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Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Guangming Daily Press   Author:Thunder rage   Pages:282   Words:300000  

The name, is the representative of individual symbols, social life in the name, is a lifelong motto, with some potential for life. Sedimentary laden with history, with national characteristics, and reflect the different style of the times. The young parents how to play a good name for their children, give children a life gift? Operators to a loud and novel names for their companies, shops, and products, create their own brand names?
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Chinese name and change Chinese title -- name, name, word, name, symbol of family system -- the symbol name basic appellation words -- people -- from the name, derived appellation name -- instead of other title Chinese surname to know how much? "Anybody over Liu" surname has the distinction between high and low? The ideas and methods of every hue of the folk names ancient imperial appellation of contemporary name naming the evolution trend of ancient name for a good name to name your child's Fijian phenomenon and its countermeasures named business enterprises and products of method names to brand a good name to avoid similar surprise warm and cordial -- store name knowledge of overseas name on the superstitious people confused the name fortune telling -- five profile method to schedule 1:1 -- 81 mathematical induction -- fortune list of schedule 2: world three lattice configuration changes -- table onomancy credible? Sun Bin's Sima Xiangru and Lin Xiangru "a woman's name names of celebrities, grandson and story of hill with patella punishment doctor" Hua Tuo Ruan Ji "King" Sun Simiao's talent xumaogong why name "Li"? Li Shimin "serve it Min" why Li Bai, "was a"?...... At all times and in all countries name Appendix A: surnames appendix two: men and women @##@ names commonly used in the table. The name, is the personal representative of the symbols in the human social interaction. Chinese name has a long history, it is the product of history, is the crystallization of Chinese multi ethnic fusion, and marked the family lineage.
the book systematically introduces basic knowledge of Chinese surname, name, word, number, analyzes the problems and shortcomings of the current social name exists, principles, ideas and methods of the name.
book knowledge, practical, fun in one. It introduces the name comes from 110 celebrity anecdotes, series of at all times and in all countries name; some viewpoints and methods on overseas name of science, scientific analysis of convection in the society name fortune telling; and a list of frequently used words and names and surnames. Is a book in hand, the name of the necessary knowledge in mind.
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