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Date of publication:2003-8-1   Press: Current affairs press   Author:Kai Jie   Pages:302   Words:400000  

In the book a find everything fresh and new and unbelievable mystery, gives a new thinking on human. Man has created many miracles. Leave much to be our mystery, holding the banner of further exploration.
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Scrolling: a human evolution history, the origin of human life in 1 where 2 ancestral habitat where they live in the sea 3 4 is coming from Africa 5 Chinese fossils questions evolution 6 Anhui area are of human origin center 7 "Zha Lai area is the origin of human evolution, 8 blood group is composed of evolution decision 9 human ancestors and Gong dragons coexistence 10 evolution toward the end of two, the mystery of life, explore 1 factors affect fertility of female 2 why old people will be shorter 3" human detection limit control 4 "secret body increased enigma 5 can control dream content 6 eyes" video "7 odd between family 8 grams of disease between 9 grams of disease between 10 outbreaks of infectious diseases of abnormal phenomena in the spread of AIDS in 11 to unlock mysteries 12 open hermaphrodite mystery of mysteries of human 13 feet 14 floating puzzle 15" Lilliput "shrunken head three, person, who has too much Figure 1 of every hue the 2" long ears "to 3 students. From where people 4 singular rare 5 horns and a thorn 6 mysterious dwarf savage 7 and Shennongjia 8 beyond imagination 9 strange "magnetic" "Iron Man" 10 looks strange person 11 magical human luminescence 12 labor death mystery...... Four, to rewrite the history of the development of human science, five, six, occurred in the celebrity behind man and nature seven, switch on the extraterrestrial civilization eight, universe of 1,000,000,000 universes Nothing is too strange. Nine, mysterious Zone ten, explorer eleven, fog mask Tan in the underground Rong Hua twelve, silent forever a scroller:......
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  •   A set of books is very good
  •   The picture only a few but very easily off the page... The text is a word, a little boring...

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