Human is half alien, half the people on earth

Date of publication:2010-11   Press: Shanghai literature and Art Publishing (Group) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Jinxiu articles)   Author:Li Weidong   Pages´╝Ü336  

500000 years ago, a band called "viscera life" aliens came to earth, they found here is rare in the vast universe of heaven of life; the planet's land, sea, sky, full of beautiful, rich, unbelievable life. They decided to stay. Today, these alien life still parasitic in our bodies, they are symbiotic us, they are a mixture of main and collateral channels and soul, they allow human to the depths of the universe's secret is -- why astrology in the 28 stars perceived mysterious, often affect our destiny? Why when we quietly looked at the sky, can feel the soul to quiet down? Why this planet, except the human, no animal, will look at a no all stars? In fact, looking at the stars, not our own, but we are aliens in the body, they look to their universe deep place faraway hometown. All of this secret, has been buried in those who do not know the ancient classics, "ShanHaiChing" suggests that, "meaning the" has been mentioned, the most informative, is the "Huangdi Neijing". Based on the analysis of the book "by the" boils like Huangdi, handed you threw open the mystery of life: you are the key to the door of the alien! You will have the alien gene, your ancestors, from the distant reaches of the universe.
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Li Weidong, doctor of history, prehistoric civilization research experts, expert on extraterrestrial life. In the sciences and prehistoric civilization research for more than 20 years, is committed to research China ancient culture and alien life trace depth theory, the research achievements in the world caused a sensation, countless alien life for its unique theory with fancier, he was known as the "Godfather China search for extraterrestrial life".
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The first chapter is another kind of wisdom of life the second chapter "Yijing" and "Huangdi Neijing" hidden in the life mystery third chapter of human has two sets of life system the fourth chapter Zangxiang life system Chapter fifth things the world's most mysterious humanity itself is the sixth chapter in the seventh chapter of the human journey to hide elephant life is the human soul chapter eighth human half alien in our bodies, the half is earth the ninth chapter why constellation can affect our destiny? The tenth chapter understanding your body in another
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Before the exam date, more be confused in mind, may be afraid to fail, do not want to test. Think of the strange dream, I finally did not participate in the annual examination. People always like this, lost will feel pity. The two day, the exam I be on tenterhooks, always feel that there is no examination is a mistake, if the test must be admitted. But the date of the examination after about a week of appearance, I accidentally got the notice, issued by Peking University in the exam. The notice said: I enter oneself for an examination the tutors unable enrollment, the enrollment quota cancelled. Three, it is the dream. I have a friend surnamed Huang, no work, often playing mahjong. It hard to believe, he often in the table, but actually win much less to lose. Just after the Spring Festival in 2001, I came back from Inner Mongolia, one night I had a dream about playing mahjong, is my friend. The plot of a dream is very simple, my friends are playing mahjong, next to a voice said: Seventeen thousand! Seventeen thousand. The second day early in the morning, I would call her and say: your attention! Within two months, you will be at the mahjong table once won seventeen thousand yuan, you can ask me out to dinner! Having said that, but I did not particularly care about, over a period of time is to forget about this. Because I know, although his friend often play mahjong, but gambling is very small, one time and is unlikely to win tens of thousands of. About the end of April look, suddenly one day afternoon, my friend to call, be jubilant to invite me to dinner. Ask one side to know in a couple of hours, she really won eighteen thousand one hundred yuan, but part of it is the gambling debts. I believe, in the life many people have had a similar experience, but also have heard many friends talked about a similar experience, may be a dream, maybe is a kind of induction, or trouble comes before a trouble. But they may not to regard it as right, reason not to go where. But I cannot forget, because I was too curious. Why would tell me about the future dream? Why does mother would think my return? My brain was born with this ability? Why these experiences can meet but can not beg, more can not be repeated? Why modern science has no satisfactory explanation? What exactly is who? Why do we live? Maybe someone will say: This is a coincidence! Not what science. But I don't believe that, because in my life, whenever life events, always have similar dreams occur. The first time we can regard it as a chance, we also can be second times of it as a coincidence, then third times, fourth times? … …
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A variety of evidence, we are aliens, and shared the same universe origin. Whenever a new planetary systems form, some microbes with comet to other planet, after the planet reproduction, evolution, so we human beings on earth and other life forms are just the whole universe huge chain system a part of. — — Chandra · Vic Rama Singh (a famous British scientist) human may be alien offspring, our ancestors came from outer space, they are on earth for the civilization of the seed. — — Dniken (the godfather, the western civilizations popular science bestseller "chariots of the gods" author) any one engaged in scientific research are convinced that, between the various laws of the universe, there obviously exist a kind of spirit, this spirit is far beyond the human spirit, the limited human capabilities should be feel small in front of the spirit. — — Einstein (the greatest scientist of the twentieth Century @##@) "Half human is alien, half the earth people" you are an alien! You will have the Xi Bu Xing gene, your ancestors, from.From the depths of the universe. Open the "human is half alien, half the earth", from "Huangdi Neijing", find your own ancient secrets. Why "ShanHaiChing" and "Huangdi Neijing" are written in the human body lived “ another kind of life ”? Why "ShanHaiChing" there are a lot of scenes with a nuclear explosion, space travel super similar? Why the ancient ancient mural painting in the astronauts look like? Why 28 distant stars profoundly influence the fate of mankind? Did our ancestors came from the distant planet? What is God created human beings, or we are alien offspring? Humans and aliens what is the relationship? Read classic alien fancier!
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User reviews
  •   I always think, perhaps human distant ancestors came from the depths of the universe. The author of this book and I coincide, the precise demonstration, a feed one's sight on. The original "Huangdi Neijing" have been hidden from the human is the surprising truth about alien descendants......
  •   Absolutely let you shine at the moment. The new theory! Strongly recommended! The author is known as "the extraterrestrial life exploring the godfather"!
  •   "ShanHaiChing" and "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine" is the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients, read in, perhaps can read the alien secret ancient, Hei hei.
  •   The aliens are real, not God, is the heart of things, of course, we can say that the "Bible" of certain words, may be to cannot explain the alien in ancient times understanding
  •   You mentioned the aliens fantasy have super powers, I feel all the same is a planet, can only have difference, this book is about a mysterious link between human and the universe.
  •   Humans from the distant reaches of the universe...
  •   At last, I really want to believe that his body is half alien, mainly from the book of changes, Huangdi Neijing to start telling, can learn something, TCM is benefit, the feeling is not indulge in verbiage
  •   I was an alien offspring! As the ultimate goal in life is to do an alien offspring from samsara be completely free of cosmic wisdom of life in the universe!
  •   USA large area ninth shoot well, already imagine aliens came to earth reality, this is a world topic.
  •   The book has a lot of from "Huangdi Neijing" mysteries and classical book works, not like the other aliens book.
  •   Human is half alien, half the people of the earth, is the next version of the book, express also quickly
  •   The reason is very simple, with respect to the outer planets, we are aliens.
  •   Don't pay attention to "ShanHaiChing", or even "Bible" which also implied the so much about alien mystery.
  •   Though Hocking says he was able to explain the mystery of the universe, in our own way, including the aliens, but I was more interested in the science view, this book provides another way.
  •   Some mysterious flavor, alien seems to be living in our body.
  •   Read the last works of "aliens in the dark side of the moon", I have a little understand the meaning of the author, especially from the perspective of Chinese medicine, can see a mysterious life.
  •   Oh, I like to see a book on this subject, cause the infinite daydream ~
    there is a very important point: if human and alien, then it must be Chinese relationship.
  •   This book basically say this, read the feeling, the distance and the alien's getting closer.
  •   Is "a part of human had been destroyed" books, the other part is "the aliens on the far side of the moon"
  •   The lonely, the aliens wanted to come, I don't believe it, must be a war.
  •   I believe that aliens will have their own ancestors, of course they can come, also can coexist peacefully.
  •   A "aliens in the dark side of the moon" and I was like, this is wonderful. Each of us is the original aliens, aliens living inside our body, the author thought self-contained, read to shock, the shock ah...
  •   At this name to buy this book, and I wasn't disappointed after reading the book, I was stupid, book view shocking... Strongly recommend interested in alien students to buy, stimulation... Absolutely shocking!
  •   This kind of feeling is very exciting ah, always found that the flying saucer, never seen alien creatures appeared, looking forward to ah.
  •   Traditional Chinese medicine secret, let us from alien closer.
  •   I think, why aliens look, now people describe it, or because the world has seen the aliens.
  •   There may be a lot of alien book, no film classic, this title is vibration.
  •   This is the "aliens in the dark side of the moon" written by the author, no wonder I feel the same
  •   We want to know the knowledge of aliens, but not so ah, never mind a bit and aliens.
  •   The whole book to read last night, this book, the text discusses the relationship between traditional Chinese medicine and in the alien, no relationship with the title, is strongly recommended not to buy!!!
  •   First thought is alien to the result is not, have a look funny on reading, quite magical
  •   China recently also has what alien personnel, this book is timely, ha ha
  •   I have never seen such write alien book, however, is somewhat enlightenment.
  •   After reading this book, feel the idea of a powerful and unconstrained style is not entirely unfounded, may we are aliens.
  •   And "aliens have cross in the back of the moon". View is the same
  •   You are an alien! You and your family are aliens!
  •   Like the alien series may have a look
  •   Why things are always speaking about aliens appeared suspicious, but is not really see, I believe American there hide a lot of things.
  •   Many famous scientists say the aliens., such as Hocking, Einstein, masters according to should not wrong.
  •   2012 of course I don't believe in the end of the world, but the aliens would not say.
  •   The alien enthusiasts must read!
  •   Nice alien readings!!!
  •   A shock of aliens!
  •   The alien's book is very interested in, like!
  •   Good for alien species have to understand although don't know is true or false
  •   China ancient not only philosophy, literature, and we do not know much about science, modern people often stand in the scholars point of view to understand the "book of changes" and "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine", the only one, called for more natural scientists to study her.
  •   Hide elephant, is really a professional vocabulary, the human body has two sets of the life system, very interesting, have never thought, very enlightening.
  •   Mr. Li Weidong's book, I compare like, he China prehistoric civilization, exploration and interpretation of respecting the history and tradition and innovation to a considerable extent, and I thought well, I quite like the style.
  •   On this subject, indeed many are beyond our science can explain category, the earth is small, the human is tiny, maybe we just a pawn in a toy, the answer may never be known, maybe tomorrow will be announced.
  •   A long time ago read another book written by Mr. Li Weidong (the type or a Book)! From then on I became Mr. Li's idiotic fly, I believe that Mr. Li on the origins of human inference! Strongly support the

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