Kawashima Yoshico, the mystery of life and death to decrypt

Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Jilin Publishing Group   Author:Li Gang, He Jingfang   Pages:279  

"Kawashima Yoshico the mystery of life and death" is the basis for the decryption history research a book in fact research, valuable information value, historical value and research. Remember a year ago, should the two authors about, I have written "new evidence" Kawashima Yoshico prefaced with the mystery of life and death, to clarify this point. After a year, the new launch "decryption" Kawashima Yoshico the mystery of life and death, can not let me surprised and pleased. Surprisingly, they can in such a short time. In the first book based on the re layout, abandons the former book there is no confirmation about Kawashima Yoshico's life experience, and to the readers a comprehensive, systematic display of nearly a year to Kawashima Yoshico and textual research of new ideas, new evidence and new achievements. What makes me happy is, at the present stage of historical research "subject to data, evidence is hard to find, hard to find, conclusion difficult" situation, the two authors to "Kawashima Yoshico the mystery of life and death" in first Century of this case as the subject, to the real test theory, examination questions, piecewise breakthrough, opened a new world in order to solve the mystery of history and academic research, its meaning is in many aspects, I have to congratulate the two authors. Hard research process, this book shows plenty of evidence and the careful analysis, "Kawashima Yoshico convincingly reveals the mystery of life and death". In March 25, 1948 62 years ago, Kawashima Yoshico (Jin Bihui) is the national government authorities in Beijing traitors executed "the death penalty". However, be "shot""Chuan Dao Fang Zi" is "right"? Or "Avatar"? This Public opinions are divergent. in that year, a doubt. The world knew where Kawashima Yoshico was the national government, "the death penalty" to "disappear", the mysterious "resurrection". She conceal one's identity, hiding the Folk Buddhism, infatuation, and thus "bizarre" or "legend" life 30 years. This book describes the whole process of complete this historical facts about Kawashima Yoshico, so that the 30 years of her life to the history study, we added a layer of mystery, also arouse people to think deeper, or can be China modern history this controversial suspended case more than half a century's end.

She was born in the late Qing Dynasty Royal Prince Aixinjueluo, a statue of Su Shan Qi "Fourteen Princess", and later became the Japanese Naniwa Kawashima "sons and daughters". Her life is full of legend, known as "men's beauty". Should be in daily messenger of friendship between the peoples of her, for use by the Japanese militarists, later fell victim to the Japanese invaders failed. Early in the morning of March 25, 1948, the national government Peiping first prison a gunshot, the once famous, Kawashima Yoshico (Jin Bihui), is nominally disappeared from the Chinese and Japanese people's sight, in fact and not dead, was exposed to the light of day "woman", is a "double", the "body", in the planning, execution before it was to do a quick change, and fled to the northeast, in the protection of Duan Bianxiang's retreat, Changchun suburban Xinlicheng Qijia village, outside the "Mrs. Fang", and "party a" trail still stay in Changchun Prajna temple and Zhejiang Guoqing temple. In this way, she lived for thirty years, until the beginning of the one nine seven eight to die......
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Li Gang, the former deputy director of the Jilin provincial government offices in Haikou, Jilin Province, a member of Jilin Writers Association law association. He Jingfang, who served as the Organization Department of municipal Party committee of Changchun cadres, business leaders, a member of Jilin writers association. Two who co authored "red family", "Kawashima Yoshico, the mystery of life and death" and other books of new card.
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The prologue "latent illustrates secluded, do not avoid the sub tenon" -- the inscription "Kawashima Yoshico Aixinjueluo de" the mystery of life and death -- a new license "the inscription Aixinjueluo Ki mystery sixty years revealed in Changchun Wang Qingxiang bold hypothesis careful verification Shi Yuxin I participated in the research process, the scholar Kawashima Yoshico Nozaki Akira, write in front of Li Gang, He Jing founder article introduction one, the death penalty question Aishinra Akikawashima Fang Zi eventually sentenced to death suspicious secret execution funeral reporters on the" death "of the" double storm "questioned Yu Bo failed Bi Hui trial archives in a dubious letters two, the last words of Duan Lianxiang revealed the secret to his granddaughter Shenyang accept mission history and Kawashima Yoshico a source with three, Zhang Yu to find the" funeral people anxious depressed day dense willow trees and bright flowers appreciative Li Gang is decisive and decision-making chosen partner where Duan Lianxiang's words, "the four motivation section 续擎 and Zhang Yu mother know Duan Lianxiang neighbors, friends of personnel archives Gua Duan Lianxiang in the eyes of the other old lady carefully the safekeeping party loyalty to protect the old lady five, remains mysterious bamboo show Mrs. Fang, Duan Lianxiang, Qing and continued Show bamboo bamboo show and "lucky six, Yu Jingtai may be juntong we for Jingtai life drip know Mrs. Fang and Yu Jingtai Yu Jingtai's death in seven, Mrs. Fang in Xinlicheng appeared for the party aunt (MU). -- Mrs. Fang surfaced two visits -- Mrs. Fang Lu Xing Ji in Qijia Murakawa Shimayoshiko escape to the election in Changchun Xinlicheng in Xinlicheng tracks Chen Liang Chuan Dao Fang Zi? In Xinlicheng lived 30 years of advantage eight, Mrs. Fang and Guoqing temple every winter Mrs. Fang's place for the Millennium ancient temple attracts Mrs. Fang and Japanese Buddhist Origin is Mrs. Fang to Guoqing Temple knot Guoqing temple is Mrs. Fang winter Institute of ideal Mrs. Fang's ashes were sent to the Guoqing Temple nine, Changchun Prajna Temple Square Buddhist refuge certificate visit release is a president Shi Shupei masters and side lay segment 续擎 and release Shu Pei master contact release into just ten Abbot interview Mrs. Fang and Jin Moyu Zhang Yu, the origin of the name of All sufferings have their reward. seventeen Princess sour, sweet, bitter, hot sister of deep buried love eleven, section 续擎 and aunt Japanese orphans and aunt" and "emotional side aunt not let small children play with outside cloud Party aunt leave no writing is not a mother to Zhuang Guixian and aunt let segment in a dilemma 续擎 "daughter" in the eyes of the party during pregnancy and aunt aunt a "honeymoon" party aunt left chest scar on the square aunt summed up his life is "a sad sad song" after the "Cultural Revolution" period of continued high wage sponsors twelve, Zhang Yu and aunt basking party basking for granddaughter portrait square basking dance addiction and pain. Love make-up party basking weird 'agile party basking granddaughter eyes of Ma Lianliang records and basking in the tree' read a book I was basking too long. Basking is standing dead is two times thirteen, basking portrait of Mrs. Fang's Japan complex Kang on the tatami granddaughter educational basking said she in Japan have been studied and to make Japan puppet on Bushido party basking with the Japanese tea ceremony and Japanese writer Kawabata Yasunari Japanese folk tales fourteen, Mrs. Fang Mongolia complex "Mongolia folk tales" and of Jabu Chuan Dao Fang Zi girls love and marriage divorce not because of affection "Weng poetry" and the same Kawashima Yoshico "Mongolia girl" Kawashima Yoshico soundtrack songs fifteen, CPPCC National Committee hearing. Controversy over Kawashima Yoshico's meeting atmosphere is serious can pass Shanhaiguan? And Kawashima Yoshico economic source segment 续擎 why promise and then deny in succession?......
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Illustration: 1945 January, the police administration began to recruit police officer cadets in the puppet regime in Manchuria range, total enrollment of 1500. The whole region is divided into four state police school, are respectively arranged on: new Beijing (Changchun), Mukden (Shenyang), Jilin, Harbin. At home has been idle for more than a year Duan Lianxiang was admitted to the Jilin city is the third set police school. Because the police from Siping local police schools, so the third set police actual school in siping. The Jilin police has a total of 156 students, divided into three classes, some 连祥 in class third, the term of one year. Because in August 15, 1945 the Japanese surrender, police disbanded, section 连祥 only study for 8 months and 10 days. Duan Lianxiang of this period of history, although only half a little more time, but we think, this is a section of Duan Lianxiang state in puppet Manchuria deep social relations. He was a negligent behavior, lost in the "Iron Man" superior "development" jobs and opportunities, but he did not reduce the pursuit of life. When the police enrollment opportunity comes, for 27 year old Duan Lianxiang, although the age is a bit bigger, but he managed to seize the opportunity, through his "Iron Man" of the Japanese, "test" the puppet police. If not the puppet regime in Manchuria collapsed early, I'm afraid he has the puppet Manchuria regime "powerful" police. During the period of Duan Lianxiang study in the police school, formed his teacher, classmate relation network, which laid a foundation for later he was involved in the protection of Kawashima Yoshico. Fourth, the Japanese surrender, the police after the dissolution, section 连祥 returned to Shenyang Pu River home stay for a few months. In 1946 January, the countryman, Xu Yongbao when the supply in the Eight Route Army in Tieling the 24 brigades and 71 regiments 1 Battalion (Xu Chunheng) is introduced, in the Eight Route Army 24 brigade, the 71 regiment 1 battalion as health workers, clerical staff. Soon, he and others, Luan Xiangmao, Hou Zhenfu, and Xu Yongbao Ye Chengwen, because do not adapt to the hard life of the Eight Route Army have the same likes and dislikes, and formed a small group, has two times the secret meeting, look for an opportunity to sell out to the enemy. In 1946 April, when the 1 camps retreat to the Lishu County Chen big chimney Tuen camp, led by Xu Yongbao, Luan Xiangmao, Duan Lianxiang, Hou Zhenfu series, the 5 people such as Ye Chengwen took a force carriage, the car carrying rifles, pistols, grenades, grenade and various types of bullets. Duan Lianxiang himself also carrying the "three eight" type rifle an, Tieling, Kaiyuan, Faku, Changtu four county map one each, 1 battalion personnel roster and horses, weapons, ammunition, a statistical table. They revolted from the Eight Route Army, carriage ran for two days, to surrender the Kuomintang in Xi'an (Liaoyuan) 207 division 620 regiment. They not only to the enemy for the activities, the 1 battalion of the regiment, strategy and tactics and military establishment and military secrets, also called the Eight Route Army is "Ba Lu bandits", "big help Hu Ziqiong pig". Duan Lianxiang was assigned to the 207 division 620 regiment 2 battalion as a sergeant documents. In 1947 March, the Kuomintang 207 Division I Liberation Army scattered, section 连祥 fled back to Shenyang Pu River home.
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"Kawashima Yoshico the mystery of life and death" was published by Jilin literature and history to decrypt.
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