• Wanted a vampire

    Bella's private book, "a brief introduction to the main content of the vampire" wanted: those with one's hair standing on end of the vampire, zombie, werewolves, beast, ghost, serial killer...... Where the hell are they? Perhaps they are everywhere -- television, film, the basement...... Right behind you! Know how to pin them is very important. Big,

  • The password

    "The Earth Chronicles" sixth, The Cosmic Code: Book VI of the Earth Chronicles, thousands of years ago, a group from another planet Superman led the evolution of life on earth, determines the existence and nature of human, as we know it today. These come from the sky genius builders to create called human miracle? All life in the universe is in the core, DNA,

  • The grand world

    In the understanding of human nature, transform nature and the development of self in the process, mystery and imagination and reason are equally important in the.2 century, earth great scientist Einstein once said, a mysterious sense the most beautiful of all the experiences and feelings of human beings, which is the inspiration and source of all true art and science and invention,

  • Secret

    When the Atlantic is can sail. In your Greek called "was herak pillars" in front of the Strait, there was an island, Libya and Asia than two blocks of Shangdi together;...... And in the West on the island, there was a powerful and striking union Kingdom, governs the whole,

  • 2012: Science or superstition

    The latest research and ideas around the world of the 2012 theories, the latest research and insights into the global convergence of opinion leaders answer the ultimate questions of 2012 doomsday phenomenon Graham Hancock, "fingerprints of God" author; John Major Jenkins, "2012: Maya universe as" author; Robert Powell, "of Orion mystery author Mai",

  • China military mystery

    Chinese military mystery world, "the grand: introduction Chinese military mystery" content: the history of the most be struck with fright is a field of blood and fire, war. From ancient to modern times, countless emperor be perpendicular and horizontal shaking heaven and earth, the achievements of outstanding Albert; emperors, generals, division, in the stage of war, the scenes full of power and grandeur,,

  • The world of strange phenomena mystery.

    "Strange phenomenon" the mystery of the world works include all the terrible phenomenon in every field of natural, geographical, biological, archaeological, historical in content, collection of the world's most terrible, most mysterious various strange phenomenon, with rich and colorful pictures, with detailed Style 8 section of the 16 chapter, trying to the reader,

  • UMNO, ancestry and goodee legend

    "UMNO, blood and goodee legend" is the inspection of the emperor legend from UMNO and descent angle. UMNO and lineage is a concept in Shamanism, that is to say, "UMNO, blood and goodee legend" is the emperor legend from ancient religious point of view. But careful reading "UMNO, blood and goodee legend" readers will find,

  • Da Finch mysterious Tarot

    The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot, a brief introduction: Leonardo Da Finch, the Renaissance genius can foresee the future, this pair of magical tarot is used his notes, painting and manuscript. Based on the "Vitruvian Man", Da Finch on the causal observation, golden ratio and Fibonacci method to solve your questions,

  • Animal and plant mystery

    "Mystery" plants and animals to care for animals and plants for the purpose, to decipher the mystery from the perspective of animals and plants, animals and plants show the wonderful world for readers. "Animal and plant mystery" included the mystery, about animals and plants in the field of unsolved in the world wide, involving the suspense, come and go like a shadow dinosaur water,

  • China Genie dictionary

    "A brief introduction to the main content China Genie dictionary": one, is not only make the "God", such as God, ghost, fairy, blame, witchcraft, magic like with the "divine", are returning the range. The so-called "divine", namely the supernatural characters phenomenon. "Ghost" and "God", this is a matter, since the Yin and Zhou dynasties,

  • The wizard world

    "The wizarding world" (full-color illustrations of the) tell you the origin, development, types and the characteristics of the witchcraft sorcery; tells the history of the famous wizards and their participation in the historical events; in addition, "the wizard world" (full-color illustrations of the) also featured a series of witchcraft representative film a work of literature,

  • Flying saucer documentary

    Flying saucer Documentary: exploring the UFO enigma, ISBN:9787810748544, author: Chen Min,

  • The UFO phenomenon of mystery - the grand world

    The UFO phenomenon of mystery, the transfer phenomena in the UFO academic circles on this cannot explain the moment is called UFO events. UFO is unidentified flying object source, generally refers to the alien spacecraft from other worlds, internationally known as UFO, commonly known as the flying saucer, its shape is circular, spherical and cigar shaped, in the air,

  • The alchemist

    "The Alchemist (upper and lower)" tells the story: Montena Panama, Dr. -- Nobel prize for medicine, genetics expert's daughter and personal assistant. In order to ensure funding for research 巴拿曼 doctor, they added to the world's largest drug giant -- Bendix Scheer. Montana first,

  • The mystery

    "The mystery: the value of Platinum Edition" covers almost all areas of the world the most horrible, Nothing is too strange. All kinds of mystery and life in the most mysterious of the strange phenomenon, with you in suspense clumps of narrative taste magical universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, along with the plot and structure change to intestinal. ,

  • Unsolved mysteries of world culture

    "The world Wonderland: an introduction to the world cultural mystery" content: culture is a product of human history, is the sum of spiritual wealth of the whole world. It is inexhaustible and everywhere, it afford much food for thought and intoxicated. Culture gave birth to the world, and affects the future of mankind. In the human culture long and brilliant process,,

  • The phantom of the Opera

    In the earth's oceans, some mysterious sea, mysterious events occurring in these waters, a puzzle. The phantom of the opera "Enigma" for your secret devil waters remains secret; submarine disappeared Civilization -- Yatenan Tis pursuit; puzzle strange magic island; the depths of the ocean of bizarre events,

  • "I oppose this myth"

    The eternal God's code "a" ShanHaiChing game file explosion, "" ShanHaiChing, high-tech civilization prehistoric files? Chinese hieroglyphs explosion of old: "emperor" is a flying saucer? "Yellow" is yellow font palace? Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns are alien military scientists? Legend in the sky Nuwa was cloning expert? Adam and Eve are clones of Fu Xi and Nu Wa? Huang Di.

  • The curve of natural wonders

    Line of 30 degrees north latitude is a wonders juejing emerge in an endless stream zone, is a magical curve a strange things continue to occur. This series introduces the curve of civilization, natural wonders, horrible death, weird mystery. Through this series, you can understand that these things happen, development process,

  • Pharaoh's Curse

    This book includes the Pharaoh's curse, the Inca Empire -- lost mummy, female Pharaoh three content. In nineteenth Century 20, the Eighteenth Dynasty Egyptian king Faro Tutan Camon rudely awakened by archaeologists, angry Pharaoh took revenge, death's hand into the grave digger. This is a death and destruction, magic and,

  • World Mystery Box

    "World mystery complete works" with more than 1000 beautiful pictures, including pictures, unearthed cultural relics, natural scenery, landscape architecture, photography, and text complement each other. Figure behind the story, historical truth behind, behind the mystery thriller, many layers of insider and clues together, live,

  • Lost civilization

    This book includes the lost Atlantis, desert skeletons and Masai secret etc.. "Atlantis" is the place closest to heaven human beings on the earth, because of us, it is impossible to determine the changes, the city's entire history, wealth and its people, all buried in the sea,

  • The world famous unsolved mysteries

    The world famous unsolved mysteries, "the world famous unsolved mysteries" through a new angle to interpret historical celebrities, explore the reality, from the legend of the merits of non identity descendants comments, destination remains fine textual criticism etc., nearly one hundred celebrities in the world of unsolved mysteries of comprehensive analysis, historical mystery behind the mysterious appearance of digging, make the reader from celebrities to experience the life,

  • Memories of the future

    I made a mistake? In order to answer "," in memory of the future about whether aliens visit Earth problem in ancient times, Dniken in the "origin of cargo cult" as an example, explains the fact to the reader: when Guinea natives see white fly drop from the clouds and bring a large number of goods, they got the goods to read,

  • Mysteries of Chinese and foreign celebrities

    "Mysteries of Chinese and foreign celebrities (latest version)" content mainly includes: the ancient emperors in ancient Egypt, the mysterious death of Tutan Camon Fa Nao, the tyrant Cambyses mystery, the mystery of the assassination of Caesar, ancient Rome emperor - leave why willing to self exile, Ivan the terrible, Peter the great mystery of "will" mystery, Peter Sans was the generation of russia,

  • Adventurers can a foot of ground

    "Introduction to Trolltech 2: world adventurers grounded to" content: Ship 10000 tons instantly be reduced to fragments to sink to the bottom; in the distant moon plane went missing after a number of years; dozens of people were in the black fog lost souls; and the blink of an eye is sucked into the den bleaches; desert Mirage and lead people to die; valley numerous adventure,

  • The mysterious culture of the world

    The mysterious culture of the world, ISBN:9787219073858, author: Qian Kun with,

  • Anecdote - the living world.

    "Strange world: living grave" as one of the charm of science series. The charm of "science" is the Beijing TV station of columns to science and education, its purpose is to show the charm of science, advocating the spirit of science, magic through each stage shows the scientific knowledge, scientific method reflects in helping our understanding of the world of science and technology, and change,

  • It says the world

    Have yet to decipher the password, the mystery of the world, "said the world is: not yet to decipher the password, the mystery of the world" with knowledge and interest as the purpose, all-round, multi angle display of world cultural heritage as well as Asia, Europe, America, Oceania Africa, most of the research value, research significance and the most the most people the world of mystery. "It says the world:,

  • China historical mystery

    "Introduction China historical mystery" content: sleep on the brushwood, Yue Qin emperor, Qin Hui Jin, it made with miracle, Chen Yuanyuan Fang back office...... Each historical mysteries without hiding behind a shock of major historical events today, all related to the migration and the history of the Chinese nation to go,

  • 15 puzzle

    "15 Mysteries: Hidden observation" brief introduction: several symbols, gestures, pictures, words, can let you unconscious, depart from one's normal behavior. Hypnosis really so? A skull about two meters high, a skeleton at least 15 meters long. Does history really had a terrible giant era,

  • Cultural Encyclopedia (four volumes)

    "Chinese Mystery (4 volumes) is" Liaohai press, Song Tao wrote, "Chinese Mystery (4 volumes)" is the main content: the mystery of the worship of the Dragon Emperor, mystery, "Huaxia" name mystery, mystery, Chinese characters Hetu Luoshu mystery, Yao Shun Chan Rangzhen has done? King Wu of Zhou, where a,

  • We are all children of the gods

    We are the children, we are the children, ISBN:9787802519640, author: Dniken (Switzerland), translated by Yao Rong,

  • The complete human mystery

    "The complete human Mystery (super Platinum Edition)" with knowledge and interest as the starting point, select the research value, the most to explore the meaning and the more than 300 mysterious phenomenon of concern in various fields, divided into outer space, the earth, the legendary Secret F puzzle, lost civilization wonder, life, human,

  • Unsolved mysteries of world culture

    "The world cultural mystery" tells the story: culture is the outcome of human history, is the sum of spiritual wealth of the whole world, it is inexhaustible and everywhere, it afford much food for thought and intoxicated. Culture gave birth to the world, and influences the future of mankind, in human culture, long and brilliant in the process, there are still many hanging,

  • The world natural mystery

    "World natural mystery (the latest interpretation)" content brief introduction: Einstein said: the most beautiful thing we experience is the mysterious. In order to satisfy the people to the mysterious phenomenon in nature and landscape, and get knowledge on the harvest from, we organized the "world natural mystery (the latest interpretation,

  • Chinese Mystery World Mystery Box

    "China Mystery World mystery collection (classic bestseller)" content brief introduction: throughout the history of the development of human civilization, the existing achievements are in the exploration and answer some unknown things to create and develop. Yesterday's "mystery", maybe today is no longer mysterious, even for people to transform and,

  • The Feng Shui

    "The supreme imperial tomb of Feng Shui: the main content of the mystery of love": Ning know where the imperial mausoleum and the palace again is the secret weapon that can compare. Its connotation and the magic of no less than atomic weapons and aircraft carrier. It is a crystallization of the cultural, scientific, technology the highest level, it China philosophy, aesthetics,,

  • The history of the world cultural mystery

    "The history of the world cultural mystery" tells the story: Turkey Istanbul the palace treasures than an antique map. Scientists study found pictures of earth, this map with Appollo 8 spacecraft captured very similar, unexpectedly is a bird's eye view map. The maps have drawn under the ice in antarctica,

  • The world of fascinating world miraculous event of revelation 3

    "The world the miraculous events of revelation" content: the Maya person why keen on doomsday prophecy? Giant earthquakes and landslides prehistoric flood and doomsday predictions of how extraordinarily similar? The aliens have visited Earth? Humans can only be captive pets? Curse, alien abduction, obe...... Challenge your unknown,

  • Magic Encyclopedia

    "Magic encyclopedia" by Zhang Wei, de snow edited, is an extremely elegant and valuable masterpieces. It records the birth of various magic, for thousands of years of human history in the process of operation because some number of concerning the national or the family secret and hidden, in the Qin Dynasty unified the Central Plains after the secret and not pass, because the text changes interfere with the spread in the group, only a few,

  • World mystery Chinese Mystery Box

    "The world of mystery Chinese Mystery Box (super Platinum Edition)" content brief introduction: mystery is the world about the supernatural, strange events and ancient civilization's most read book of mystery, over the years the vivid description of the changing content, update the abstruse reasoning and fascinating scientific,

  • Mystery suspense waiting to be explored.

    "Mystery thriller" wait for the exploration of the selection of some of the world's famous at the end of the mystery, both on the earth's singular mystery phenomena, and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, let you into the lustrous and dazzling beauty, appreciate. We face the universe, the boundless, too profound to be understood; our world, long history, number,

  • The suspense mystery

    "The world suspense mystery" content: scientific knowledge accumulation and development needs of each generation is unremittingly efforts. In today's world, the comprehensive competitive strength of the measure of a country and nation level, to a large extent the level of sustainable development of the national science. In the age of knowledge information new, each of us,

  • Mystery unsolved China 5000 years

    "Chinese 5000 years of mystery" is we tailored for contemporary teenagers, professional to create a financial knowledge, fun for the whole of the, a full range to improve the quality of juvenile book encyclopedia. The selected content whether human story, exploring the magical world, wonderful life, nature, or the ancient civilization,

  • The 2012 secret

    2012: leap, or destruction? The great awakening, "era: the 2012 core ideas secret" global convergence of more than 20 first-class experts and scholars, from the scientific, commercial, political, spiritual, ecology, philosophy, theology, history, art, culture and other fields, different points of view about the world completely explore mysteries, ancient prophecy, the Mayan civilization, spiritual,

  • Alien mystery

    "Alien mystery" the human exploration of outer planet life processes and phenomena of choosing the essence of statements, to provide a basis and reference for readers to answer the many mysteries of the heart. Since 1541, Copernicus published the "heliocentric" since, people gradually became aware of the vastness of the universe is not only the earth,

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