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Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Jincheng press   Author:Erich von Dniken   Pages:234  

Human myths and legends always have a mysterious connection with prehistoric sites, and the construction level of these prehistoric sites are far from our modern people can and. The distant past and future seems to coincide to a point, ancestors and alien human life has how to contact? Research on who is the creation of human spirits? The gods have what kind of strategy? Reading this book, you may find your own answers.
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[Switzerland] Erich von Daniken (Erich? Von? D? Niken)
1935 was born in April 14th in Switzerland, the most authoritative writers in the world's mysteries. In 1968 because of a relationship between the alien and the early stage of human civilization works "memory of the future" and spring into fame, become one of the world's super best-selling author. He is the "Ancient Astronaut theory" of the author and the perfect person. His series of works explore the mystery of human civilization has been translated into more than thirty languages, and by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Nbc National Broadcasting Company (NBC) taken into many feature films. In 1969, American television film "looking for Ancient Astronaut" is based on Dniken's work "chariots of the gods" production; in 1993, the German satellite television 1 according to his "cosmic trail" shoot the 25 episode TV series; in 1996, America ABC/Kane TV company produced an hour long special film "chariots of the gods the mysterious" -- again, and show in the world, the ABC television network broadcast the film in 1996. 1996-1997, ABC/Kane television again and iken together, produced a feature film, "found" in the channel; in September 26, 1996, Germany's largest television network RTL broadcast the film, then Europe alone 4900000 people watching. So far, Dniken speaking tour of more than 3000 games in 25 countries worldwide, of which more than 500 is held in each university in the world. Dniken himself had created the archaeology research, space and search for extraterrestrial civilizations will. The organization has a great influence in the world, members up to 10000 people, both the various sectors of the general public, there are experts.
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Myth and legend period! /2
start things are not the same. /70
Heinrich? /100
施里曼 events by Columbia leads: God's strategy of /200
the eighth wonder of the world /250
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Myth and legend period! There are different opinions is not terrible, afraid is have opinions but dare not say. Napoleon (1761-1821) any kind of fantasy realm than the real world wonderful bizarre. If you can follow the time footsteps back to thousands of years ago, then I must tell a wonderful but controversial bizarre story. Please follow me to go back to the past, back in nineteenth Century, American, to jointly explore the mysteries of history! In those days, people from Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland and England, migrating to the new world. In this large number of migrants, there was a man named Joseph Smith of Scotland, he and his wife with eight children to New York, Palmyra. Smith a place to live, is a civilization from the world. Here, people want to survive, must pay the hard physical labor. From 1776 to 1783 American war of independence has past half a century, in this vast land, people still lived a poor short days, foreign migrants often conflict with the natives of Indian local. These have a hope of European immigrants very hard, not only for the Americas brought advanced production tools, also brought a variety of religious ideas. They had brought back from the seeds of faith in this piece without a land reclamation of the land, from various denominational church like weeds in here to spread quickly. The saints of all denominations fall over each other to run here, sermons, and they promise, as long as their religious beliefs, after death can go to heaven, enjoy glory, splendour, wealth and rank, otherwise, will go to hell, suffering eighteen like suffering. Different schools of churches and temples such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain sort out, it was like the devil himself came to earth, decided to put the new land residents to take leave of one's senses spending. In many denominations, there is a sect called the Presbyterian Church in [1], which advocates equality of rights, and in the name of Jesus to bloodshed. Like many people, Mrs. Smith and her three children to join the Presbyterian church. Here, her 18 year old son Joseph was a crime, because he does not believe that the missionaries said God, don't believe the Presbyterian Church doctrine. However, on the evening of September 21st, the non religious youth experienced a vision, then everything changed. If not that night, maybe Joseph Smith (1805-1844) will always be a nobody.......
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Erich von Dniken in today's world super sell a writer so far 32 bestselling archaeology suspense works accumulated in the global sales of 63000000 books have been translated into 35 languages. He is the world's mysteries in the vast meaning "authority founded and constantly improve the" Ancient Astronaut theory "in Europe and the United States, his works often occupy" mystery "" natural science "" soul "" universe "" occult "and" UFO "classified books bestseller list.
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