I have been abducted by aliens 11 times

Date of publication:2011-8   Press: Jiangsu literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Stan Romanek   Pages:192   Words:120000  

Stan Romanek is on the earth have been abducted by aliens in the most number of people. First, September 21, 2001, long a possum face aliens kidnap him to the ship.
Second, September 3, 2002, abducted by aliens who, in his brain with the mysterious equations.
Third, November 17, 2002, the aliens took naked he lost in the outdoor courtyard.
fourth times, at the beginning of 2003 1, the aliens even his stepson were not spared, in his stepson brain instill equation.
fifth times, in October 7, 2003, he finally took took aliens with video! Sixth, October 20, 2003, the Orion Nebula aliens look for him.
seventh, February 12, 2004, aliens kidnap him, let him with a strange woman breeding.
eighth, 7 months in 2004, he went to the mountains for vacation, alien to follow-up, and kidnapped him!
ninth in the summer of 2005, the tenth time in February 26, 2006, the alien abductees after him, teach him the secret formula for interstellar travel.
eleventh, May 4, 2006, the aliens with fancy technology, night cured him of fracture of the knee.
from 2000 to 2008 8 years writing this book, Stan Romanek abducted by aliens? 11 times, but, this record is still constantly being refreshed...... In this book, he described in detail the 11 adventure process, take you to understand these mysterious alien visitors -- they actually want to do what on earth?
Author brief introduction

Stan Romanek: the maximum number of human being abducted by aliens.
he once took a clear photographs of flying saucers and alien videotape conclusive, cause the topic of sensation, at the same time, he is also an important spokesman many world class UFO related meeting, had been a variety of UFO and the supernatural realm magazine, is committed to become the bridge between the alien communication with earth human.
Catalogue of books

Objective: 11 real events.
author's preface
the first chapter I met UFO
second chapter alien tracking
third chapter kidnapping or abduction,
fifth chapter from human mysterious organization of interferometric
sixth chapter kidnapping sequelae of
seventh chapter on what they want to say what?
eighth chapter aliens continue they are on our side.
ninth chapter alien good performance
tenth chapter......
Chapter excerpt

I walked out of the bedroom, see my sister stood before the gate be Agape and tongue-tied open, her eyes glazed over, just as the fallen into a trance state. I looked at the door, three people standing in the hall, I thought they were going to sack the robber, shouting let don't let them in. But in a blink of an eye they would push her aside into the door, I quickly shut up. Standing in front of me is the two man, and what looked like a woman, they wore, like delicate Halloween costume. Three people are not more than 4 and a half feet high, men dressed in a pale blue jumpsuit, women's clothing is more similar to the robe, the same is light blue. She wore a delicate necklace, materials like mother of pearl, glittering and colorful Avision Pendant Necklace, part is like a modern design style of the folded wing angel. The stranger is very thin, bony, in fact I couldn't help but think, so thin neck is how to support them so big head. Their head a tufts of thin and sparse white hair, which reminds me of patients undergoing chemotherapy. But what impressed me most was their eyes and face. Eyes are very big, almond in shape, with a gradual blue irises, I've never seen in humans such eyes. Their jaws long and sharp, the face has a very small nose and a line should be mouth crack, the whole face is a triangle of feeling. I do not know why, they kind of look at that moment directly reminds me of the animal is called possums, in my heart of hearts I immediately began to call them “ possum ”. My first thought was, they wear a mask, I will be wearing a possum mask robbed! However, the more I carefully study them, the more aware of how much they spent time to pretend. The mask looked so sophisticated, I can recognize their neck and head of the texture, their eyes even in the light! I was alarmed, these is no masks or disguises, it brings a person cannot move fear, filled my whole body. “ Oh, my god! ” I murmured. … …
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