl Jung, Yeats, J• K Rowling...... History become rumors, rumors become myth, myth or history, by every reader to decide. "Alchemy" luxuriant content preview: classical atlas offbeat version of "Nicola mumbo-jumbo mysterious legends of the Jews Abraham's book" metaphor of the seven graphs. Book "the most influential western alchemy was born in Fourteenth Century dawn" originally painting "at the beginning of fourteenth Century, a book by Thomas • Aqquinas for signature alchemical writings" the dawn "publishing, this is one of the most influential alchemical writings at that time. The book describes in detail the mysterious revelation to Thomas in 1273." "Nicola's alchemy" and many other Western alchemy classic precious illustration.
Chapter excerpt

I think I write is common cannot again ordinary comments, but this book covers all the knowledge book was really great! Love of science can see the chemistry experiment inside; like theology can see the legend of God inside; like witchcraft can see the mysterious force inside; like history inside the can back the Middle Ages; like money, also can be in accordance with the inside of the graphic to alchemy: eesathuvam ~ -- when I was in the translation of a book, check the book several times. Turn material resources to good account, perhaps everybody is give this book when the other point of view, the domestic for this "heresy" books are too few ~ -- corpse male inadvertently refer to this book, looking for a long time to buy it back. It is worth to buy back carefully read the book, let me know more about medieval mystery field, and if there is a chance, will go to Paris to see the book of Nicola mysterious basement restaurant. @##@ -- powder A deeply attracted to Newton's old code book, promised untold wealth and freedom forever...... Attached to the book "Atlas" classic precious alchemy, collectors feast! Popular best-selling book "Nicola wills" since they were published by many readers sought after, especially young readers many 80, after 90 more is to be regarded as the mysterious culture of European classic books. New luxury collection of the medieval classic antique design, 4 color printing, beautifully bound. Features: with the book comes with Thomas Aquinas "the dawn" and other precious alchemy classic atlas, and increased more than one about "Nicola mystery" the latest line-up shots: 600 years old Nicola LeMay homes -- Paris high steeple house inside and outside exposure; Mrs. Nicola at The Paris Opera House photograph -- mysterious Nicola tombstone; collections of photos -- French Medieval museum. Characteristics of two: the new content added text: "alchemy scale" and other important alchemical illustrations; the complete collection of uncut bibliography; layout more perfect, more abundant illustrations. Attached to the book "Atlas" classic precious alchemy, collectors feast! "Alchemy" luxuriant content preview: classical atlas offbeat version of "Nicola mumbo-jumbo mysterious legends of the Jews Abraham's book" metaphor of the seven graphs. Book "the most influential western alchemy was born in Fourteenth Century dawn" originally painting "at the beginning of fourteenth Century, a book by Thomas Aqquinas for signature alchemical writings" the dawn "publishing, this is one of the most influential alchemical writings at that time. The book describes in detail the mysterious revelation to Thomas in 1273." "Nicola's alchemy" and many other Western alchemy classic precious illustration. Appendix: Thomas Aquinas "the dawn" and other precious alchemy classic Atlas
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