• The mystery of the world history

    Curse of the Pharaoh mystery of Pyramid as we all know, the ancient Egyptian tombs of emperors in Pyramid. However, a symbol of supreme authority and Pyramid, has won numerous thieves. Perhaps because of this, the new Empire (16 BC - eleventh Century BC) Egyptian pharaohs,

  • World mystery full decoding (upper and lower)

    The book covers the mysterious phenomenon in the world of broad areas, we will break at the same time put forward the question to readers and mu, objectively using "according to the report" and other words, and use the latest research findings, prospective human vision of the future, the purpose is to guide the reader right and true. Training in the world,,

  • The mysterious culture of the Chinese Dictionary

    This dictionary has listed more than 2000 items, divided into 3 18 class, to the more comprehensive, systematic introduction to ancient Chinese mysterious culture profile. All entries to be independent chapters, is a mysterious culture phenomenon briefly, refined and concentrated description and induction. If a kind of mysterious culture,

  • The mystery of the Roswell

    The book is "discovery" books. The mystery of Roswell to the readers. This is a Book Exploring UFO question content rich. The book received a large number of sightings and reports, the book also talked about life in the universe -- the situation of aliens. The book is full and accurate materials, plot, scientific knowledge,

  • A close call

    TALES OF REAL SURVIVAL, this book tells the story of all is when people face death experiences. When disaster strikes, these people -- mostly explorer, military personnel and climbers -- are desperate. Some people -- they are passengers, staff, visitors -- accidentally found themselves in the struggle for survival. ,

  • Prediction in 2036

    In August 8, 2038, an anonymous e-mail China Li Jie National Institute of information science, received said: disaster is imminent. Electronic life led by Mose of the global control of most of the Internet in a short period of time, and the robot to attack humans living in city, people suffered the most powerful ever,

  • Lop Nor Quest

    With extraordinary courage and firm and indomitable perseverance, in,

  • The mystery of Chinese and foreign celebrities.

    Chinese and foreign celebrities will puzzle, ISBN:9787806234327, author: Yang Cheng, Yan, Jia Junmin,

  • I want to know why

    World Mystery (CD-ROM a), edited by Dong Sheng, Tianjin People's fine arts publishing house,

  • The 70 great mysteries of the ancient world

    "70 of the world's largest ancient mysteries to uncover the mystery of the ancient civilization" attaches great importance to obscure the stone, such as Egypt's Gu Li 55 tombs -- may be a Kenna Teng Pharaoh's burial place, and from the Etruscan to Lu Enwen and Lang Ge Lang Govan those not decipher the mumbo-jumbo. Finally, "70 great ancient world,

  • The eternal mystery

    B series, "the eternal mystery (World Culture 1000 mystery B ed.) (fine)" is to explore the knowledge of popular books on world culture of mystery, emperor, politicians, celebrities, President of scholars anecdote, drama music, archaeological field in the form of stories of. ,

  • Grand World Scientific and cultural issues

    This book is "one of the five corners series" luxury. Book collection is that people with a common interest of world science and culture issues. Some long-standing issues, the answer is not found in hundreds of years; some time is accompanied by new scientific discoveries, represents a new perspective of human cognition problem. But these problems both old and new, are,

  • Ling.

    The flow to if there will be an inexhaustible source, turbidity. This to a sharp honesty, exploration into the sea crosscurrent to contemporary youth under depth collapse of the spirit world, various details, shocking. A loss of the ultimate pursuit of the spirit of men and women, money and Qu, see color and prostitution, impetuous, softness, Mei potential, thin, speculation, longitudinal,

  • The truth about Golden Triangle

    The truth about Golden Triangle, ISBN:9787538718423, the authors interpret the images: the special feature of times,

  • In America Totem

    Research on Chinese Culture Series Shao Hua Zi Avenue mysterious culture series, Illustrations of American Totems, "said America totem" featured rare America, Northeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, South Pacific island four languages the totem 370 surface, color edition 53 sheets, with the 167 charts, image map relates to physical anthropology anthropology almost all areas, with accurate and reliable heritage, literature, ethnic minority,

  • China forty-nine historical mystery

    China history forty-nine big mystery, Si Xin ed., Shantou University press,

  • People feeling

    People feeling, Song Shuyi Liu Xinwen, academic press,

  • The secret world

    The book is "discovery" books. The mystery of the world to readers. This is a Book Exploring UFO problem to enrich the content of works. The book received a large number of sightings and reports, the book also talked about life in the universe -- the situation of aliens. The book is full and accurate materials, plot, scientific knowledge is very rich,

  • Humans have destroyed

    In 1938, China archaeologist Ji Putai et al to the Qing Hainan Department of Bayankala mountain area is investigated, in a less conspicuous caves were dug up 716 pieces of granite circular body, the middle slightly four no holes, each thickness of about 2 cm, from the middle to the surrounding radiation many very regular water ripple lines, very similar to the,

  • Exploration and discovery (upper and lower)

    The book introduces some mystery man not at all times and in all countries influential, including astronomy, geography, military, nature and other problems, can help to train young people to the nature and science of interest. The universe, the eternal mystery. From the distant large objects, particles and even without a trace, everything,

  • Cracking UFO

    The "UFO" decipher -- mostly to domestic and foreign, mainly China, especially the Shanghai UFO event analysis -- is not qualified "detective UFO" "Premiere", look forward to the "audience" evaluation. The name "UFO" to decipher, not only because of the pen,

  • The Bao Xi Quest

    The Bao Xi quest, the Bao Xi: exploring the history of Chinese treasures the sea tracing, ISBN:9787530638040, author: Du 奎生 with,

  • The history of the world forty-nine big mystery

    The history of the world forty-nine big mystery to fly, eds., Shantou University press,

  • This science

    Book with several cases in the storytelling process. Describe the scientific character of lifelong stable, hand forms with each are not identical, fingerprint study ancient history in the China, fingerprint become tortuous road investigation means experience before, auxiliary function of fingerprint in the diagnosis of genetic diseases. Author of palmistry fortune,

  • The mystery of the world in search of Atlantis

    Detailed stories to knowledge "campus Three Musketeers" investigation of the world puzzle? The same title novel will debut! Is full of suspense, signs of danger appearing everywhere, fiction story more nervous, more wonderful! ,

  • The mysteries of the world

    The mysteries of the world, ISBN:9787540525378, author: Wang Weining compilation,

  • The mysterious Chinese

    This book is an exploration and Discovery series, in uncharted territory to explore, re discovered in known fields. The book introduces the mysterious China, main contents, wordless mumbo-jumbo red story, Shennongjia Savage (on), Shennongjia (below), savage looking for the Yunnan golden monkey, found that the giant panda, looking after yi,

  • The missing and missing reproduction mystery

    The missing and missing reproduction mystery, ISBN:9787542407849, author: Wang Jiangxia edited, translated by Lu Yujing,

  • Alien abduction case investigation

    Kidnapped is faced with a new form of "and the angels struggle", beyond the reality may in some ways, but they have no choice, they have to face this phenomenon, from hypnosis began, when they realized that there have been some unbelievable things in themselves, they obviously feel the fear: paralysis,

  • Encyclopedia auditorium

    Encyclopedia lecture series, financial knowledge, fun in one, with pictures, be full of wit and humour. For the new century readers to tailor a set of encyclopedia. "Discovery," the strange secret many mysteries hidden valley caves, lakes and rivers, historical sites, primitive tribes, one one show,

  • Touch China aliens

    This is the "travel and discovery" series a. The series chronicles is a group of archaeologists and traveler. They found that from the beginning of 2000 in Xinjiang Qinghe County, which opened scattered in the Chinese Western uplift zone one eyed mystery, crop circle mystery of Sichuan type tombs, the riddle of the Sanxingdui, mount Qi Feng in Tibet,

  • The world of mystery

    Archaeological mysteries, "world mystery series (set of 12 volumes)" content brief introduction: human knowledge is limited, but the unknown is infinite. The universe is full of mystery, the world is full of mystery. All of earth, the universe, like the great magician, we show a lustrous and dazzling singular phenomenon. The earth on which we live,,

  • The lost world

    The Lost World of Agharti: The Mystery of Vril Power, the Lost World: exploring the whirling of the underground world, ISBN:9787111136699, author: (English) and Ric MacLellan (Alec Maclellan); Tang Haidong, Wu Xiaoli; translated by Tang Haidong,

  • The dream and the dream

    The dream and the dream, the era of life series editor, Tang Xinmei, Lijiang publishing house,

  • The Chinese Totem

    The mysterious culture series, "a brief introduction to the main content of the Chinese totem": Wen Ye, Teng person concubine also, marriage also. With the integration of map symbol of totem, the clan marriage character is also, emblem, emblem symbol letter, identification of amorphous qualitative, Ming said Yang ancestors, the German, the heroic epic, group performance, encourage later generations, forever million years changlong,

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