Human mystery

Date of publication:2011-11   Press: Jilin Publishing Group   Author:Chen Congying   Pages´╝Ü240  

"Human Mystery (premium collection):" frequently appeared on earth UFO patronize the event, the alien is in love with this beautiful planet, or they seek the lost memories? The Bermuda Triangle, as many ships and aircraft's nightmare, the mystery to what show to the people? Highway of death seizes the walking human life, thrilling anecdotes or they trick? Dirty Marilyn Monro die, just behind the pink news what Hsuanchi? The European military genius Napoleon die young, Kennedy in the streets of Dallas encounters the mysterious shooting...... The dust of history is the number of hidden truth? Let us go into the unknown human mystery, began to re-examine themselves, deep thinking, hope to be able to clear heavy fog, find the truth.

The copyright page: illustration: Darwin first put forward the human originated in the Africa said. In the 5000000 years to 120000 years ago, a sudden change in East African climate, geology with the change, the sea change Kuwata, large tracts of tropical rain forests disappear quickly. A life in the Africa rift Australopithecus was forced to go down from the tree, looking for food and adapt to survive in the process, they learned to walk upright, make and use tools. After the completion of the transition to the evolution of humanity from the apes, of the East African Rift Valley environment has been unable to meet the needs of their existence, so they began a long migratory journey. They walked along the Eurasian Continental continuously to the far advanced, chasing the good food, but their "expeditionary" is not Everything is going smoothly.. This time the Eurasian Continental crisis, not imagination of "paradise", not only has the ferocious beast raged, but also on the Eurasian continent has existed in early human ancestor Australopithecus evolved from the "native" into, such as the strong Heidelberg people, Beijing people in Zhoukoudian and "the dinosaur" Neanderthals, some of them even more than Africa migrating "immigrants" more developed strong, clever. But they be down on one's luck, or die in the cold ice age of natural disasters, either by "Africa fellow immigrants" killing replaced, forced to die. So Africa Australopithecus eventually moved toward the world, start around the distribution of reproduction, as the ancestor of all mankind.
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Star people kidnapped people on earth, but men still live alone in the universe. In addition, the mystery of the Pharaoh's curse, "wolf" strange, terrifying vampire, and partly hidden and partly visible deep-sea fish, no one does not challenge the human cognitive space. Even human beings is mystery, if some person body scent, some people have the magic sixth sense...... With so much mystery, humans began to re-examine themselves, deep thinking, hope to be able to clear heavy fog, find the truth. However, even in twentieth Century the greatest genius -- Einstein, had to admit that they are still belongs to the human the unknown fields and the dark corners of the palace of knowledge. Today, these mysteries still have not found the perfect answer, but they can stimulate human curiosity, let the human imagination more open to challenge the limit, to explore the future. Let us go into this mysterious unknown fields, of enigmatic world!
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