• Terrible phenomenon 2

    "The terrible phenomenon 2" main content: in 1991 September, Austria and Italy near the junction of an icy the Alps, from Germany, Erica and Simon couples are hiking. In a valley via 3200 meters above sea level, Simon was suddenly what tripped. Fell,

  • All human mystery

    "The main content of human mystery": the story of the mysterious phenomenon many unimaginable and meaningful, in human, alien, supernatural, universe, prehistoric civilization, savage, geography, people, animals and plants, as we show magic, novel and fascinating imagination content. Wisdom is the world of all things,

  • Encyclopedia auditorium

    The discovery and Huaxia fam, "Encyclopedia of lecture, discovery: Huaxia fam" for the latest version, from the wonders of nature, geography, plant, animal Encyclopedia of anecdotes, fog of history, a collection of representative mystery, from a scientific point of view, to explore the mystery of the mysterious big world, excitation readers of scientific curiosity,

  • All sorts of strange things big Quest

    "All sorts of strange things big Quest (super Platinum Edition)" content brief introduction: "the world is big, Nothing is too strange.", the most wonderful world events than the TV series also wonderful -- unknown strength of our director these anecdotes is that we cannot explain. Through this "all sorts of strange things big Quest (super Platinum Edition)" can understand,,

  • Tommy and lie planet

    "Tommy and lie (alien earth planet Tommy adventures") Erich von Dniken met aliens? If people because the truth too fantasy can not be the truth, what will be the pain? "20 years time I can't talk about, also don't want to talk about it. Because I thought, if,

  • The Feng Shui

    "The supreme emperor Yang Feng Shui: Mystery" to tell the emperor Yang puzzle. The connotation of imperial mausoleum and the palace and the magic of no less than atomic weapons and aircraft carrier. It is a crystallization of the cultural, scientific, technology the highest level, it Chinese philosophy, aesthetics, magnetism, geometry, metallurgy, architecture,,

  • Zhou Yi and Wu method of divination

    The famous easy scientist Mr. Liu Dajun said: "the" book of changes "Divination as a China existed for thousands of years of operational mechanism, it is necessary to study. The operational mechanism of search for divination, and on this culture phenomenon of the new and unprecedented -- this is the era of our needs, but also to learn,

  • The complete text of human Mystery (upper and lower)

    "The complete works of human Mystery (volume one)" is a financial knowledge and interest in one of the books, the editor selects the most serious research value, research significance and the most mysterious phenomena widely attention in various fields, respectively from the star legend, f puzzle, lost civilization, life exploration, religion,

  • The eternal mystery box

    "Eternal mystery complete works", this book explain the mystery from four aspects: the civilization mystery, treasure mystery, the mystery of history, the mystery of the disaster. Rich in content, to the astronomical geography, down to the human society, has focused and comprehensively introduced, leading the reader through history riddle fog,,

  • II the mystery at

    "The mystery of" seeking private written by 2. In 1922 November, in 1352 eighteenth people find Faro Tutan Camon before 1361- Dynasty reign) tomb, this spell was first discovered in the passage: who disrupt the peace of the Pharaoh, the wings of the God of death will come on his head. ,

  • To explore the mysteries of ancient civilization

    Explore ancient civilization mystery, "visual world: exploring ancient civilization mystery" take you to hear the story yesterday, the exploration of human civilization mystery walked into the ancient civilization of youth years, feeling that the brilliant and mysterious history, enjoy the first people's wisdom. Let us in the exploration by wide knowledge, wisdom, unlock the heart doubts in exploration and not,

  • Quest

    The world of mystery, "Quest: World mystery" with knowledge and interest as the starting point, all-round, multi angle display fields the most valuable, most research significance and the concern for the people of the hundreds of the world's mysteries, divided into the universe, the earth, plants and animals, the dinosaur, the human body, military, history, the seven part. Editor.

  • It is hard to imagine the strange world

    Brief introduction of "strange world" content is difficult to imagine: human civilization is not the face of a difficult to imagine the enigma, overcome difficulties to be solved and created. Every step is a question mark, also is the exclamation mark. It is then solved in every issue, we become,

  • Unsolved mysteries of world culture

    "The world cultural mystery" carefully collected the world culture of mystery. And the use of the written form, so that readers in a relaxed, enjoy the world cultural pleasant reading atmosphere in the magic world, feel the broad and profound culture. ,

  • Jingshi predicted

    "Introduction" Jingshi predicted content: India daily (India daily) reported in March 1st, Haidara Bud (Hyderabad) researchers a company predicted that in 2012 the earth and sun's magnetic poles will be reversed. The earth's magnetic pole reversal refers to the earth's magnetic field of the Arctic and antarctic,

  • The flame

    "The introduction of western regions: the mystery of the ancient Persian Zoroastrian" content: This is called in Iran Zoroastrian or Mazdaism religion, is one of the five major religions in the world, produced in the sixth Century BC, in the "Avi Stow" as the classic, the basic doctrine of good and evil, is two yuan. Founder Zoroaster be born in public,

  • The crop circle password

    "The main content of the crop circle password:" overnight, precise geometry as the acme of perfection of the crop, all the wheat bent but did not break down, showing a wavy, spiral pattern of extreme rules. Many people claim that crop circles are made out of wood, with their sticks and rope. But entered the human,

  • The mysterious phenomenon of human

    "The mysterious phenomenon (the most complete) (super Platinum Edition)" is a Book of knowledge, interest, science in one of the books, the editor selects the most serious research value, research significance and the most are more than 200 mysterious phenomenon widely attention in various fields, divided into star legend, the earth, the secret of illusions,

  • Curve of the terrors of death

    30 degrees north latitude, full of weird wonderful, full of whirling. History, it is like a ribbon of death, life everywhere stained with blood. The area under its rule, the mysterious death events emerge in an endless stream, beyond count. Be rather baffling plane crash, no trace of the mystery of the missing, such as,

  • The complete human mystery

    "The complete human Mystery (super Platinum Edition)" is a Book of knowledge, interest, science in one of the books, the editor selects the most serious research value, research significance and the most are more than 300 mysterious phenomenon widely attention in various fields, divided into outer space, the legend of the earth F, the mystery,,

  • Chinese mystery

    "The most complete Chinese Mystery (super Platinum Edition)", this book as a starting point to knowledge and interest, all-round, multi angle display fields, most of the research value, the most meaningful and the most concern for the people of the China mystery, the book is divided into historical issues, the emperor mysteries, secrets, celebrity palace,

  • The grand world

    "The world Wonderland: World History mystery" from several ancient custom puzzle, trace to its source, contingency and necessity, noble and piety, honor and status label, tear hypocritical face plate to readers one one shows in human history, customs, connection, and hypocrisy, so as to help,

  • The corridor of fam

    "The corridor on the mysterious" content rich and interesting, vivid description of the situation, Kangba culture fish people, nano wood day, Xia 尔娃 marriage, Holzer, Zha Ba tribe, minyak people, "gobat, Pumi people, Naxi, Yi, Qiang, savage temple, Kangding Guozhuang, tower public, Danba Kangba culture, yak, lattice,

  • Lost treasure

    "The main content vanishing treasure": the Knights Templar treasure mystery from ancient to modern times, years of vicissitudes, in former days magnificent palaces, bustling city, after years of baptism, lose one's beyond recognition. Facing the ruins, ruins of ancient tombs, people's disappointment will float on the heart, how many stories have been dust laden, many city states,

  • The ocean puzzle through the ages

    Marine eternal puzzle, Lei Zongyou, Zhu Wanzhong, "the sea through the puzzle" is "one of the marine humane science books". Clasper heroes like mystery, the Atlantic in bizarre sunken Island, the devil's triangle Kuangshi strange air, Taiping island in the Pacific Ocean, these are the reader already knows the ocean mystery. However, most people probably,

  • The mysterious accounted for climate

    Ancient phenology research, "the mysterious Zhan Hou (latest revision)" trying to China Zhan Hou art an overall investigation, make an in-depth, detailed evaluation of their content, attitude is serious. Some problems can't judge, being in doubt, pending future research. The author thinks, the origin of China accounted for when very early, the content is very extensive,,

  • Don't talk with alien

    The negative alien gray dark history, The Song of the Greys, the book is "alien races complete archives" series of ★ media recommended so far, about what we know the typical alien grays -- -- the best book. "-- Publishers Weekly" (The Publishers Weekly) in recognition of this book,

  • The human disaster all files

    The human disaster all files "file series: human disaster all files" mainly introduced us to the Japanese bombing: the impact of the disaster continues; "Titanic": a shipwreck; Chernobyl: buckle the biggest tragedy; the black death in Europe: Europe's "doomsday"; mount vesuvius,

  • NASA scientists acknowledge core

    Ancient Aliens changed human genes and culture, Our Cosmic Ancestors (NASA), NASA's space technology experts, the Apollo program communication system, Apollo project designer Morris Chartrand, after leaving the NASA, suddenly announced to the world he knows all the aliens evidence. The 8 bit NASA astronaut standing out, using personal experience,

  • Mystery photo intention

    Study on catalysis law and mental control,,

  • Supernatural mystery

    Supernatural mystery, "supernatural mystery (premium collection)" content brief introduction: the world has many unexplained supernatural events: Stone strange, eerie mansion, missing events frequently staged, insurmountable dead zone; Bermuda always like a snare like devouring life, catcher in. There were some singular and huge,

  • The world of mystery

    The world of mystery, "the world of mystery: exploring the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes (premium collection)" capture unanswered the classic alien civilization, geography, biology, history, human nature, in the field of mystery, they are divided into legends, mystic, culture, the day outside the visitors, the body code, historical issues the mystery, wonder of science and technology, biological,

  • Nighttime battles

    Witchcraft and worship of the 16.17 century, agriculture, the sixteenth Century Italy Friuli area prevailed with a strange night, was born with some nights of farmers in a year in the fall asleep, the soul left the body to participate in the field and wizards "battle". This ancient prayer harvest ceremony attracted the attention of the Catholic Church, a series of,

  • UFO.ET full of mystery

    "Exploration and discovery of UFO Mystery's latest interpretation" is mainly about the unknown aircraft physical phenomenon, the mysterious UFO puzzle in this layer is revealed. Since nineteenth Century, the world witnessed UFOs appear constantly. English abbreviated UFO, reports or speculation, especially in twentieth Century 50,

  • Mystery full contact (four volumes)

    "Mystery full contact (set of 4 volumes)" tell us: in the vast and mysterious universe, human is too trivial, human history is only a short period of millions of years, and our universe has gone through tens of billions of years. Faced with this filled with countless mysteries of the world, the human is so,

  • Pyramid Power & Energy

    This book can be divided into two relatively independent parts. The first part, is to construct the great Pyramid of Egypt, to the mysterious phenomenon of introduction. Its purpose is to allow the reader to understand the real Pyramid (building), as much as possible about the great Pyramid of knowledge. The second part, experimental research and theory. Because.

  • The Egyptian Book of the dead

    The earth civilization shows the most mysterious and ancient song of death. Calculation of the total number of years in the night in that count the years night please put my name back to me "book of the dead" is a master of even for books. Many have contributed to the book seller,,

  • Jack the Ripper case report

    16 folio, 1888 August to November, the Whitechapel area has at least seven women murdered. Their tragic experience panic for several months in the District, from the birth of one's fearsome killer -- Jack the Ripper Whitechapel, London has become a famous tourist resort. More than a hundred,

  • The mysterious Astrology

    The mysterious culture collections, "the mysterious astrology" (full-color illustrations the) Description: from the moment of birth, super functional astrology because of its "prophecies" and interest. Whether in ancient Babylon, Greece or Rome Chinese, many astrologers as well as their "prophecy" had great social influence. Heavier,

  • The suspense mystery

    "Introduction to the earth" suspense mystery: scientific knowledge accumulation and development needs of each generation is unremittingly efforts. In today's world, the comprehensive competitive strength of the measure of a country and nation level, to a large extent the level of sustainable development of the national science. In the age of knowledge information new, each of us,

  • Genesis.

    The legendary quest, Keeper Of Genesis: A Quest For The Hidden Legacy Of Mankind, the human world creation mystery patron saint -- Sphinx gaze at permanent Orient, it will tell us the origin of human civilization mystery? Deep buried what is the secret? Human history will be rewritten so? This is a romantic and mysterious feeling of ancient book in the world. The world's top astronomy,

  • Liqian farewell

    In the south of Yongchang County of Gansu province China Hexi Corridor, there is a place called liqian. The word "Li Jian", had already appeared as early as the Han Dynasty 2000 years ago, at that time it was called "Li jian". According to the study, called Li Jian, Qin is the Western powers, namely Rome country. Li Jian Department of transliteration, in Chinese history have,

  • The mystery of the NFO

    Slip into the wrong character, word, or broken word, word, "phase, there is a kind of social custom and cultural phenomenon selected in Han culture circle, in the humanities pen, should have a garden. Based on the author's tunnel vision, has designed the home without a word works. In choosing this topic composition chapter in such conditions, seems to be some,

  • Legend of the werewolf

    It launches the werewolf -- signs which full of mythical creatures is a famous British writer expedition. They have left footprints in the snow of the North Sea, also dressed in rough shoes through the middle ages, was also in the East Tomb crying. So far in the Abyssinian forest, in siberia,

  • The mystery of the 7 word puzzle

    "Introduction to the mystery of the 7 word puzzle": there is a very magical digital world, it get in by every opening penetration in your life. This figure, go to today from the ancient times, in the field of astronomy, religion, literature, music, all floating its phantom from ancient to modern times; how many countless mystery to it,

  • The mysterious world of five thousand years

    Human beings. Gods. Weird mystery, "the mysterious world of 5000 years (Collector's Edition), gods, human weird mystery" a book about the main contents are: the first part: the human: the intelligent part of the universe secret in secret; difficult to release human mystery; savage discovery; the first part: the history of magic and gods; the second part: third eye; the first part: the strange,

  • The mysterious mystery of universe of 1,000,000,000 universes.

    "The mystery of universe of 1,000,000,000 universes mysterious coincidences" mainly about: some of the phenomena we cannot explain why, just because it was too fantastic and amazing, completely beyond our present awareness and imagination, these phenomena may only be called a "magic coincidence". This is a stimulate your imagination full,

  • Human secret phenomenon under complete.

    "The mysterious phenomenon" is a film about the supernatural, bizarre and mysterious ancient civilization classic, with vivid description of analytical reasoning and fascinating its mysterious contents, rigorous scientific, won the global readers love. "The human Mystery Box (up and down)" is divided into upper and lower,

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