• The legacy of the gods

    The heritage, scientists from around the world will take us into the misty unearthed cultural relics and archaeological discovery and caused a mysterious legend. From the Tyrolean sawmill workshop to exotic customs Hopi Indians, from Italy stone walls to strange funeral of Egypt, let us to the earth,

  • The gods of war

    The gods of war, the book details some strange archaeological journey. From the Ecuador underground caves to the Vatican is gold, from the mysterious southern islands to Indian tribes, the author visited the world cultural relics, with a large number of detailed literature, in-depth comparison of archaeology, theology, physics, anthropology, linguistics, medicine,

  • The lost continent of Mu puzzle

    The prehistoric civilization world maritime archaeology, archives, classic "disappeared" series, one of the earth three ocean prehistoric civilization chronicles, unlock the truth of the human civilization in prehistoric times! The history of human civilization on earth is as the textbooks say, only in 6000? Why do countless books and legend has it that there once existed for several generations of humans,

  • Digital book of life

    "Life" is a digital book the mass psychology, spiritual inspirational books. "The spirit of mathematics" is the number of science, philosophy and psychology. "Life" "digital book focuses on the meaning and characteristic of personality number", tell your date of birth to expose what about your important information, and makes you learn how to cope with life,

  • God is an astronaut

    Modern study of ancient legend, legend about the gods are numerous, ancient legends, myths, "the Bible", who told it right? God is what kind of people? "How to explain the contradiction" in the Bible? The Portuguese Fatima lady appeared really so? Why Burma pagoda shape and flying in the universe was the rocket,

  • The image does not exist

    Mystery photo and painting from all over the world, in the ancient cave paintings of prehistoric peoples of the world, the astronauts appear frequently and divers; in Egypt, the image of cell division is shown through the same tomb murals; in Renaissance painting, the UFO appeared in the sky at any time; and released by NASA astronaut photograph last, a lot more,

  • Detection of soul guide

    THE D É J À VU ENIGMA, visited 37 Harvard and Oxford University scientists, together with Princeton and Columbia first-class university laboratory, from Arkansas paranormal and anomalous phenomena research team (ARPAST) latest masterpiece, tell how you perceive yourself the existence of the soul. Bringing together 150 near death experience,

  • 2012 of the earth's suspense

    Introduction drought, the sandstorm, southwest Chinese Chile Haiti earthquake, 2010 in the northern hemisphere, floods in New Orleans, across the frozen rare Indonesian tsunami, Wenchuan earthquake, the Arctic Ocean rare cracks...... Extreme ultra fast super scale geological phenomenon occurred, its behind is a power play almost the same,

  • The prophet's temple

    "The prophet Temple" alien is not on all the continents of the world have left their traces, many sites around the world is not created by visitors from outer space? Meteorites contain space whether life? What light phenomenon on Mars is going on, the ancient Egyptian mythology has flight instrument is not referring to the gods,

  • The invasion of alien Survival Guide

    Alien havoc defense manual coming, The Alien Invasion Survival Handbook, ★ alien invasion, the only book you want to put into the backpack for books! ★ "Zombie Survival Guide" companion, the chief American doomsday survival expert swept the world's latest masterpiece! ----------------------------------,

  • Big choice

    2012, we will go from here, THE CHOICE, the "big choice: 2012, we will introduce what" content: our future is faced with many variables, that we have feelings, but on earth, what a foretaste of what? Mayan prophecy, Hindu prophecy, the Hopi legend of modern astronomy, astrology, which have predicted? Is there any.

  • Who built the moon?

    Who Built the Moon? The mathematical relationship between the various, be just perfect on the moon is coincidence or chance? The moon is a vessel being Ancient Aliens placed in the sun earth orbit spacecraft? Perhaps, it is still in use today? NASA (America NASA) what to conceal what? How will we "develop" the moon in the future? ,

  • Cygnus mystery

    Ancient secrets to the universe and life, "the world famous archaeological astronomy documentary report" why two different corners of the world ancient civilization has a common belief: the life from the universe, and will eventually return to there? Why is this journey always toward heaven, and always focused on Cygnus? Origin: students take you for life,

  • The stairway to heaven

    "The Earth Chronicles" second, who built the Egyptian pyramids? From the earliest times, man has thought about the universe, life...... And the next mystery. Some lucky people when and where to join the ranks of the gods? Giza is located in the vast and complex building is the Egyptian Pharaohs to the eternal doors, or voyager,

  • The whole world record of mystery

    "World record" mystery to curious perspective and scientific attitude, thoroughly break all kinds of world mystery. Open the big hearts of people, the propaganda, popularization of scientific knowledge, promote scientific spirit. The origin of life, the mystery of man and animal "dialogue" mystery, Changbai Mountain Tianchi monster puzzle, dolphins see volunteers,

  • The Holy Grail

    "The Holy Grail" content brief introduction: in many rites of Christianity, the Eucharist is a famous. The Eucharist is composed of a piece of unleavened bread (or bread) and a cup of Wine, representing Jesus flesh and blood after church, believers enjoy communion meant that Jesus gave his own flesh and blood to the mortal sin. Because st.,

  • The mysterious charm.

    "Mysterious charm spells" main contents are intro -- Charm spells, match making and application of general principles, character charm production, application of the general principles of preventing and curing diseases, spells, spell 避凶趋吉 main types (on), evil spells, preventing and curing disease class class spells, daily class curse etc.. ,

  • Loss of Lemurian civilization

    India Ocean World Maritime Archaeology of prehistoric civilization in archives, classic, "the lost continent" series of two for our ancestors left over from the origin of mystery: we are all children of God? If in the prehistoric Pacific was really a super continent "Mu", then India ocean? India ancient epic records of Lemurian continent is a,

  • The origin of the true God - Sky coaster

    The true legend day outside the coaster, from the Babylonian and Sumerian legends, ancient India, Sanskrit epic, Chinese mythology, the indigenous tribes in Africa to spread the story, 16 - seventeenth Century, the age of discovery explorers sailing experience, and then to the strange phenomenon of numerous UFO twentieth Century event, mysterious and difficult...... Erich von Dniken in the,

  • The aliens have latent earth in 5000

    Who helped in 5000 before the ancient Egyptians built the great Pyramid of modern humans can not be copied? Who in 4000 ago drew a map of the world aerial to see? Who is in the use of high power cutting technology carved exquisite beyond compare in 3000 before the end of the Crystal Skull? Who is,

  • Dream exploration notes

    Why do we dream? What is the meaning of each dream? Dreams can predict the future? These questions Is it right? Also appeared in your heart, and nobody can give the answer? Our consciousness to meet the cold reality of repressed into the unconscious, and ultimately the formation of our dreams, like the heat,

  • Chinese mysteries in the world of Mystery (six volumes)

    Chinese mysteries in the world of mystery,

  • What if aliens posing as God

    Human is a victim of the earth experiment field in the cosmic scheme of Wenn G ö tter, Gott Spielen, ★ this is earth history a hypothesis has been the most serious consequences! ★ numerous data show that this very provocative hypotheses are confirmed! ★ Germany phenomenon unknown experts, the best-selling book "is not the existence of" author once again thrown shocked the world opinion! ★ overturned thoroughly,

  • Ancient Aliens

    If we are not the masters of the earth, they will come back? The Ancient, Alien Question: A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Vis, ★ "chariots of the gods", modern science still cannot answer super problem ★ super best-selling book "chariots of the gods" author Feng Dniken recommended. A history channel documentary film of the same name network hit more than 20000000 times ---------------------,

  • White Pyramid

    The alien secret trail in East Asia, DIE WEISSE PYRAMIDE, "one of the alien civilization and China" series super best-selling book "chariots of the gods" author Ehrlich von Dniken preface ★ a sensation in the world of Xi'an white Pyramid come from? Why domestic few people know? ★ why there has been a tourist zone? ★ this is alien visited the new evidence from china! ,

  • Real men in black

    Nick Redfern compiled the "real men in black" content introduction: the mysterious figure on the black clad events like mushroomed rapidly developed into an important part of contemporary popular culture...... Lei Defen's "real men in black" dig a black dress person event history, more wonderful than I expected! ,

  • European vampires

    "Legend, Europe password: introduction of the European vampire" content: later, Lilith met the Great Satan, became his mistress, and gave birth to sons to him. From Lilith's image became the wicked fairy. In the middle ages, people believed that Lilith is lecherous banshee, specially in the evening appeared on the men in a dream,

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls

    "The Dead Sea Scrolls" on the premise of respecting history, with a focus on the narrative technique, mining and processing the from prehistory until twentieth Century, spanning thousands of years the most essence and mysterious part, tell everyone. The Dead Sea Scrolls charm to attract thousands of people, in the book of the chronicles the story will also bring about history,

  • Steefan Kors's eyes

    The mystery, "a brief introduction to the main content of Steefan Kors's eyes:" since ancient times, Egypt was the light of mystery shrouded, both at the desert underground millions of animal mummies "Noah's Ark", tall and sturdy, magnificent; ornate; fascinating Pyramid, unparalleled but One's whereabouts is a mystery. maze, not the name of the wonders of the world, or,

  • The Sahara desert of Atlantis (up and down)

    "And the beauty of the desert (volume one)" operation diagram objects carved in the Sahara desert in a grotto in the galaxy. Mummy, underground tomb, buried in the underground mysteries of egypt. NASA received a mysterious signal from space. Scientists in the United States found in the Antarctic region,

  • The Atlantis blueprint

    The the Atlantic prehistoric civilization world maritime archaeology, archives, classic "Lost Continent" series of three legendary Atlantis -- famous Atlantis really sunk in where? Today, where Atlantis left in Earth's ancient civilization remains? From Pyramid, Stonehenge to the Mayan city, why is there a from big,

  • Universe Designer

    So far the myth story passed down from ancient times implies: these ancient buildings -- such as the Egyptian pyramids, such as the UK's prehistoric circular Stonehenge -- were created by God, and humans will be responsible for them to be handed down from age to age. As the Old Testament "Bible?" said: boundary stone set up by your forefathers, do not move. ,

  • Human mystery

    "Human mystery" tells the story of slash-and-burn cultivation: smoke has not dissipated, the original worship bell is still clear, the roar of the machine at the beginning of the hustle and bustle, blue space has left the human footprint. With the mystery of the universe and the earth are uncovered, human beings seem to stand in the peak of be equal to anything, know everything,

  • Epiphany - shocked the world phenomenon

    Brief introduction of "content appeared shocked the world phenomenon": since human thinking, some incidents continue to occur. Tens of thousands of has the common characteristics of some events, half from Catholic district. What kind of people are more likely to see visions? In the holy land of all kinds of miracles is fraud or deception? Can,

  • The mystery of ancient Europe

    Ancient European mystery, "old Europe" mystery of the unique form of story describes the ancient European exploration course enthusiastic archaeological Wei Neyi family and experiences, the family visited Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the famous mysterious prehistoric relics, footprint all over the England Stone enjoy lattice mysterious symbol stone circle and wheat,,

  • The wars of gods and.

    "The Earth Chronicles" third, The Wars of Gods and Men, the latest edition in 30 languages and sold in 25 years who destroyed the earth and humanity's last civilization? A written document stunning proved the series takes place in the Prehistoric World War ---------------------------------------,

  • The end of 2012

    "Doomsday" content: 2012 introduction to the history of human development, is also to explore the unknown world and the process of discovery. "2012 doomsday," could not fully understand what was happening around us, but "2012" doomsday all the efforts and attempts, including research and analysis, we will focus on the ma,

  • Aliens in the dark side of the moon

    Boldly put forward scientific conjecture on "the truth" and "alien life trail", uncover hidden in the myth of alien sightings, Oracle, ancient ruins, and revealed the real reason American NASA "sudden stop" behind the moon. ,

  • Amazing world wonders (six volumes)

    Amazing world wonders, "gifts home reading books: the amazing world wonders (China rolls • world volume) (set of 6 volumes)" selection of various wonders of the well-known at home and abroad, the doubts and one of the most intriguing mysteries for panoramic display and vivid explanation, a wide range of subjects, rich in content in simple terms, language, easy to,

  • Hollow Earth Mysteries

    The western world has left with a hollow Earth entrance prophecy, this prophecy will not only explorers involved, has fascinated scientists for. It predicted that have speculated the underground world features. If that is true, then it will finally reveal the history, especially the human world of the most magical,

  • Life digital password

    "Life digital password: there is always a digital control of your destiny": Europe and the United States, South Korea pop the highest index of digital reading! No running, no psychological test, 30 seconds into the future and your personality! If you want to in the shortest time, with the most simple method -- understanding your own understanding,

  • Ghost Stories

    The secret history of "ghost" is a book about the supernatural history book, fascinating, comprehensive and detailed. Brian righi with its unique way, since we explore the unknown world of obsession, his wisdom to the spirit of inquiry, and the mysterious phenomenon of understanding, reveals from the ancient to the ghost phenomenon in the modern world,

  • The mysterious magic

    To explore the appendage customs, "the mysterious magic (latest revision)" the main content: mysterious color most afraid of fact punching clean, superstition to science fouling cleaning. Thinking of the mist can not rely on the axe to disperse, historical phenomenon needs to be explained from the perspective of history. Presents the mysterious culture in front of us is a complex community, lustrous and dazzling, is the essence and the,

  • The mysterious phenomenon

    This book explains the mysterious phenomenon in the world, cause readers to seek truth in the set at the same time, the objective statement, using the example of many countries in Europe and America and the latest research findings. It is conducive to the reader's cognitive and doubt, transformation of human beautiful home. ,

  • The wanderer

    Living in the middle of aliens, From Elsewhere. They have a human body, which is lurking alien soul! ★ they are called "the Tramp", into the earth, has a secret mission impossible! Please complete the self-examination alien test table must the dreaded "★ before reading"! All the signs indicate that there are some people, they have,

  • The world will be better

    "Introduction to the world will be better" content: now, the world seems to fall into the control of pessimism: climate catastrophe! A demographic disaster! The corruption of power! Values and moral decay! Job insecurity! Part -- these are just full of terrible word in our lives, they are led to all mankind,

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