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Date of publication:2011-12   Press: Tongxin Publishing House   Author:Lan Ningshi   Pages´╝Ü252  

When I first started research on digital learning, I learn is the Greek version of the digital science, someone other chart calculation. Accumulated some experience, I found that the lack of them. Really interesting to learn Greek version number, but points out characteristics and not practical, often is not accurate, which makes the whole system appears with superstitious atmosphere. I think, this is probably because most digital science, research and the author or teachers published barely trained in medicine, philosophy or psychology training. Then I spent three years research, believe that can use this set of digital science to confirm the character of the self, to establish confidence, enhance communication skills. I put the traditional theory for the digital significance to adjust, the use of new added, the results are the first of my and digital science related works "life code" (Born to Leam). Not long after the publication of the book, I found a lot of people directly borrowed my this set of digital learning, claiming that they have done for many years research in this subject. I feel funny, because these people took my class, but they say things are in my book. More regrettable is, they often modify the content, no longer pay attention to I had hoped to motivate the growth of life meaning, do other applications, and the numerical inaccuracies in the direction toward superstition. Many people put a door was interesting and can be used to find the system self, be like a fortune telling technique. Readers should pay attention to one thing: in the new century offbeat treatments and spiritual world, there is no specification. Anyone can claim to master, hastily to speak casually, action, not responsible for their words and deeds. Therefore, in your reading and before accepting about digital science books and statements. You must pay attention to the teacher talk about his background, what else is there to work and performance. Most importantly, you must carefully distinguish between his statement can really make your quality of life has improved. I think, similar to the number of learning this skill, should not be used in fortunetelling uses of such as superstition. I mean, everyone should not be because of digital theory and a number of people with you, you will find that the number of people fall in love, you should according to the personality characteristics, and you on the other side of the emotional depth to determine whether to associate with him; however, digital learning can really improve your communication with each other skills, quality and improve your relationships. Please remember: "the future" will not change the drama, but there is some power to decide what happens in our lives; as long as we know what those forces, our lives will be able to live better. In the process of the pursuit of a better life, we will through many learning...... Eventually we will find, the purpose of life without him, maybe just this: learning. Through learning to belong to our own life lessons, we will realize the value and significance of life, so as to create a healthy and contented life.

Test the hidden character, negative emotion to positive ability.
recognize talent, inspire potentiality, let everyone to find their own happiness and growth.
Digital Science and astrology, tarot and known as the western three big ancient mysteries. Its core significance to have a certain relationship between individual preference and contact with him close digital. This figure also called life digital password. Lan Ningshi the author of the book is the Greek scholar is the authority in this regard, he will be the original theory of sublimation, to the interpretation of life, this is not circulated in the market.
this book to let the reader know yourself, to know how to affirm oneself, how to solve their conflicts, how to deal with the interpersonal relationship between love and all kinds of, how to educate their children. And from the digital characteristics, how to use diet, color, clothing to the digital energy use in daily life, to help readers better health.
Author brief introduction

Dr. lenis, the first digital password for life. Born in Athens port Piris (Piraeus), at the age of five immigrants to Canada Vancouver (Vancouver). Now living in Taiwan. Blue physicians in Taiwan "clinic" as a medical consultant, specializing in immune science, old age, emphasize the body and mind in one point of the pursuit of health and happiness. Have American Losangeles College of Chiropractic (LACC) medical degree, and has American doctor qualification, as well as Greek and European physical therapist license.
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Fate and chance of order
from the Appollo began to pursue the basic theory of
first chapter numbers
second chapter digital characteristics and potential of
Part2 application and interpretation of
third chapter childhood is the cycle of
the confident start
fourth chapter nine digital love < br > the fifth chapter compatibility, conflicts and solutions of
sixth chapters chart and lucky number
seventh chapter in life to know life password, then?
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: Nine fate once the child to see the child's talent and character, you have to accept, and improve the way you communicate. So they will have confidence in you, want you to help them develop. After the calculation of several Golden Triangle kid, first read the following descriptions about the fate of life, because the greatest influence. Then read about another two digital narrative. The number of children: 1 independent, sometimes very overbearing they are independent, is a natural leader. They are out of the ordinary love, hate what other people have done. Generally speaking, they are like little king or queen, don't like others forced them to do what they don't want to do, it will also be rebel. They need to feel that you respect their desire and demand. We must ask for their opinion before you make a decision. They can own a person to play, when the other kids and often lead people. In order to establish leadership, may also and the people went out. Now that you know this, not because they want to be the boss and punish them, because they are born to lead. Tell them, do you think they are the best, they should be made leader;They trust, try to teach them a little patience. No need to force the other children receive their innervation, let others follow themselves, this is the real leader. 1 the number of children need a lot of attention, you should pay special attention to this point, and even may deliberately do something to let children feel special, out of the ordinary, like them very different gifts, design a special party. They need to be as a child only home to look at. If you don't do this, the child may become difficult to discipline. They often become a problem child, they are not because of who you. You have to spend a lot of time to play with them, give them what they want, avoid saying any criticism, thus gradually obtained the trust of children, so that they will have the opportunity to improve their communication with. If you do, they will trust you, and you can begin to teach them how to make good use of leadership and other talent, teach them to learn what should. Children need to learn to share the number 1, to open up their own, others. They must abandon selfish attitude, allow yourself to rely on others. 2 the number of children: the feelings of the rich, sometimes very dependent on this child dependence is very strong. They need to join the group, become a member of groups and the environment. They need the sense of belonging. Don't force them alone or enter into any form of loneliness. The ways of treating them not too special, because they doubt Is it right? Oneself have what problem, or suspect you whether there is objective. They need to feel is your closest friend, also can become very dependent on you, let them dependent. To gain their trust, you can use a lot of praise to encourage them to be more independent, often let them know what your talent, let them know that they can always come back to rely on you. This child will be very picky and love criticism. You may feel that they are hard to please, but mostly because they pay attention to details. You praise him this innate qualities, and let them know that this is a gift, especially when they noticed that you ignore something. 2 the number of child emotional and changeable. You must follow their temperament, let the children feel that you accept them, and they will always have you can rely on. They cry when they don't scold, don't cry and then guide them to express their feelings, and why to cry. Let them know that you want to know the details. If they say the concern is not found to have problems, you can help them improve their weaknesses: make a decision. Trust, you have the opportunity to teach them, this is their life subject. The child figure 2 must learn independently, don't wait for someone else to help them get what they want. They have to learn to know that is not the problem, a lot of patience, less criticism of others, and to learn to make decisions. 3 the number of babies: beauty, sometimes very ideal they have a let a person feel comfortable trait. They will bring joy to others, are often described as "the bright". More is to let them know that they bring you much happiness, they will be more confident, know yourself. They are in the clothes and daily necessities of taste, from them and "beauty" of talent. Children need digital 3 free development of adults thought, especially through the art or music hobby to encourage their creativity. This child is very assertive, because of their own creation praise and build confidence. They know what you want in life, there are idealistic tendency is very strong, the most ideal is unrealistic. But do not according to your own heart and to teach them your own reality. Let them live in their own world, when they want to practice ideas, encourage them to complete the plan. Let them learn from experience, rather than learning in the forced training.
Editor recommends

"New life" digital password edit recommend: the true fate, will let you know what you are doing to from the bottom of my heart feel happy; the real God said, will let you know that you came into the world with what talent, to accomplish what things. Life in the pursuit of happiness as the purpose of life is to play the significance of talent. However, before acting, you must first know yourself. Before knowing yourself, please read the "new life" digital password.
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