• Russian culture

    Russia for people around the world including the Russians themselves, remains a puzzling unsolved mystery. Russian culture is full of contradiction and paradox, indeed like the ancient Greek mythology the Sphinx like, where we come from, what the meaning, unidentified so, people guess. Reason can only know the Russian table,

  • Great anecdotes

    Anecdote is amazing, just because it is unpredictable and difficult to imagine. Anecdotes, let the world the suspense, let the human exclaim. "Great anecdotes Disclosure -- singular event" in contemporary world secret anecdotes are almost always take place in the recent years, news value and historical value, but also in the same hit off documentary,

  • Mysteries of Chinese and foreign celebrities

    Too many mysteries to history is too great charm, mystery crack and give too many people understand. The ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun's death mystery, mystery, Wu Zetian killing the tyrant Cambyses daughter mystery, Southern Tang emperor Li Yu the subjugation of the mystery, the mystery of Watergate, the mystery of Kennedy family tragedy...... This book will provide,

  • The eternal mystery

    The universe is full of mystery, the world is full of mystery. A goal of our life is very interesting and very complex and mysterious world. Along with the human cognitive tentacles to each corner of the earth and extending to the distant universe, many strange things and mysterious phenomenon one after another is found, it is proposed to us,

  • Unsolved mysteries of world culture

    Color version, the classical content; some puzzles, vivid characters, excellent narration, leading the reader to explore the legendary and mysterious culture behind, the unknown world swim in the wonderful mysterious, fantastic. Exquisite pictures; more than 300 pieces of carefully selected, precious pictures, sac step forward bravely and cultural sites,,

  • China cultural mystery

    More than 50 Chinese culture of mystery, involving political, military, religion, art, literature, geography, customs, archaeological fields, archaeological discovery in the reference massive literature material, and, based on the latest research results, to explore the Chinese culture, exploring little-known insider, suggesting its significance and the influence of,

  • "Witness" ghost

    Since the creation of the world, humans began to believe,

  • Strange bones

    The book contains a variety of anecdotes, mystery, including "burning", "footprints in the jungle of Brazil Glass Mountain", "humanized" old turtle, "human first family", "volcano survivors" etc.. ,

  • Mystery

    We always with curiosity into the history of the world, want to know the true history. The drift of Noah's ark, Solomon treasure, come and go without leaving a trace of UFO, these seemingly unreal things really exist? The assassination of Caesar, the mystery of Napoleon's death, celebrity behind what secret? These are,

  • The world classic monster legend

    A masterpiece of world monster, horror and legend, bold and mystery! Ghosts of nonpolar witch, bloodthirsty werewolf curse, the living mummy, Ling Yi Tomb of the elves, death for vampire...... Turnover echoed the encoded voice, love hate cold-blooded, impermanence and death. In the silence of death,

  • A new fetish and fetishism

    The book includes two parts: the first part is theory exploration, which is based on a comprehensive, detailed in the past "fetish" and "worship" category of understanding and definition, by applying the viewpoints, methods of dialectical materialism and historical materialism, based on a large number of real data, demonstrating its true,

  • Star identification recognition.

    Preliminary ancient astronomical calendar, "more than three generations, All the world knows. astronomy...... The later scholars, have asked the ignorant person." Lack of knowledge of ancient astronomical calendar, so study hard switch of ancient culture, read hastily and without thinking, this is perhaps the author's purpose in writing the work. The book introduces the basic knowledge of celestial movement, twelve months,

  • The lost ancient civilization mystery full decoding (up and down)

    "The lost ancient civilization mystery" full decoding are described and analyzed on an ancient civilizations, which contains the political, history, astronomy, geography and Archaeology and other aspects of knowledge. ,

  • The abyss

    "The sea" tells the story of article / Bermuda abyss Adon and sweet in the Bermuda marine scientific research base, accidentally saved reyax life, in order to find the missing reyax grandfather, they enter the time tunnel, in between the past and the future. Here, the "devil" mystery, had become a "piece of,

  • Antenna

    "The tentacles (in 100 of the world's most mysterious places)" included 100 of the world's most mysterious places, these places all over Asia and Africa and Latin America and other parts of. Here is the secret, the earth is not the answer until today. For thousands of years, they exist, and are so far away, leaving only a,

  • Awareness of the potential

    Exploration of paranormal phenomena we occasionally encounter, this book preface characteristics and review article excerpt first chapter beautifully consciousness to understand consciousness and the mysterious force, we must study the brain and its relation to consciousness, ability of some known and has been scientifically accepted the mind / consciousness combination. The brain can be realized,

  • From the theory of the soul

    The soul is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary subject is very strong, it contains philosophy, mathematics, physics, biology, psychology and other academic science aspects and do not apply the old subject of knowledge. Study on the method of it is special, it does not rely on human hands have the knowledge, sometimes even to abandon the past,

  • Human fam

    In order to help people understand the unknown field of those who have not yet been explored, know that they are exploring the world to know, to understand the glorious history of previous exploration and great achievement, do away with all fetishes and superstitions, advocate science, we have compiled, published to explore the mysteries of the color version of the "". "Human" is a book with fam,

  • Alchemy

    In the middle ages, gold is believed to embody the material world and the world of life can not be eroded. When life is tasteless, when shallow and mediocre, coarse and fleeting, the alchemists, they refine gold of unremitting efforts, in fact, represents the eternal vitality of a body of persistent search,

  • The Silk Road of mystery

    The vicissitudes of the silk road is a net, long silk road is a river, the beautiful silk road is a picture. The silk road is a part of a symbol of war in ancient China tragic desolation of the epic, the silk road is broad and profound a sponge the history of ancient and modern masterpieces, the Silk Road Jinqiao is a spreading friendship gave birth to civilization. The silk road was a brilliant, the Silk Road, the reality is ahead,

  • Analysis of the rainbow

    This book is the view of science, mysticism and human nature profound humanism. In the book "illusory fool", "mysterious analysis" as the title of the chapter, is dedicated to the people are superstitious temptation to write. The content includes: numbness, count the familiar room, planet of bar code, bar code and a total of ten air,

  • The mysterious phenomenon of human

    The mysterious phenomenon: graphic version, ISBN:9787506812542, author: Ma Yan,

  • To explore the unknown world series (ten volumes)

    To explore the unknown world series (ten volumes), ISBN:9787801663344, author: Xie Yu editor,

  • Interpretation of China celebrity fan case

    Discover the secret books,,

  • Break a code

    To decipher the Dan Brown novel "the Da Finch code", "the Da Finch code" has since washed up on the international bestseller, tens of thousands of men and women all over the world fascinated readers are talking about not long ago only belong to study in the university campus and scientific publications in the theology and history of professional issues. Of course, this book as newly ignited on several of the most,

  • The mysterious phenomenon of human

    Color version, the classical content: more than 90 human mystery, involving a wide range of social science and natural science. Based on the reference documents, archaeological findings, combined with the latest research results, to explore the mysteries of human concern for a long time, has not yet been cracked, and try to reveal the hidden truth. Exquisite,

  • Who built the catacombs

    This book includes stories who built the catacombs, the tomb, death ceremony. "Who built the catacombs" tells the story of the catacombs of Rome found, its stunning works of art and its construction story. "The tomb" introduces the production secrets and build Pyramid mummy mystery, exploring,

  • The world UFO mystery full record.

    Since 1947, the "flying saucer" this particular name since, people have been debating whether aliens exist...... How could there be no water and oxygen planet with life? Crashes on earth UFO fragments is not evidence? The researchers say...... This book with 128 bold guess, in one fell swoop,

  • 100 cases of medical anecdotes

    Why would someone more dairy; why some people need to use maggot treatment; why some people exude a fishy; why should anyone desire the extraordinary, every day 20 times still can not meet the...... Dr. ho lder nearly 100 years of 100 cases of medical anecdotes to explain. This book not only very readable,

  • Scientists crack 66 Mysteries

    People will die to see what? Korean ancestors from the China? Zheng He's voyages, that what they eat in the sea? The book records the 66 mysteries of the crack, scientifically explain the mysteries hidden in these mysteries, we opened a long covered in the mysterious veil. Although this is only,

  • The sun god's hometown: Hemudu Site cultural Quest (Paperback)

    "The sun god's hometown -- Hemudu Site cultural quest" brings together the major results in the study of Hemudu Site culture author for over 20 years, of which nearly 1/3 pages to the public for the first time work, so that it can be more comprehensive, more systematic, more accurately reflect the rich connotation of the culture of Hemudu Site, and it is the process of human civilization great,

  • Hard and soft law

    "Soft law" the unity of opposites between rigid and flexible, so that readers, bathed in light of rigidity and flexibility of economic wisdom emitted grams in, thus becoming the strong in life. A soft no just a mistake, there is just no soft a great evil, to just be soft and. Cliffide Flower, is a secret world. ,

  • Heaven

    Curiosity is the motive power of imagination, young people learn is teenage forward lubricating oil, to explore the growth of young people is the catalyst. The history of human development, is the process of discovery of the unknown world, we could not understand what was happening around us completely, but everything we do try, including investigation, remember,

  • Seven snakes and mysterious Angkor

    Seven snakes and mysterious Angkor, ISBN:9787806463949, author: Blue where the studio edited,

  • Prosticks Essentials

    The main book on the technical analysis, is divided into three parts: the universe candle as the cornerstone, explore the chart evolution; advantages and disadvantages in the application and comparison of the candlestick and four space; using Qiankun candle, with the main analytical tool technology, make the comprehensive analysis, the,

  • The young 100 reading (ten volumes)

    The mysterious tomb exploration records, fans, ISBN:9787563417377, author: Yan Jianmin cover design,

  • The universe visitor

    The universe visitor: distant observation -- UFO Discovery series, case analysis, Deng Maixiong, Gansu science and technology press,

  • Universal search mysterious magic series (8 volumes)

    "The treasure Amy (Universal on the mysterious magic series)" content brief introduction: Treasure -- a seductive words. Each craves wealth people have done overnight dreams, in the beautiful fairy tale, there is Alibaba and open sesame stories. Looking for treasure is a dream of the process, you know,

  • China UFO sightings

    The book is "discovery" books. The Chinese UFO sightings to the readers. This is a Book Exploring UFO problem to enrich the content of works. The book received a large number of sightings and reports, the book also talked about life in the universe -- the situation of aliens. The book is full and accurate materials, plot, scientific knowledge,

  • (upper and lower) human mysteries full decoding (1CD)

    The nature of human evolution than earlier, more advanced animal intelligence? The earth and which are not known to the human "the devil zone"? Offbeat life in the universe where exactly? Those strange dreams, lustrous and dazzling the unbelievable magic feeling, such as the mysterious doom, nightmare is with one's hair standing on end,

  • The mystery of Ba Ren

    After thousands of years, they quietly lying on the ground, the shocking discoveries, samurai remains, and bronze sword, Tiger Group, Chunyu Yi, circular tank, ship coffin...... For thousands of years, even tens of thousands of years, have people living here, along with the deepening excavation, these ancient Ba people's image gradually fresh,

  • Discover the world of mystery

    Discover the world of mystery, ISBN:9787228086214, author: Ju Wei compiled,

  • Guide hocus pocus

    The motherland medicine is a great creation of the Chinese nation, is the crystallization of Chinese history and culture. For thousands of years, the existence and development of traditional Chinese medicine, to make a positive contribution to the prosperity of the Chinese nation and human health at the same time, also accumulated a broad and profound medical and ingenious magic medicine. From medical angle,

  • The mysterious Bermuda

    Bermuda, is a recognized as the world's most dangerous waters. Ships, aircraft into the sea, often appear a compass malfunction, radio communication failure or interruption; in this piece of "trap waters", since twentieth Century there have been hundreds of planes, ships and two hundred thousands of people be rather baffling to crash or missing,

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