Foretell like a prophet

Date of publication:2004-11   Press: Culture and Art Publishing House   Author:De Mon Gu Ho   Pages:367   Words:200000  

The brainchild of book of changes in 25 years, the most revolutionary divination method: remove the black 8, Red 8, green 6 cards. Think of questions in mind, keep calm first from the black card from a, from red card from a, finally from the green card from a. In accordance with the black, red, green three cards in sequence, arrange the cards represent numbers, such as 3-2-1, then read the note about 3-2-1's book, it will solve the near future fortune for you.
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Prologue introduction how to use the book of divination result interpretation 1 challenge 1-1 and dragon meeting 1-2 three heart three 1-3 feel acting 1-4 crisis 1-5 avoid conflict 1-6 open 1-7 to find refuge in 1-8 light shoes 2 force development 2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4 2-5 2-6 bamboo back attack hiding your light 2-7 valuable things 2-8 new start 3 awakening 3-1 hedge gap 3-2 complete 3-3 keep the stable 3-4 responsibility 3-5 relaxed 3-6 blossom 3-7 chaos 3-8 inequality relations of cooperation 4 harvest 5 6 7 to 8 out of adversity to strengthen
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Global popular 22 cards foretell like a prophet! In Confucius delete modify the Confucian classics, recorded the most important classic -- "book of changes" in the mysterious divination "plum blossom God easily". Because the prediction precision, so the ancient emperors in major policy decisions, will use its power. Confucius if people abuse this operation, is strictly prohibited under the door who impart this divination. Eastern Research UK spent 20 years studying the "book of changes", and to "plum blossom to the essence of God", its integration into the life of modern people, "a Book of" complete foretell like a prophet.
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User reviews
  •   Foretell like a prophet (report cards) by, it's simple to use, divination is also good
  •   Very good, interesting, this can practise divination in the depressed, but absolutely can't gamble on the card.
  •   For 2 years, there are big and small are horoscope.
    inside some tips, or psychological hint, make me benefit not shallow.

    feel good, because it is a guide to the deeds of the book. It may succeed.
  •   Peacetime leisure books, do not letter.
  •   Right ah ~ ~ ~ is to explain the less good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •   The real with the book think, actually does not have introduced there as God said. But for a foreigner was good for China cultural understanding. The content is relatively simple.
  •   With a desire, I bought this book, though not large format printing books, are also good, although some simple, but for us beginners enough, worth a visit!
  •   The content is like.
  •   I still find some Chinese ancient Zhouyi prediction rule, try to feel good
  •   The number of cards in it, is sealed, good!
  •   Need to seriously try to figure out.
  •   Analysis is too simple, the content is good, I think it is not good for me, but also very interesting, perhaps my concentration is not right, ha ha, if the analysis to a detailed enough
  •   Like a game, no what special place, the operation is relatively simple
  •   Good ~ ~ what is missing, superficial content...... Abstract to look good to
  •   Without the magic just and Book of changes were explained.
  •   Not only so, just when the game card.
  •   Such as the title = = this is too simple, not as the Tarot.
  •   I look to the brothers, is supporting this book is a kite master..... Halo
  •   Material things are not allowed
  •   Then, when you do something could not decide when, ask foretell like a prophet of this book, he was like a bosom old heart to heart talk with you again, to point you in the right direction. He is a good leisure books.

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