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Date of publication:2012-11   Press: Jiangsu literature and Art Publishing House   Author:[America] Nick Redfern   Pages:202   Words:185000  

Read record file FBI file integrity, understands the alien witnesses every amazing details. 37 witnesses testimony, 20 UFO shape, 29 kinds of aliens...... Take you live alien witnessed the scene, participate in various stunning bizarre contact events.
1953 in August, the alien revealed to Van Tassel how to make human life greatly enhance the secret - the use of combination with the wavelength geometry mysterious, make fusion energy supply.
1957 in March 16th, Frank Szugis met disguised as the earth's alien, was told that only the United States has 77 from their star man, always walk in between us.
open book, refer to the first alien sightings truth FBI file, and witness together, try various contact UFO, and the whole experience encounters with alien mystery, exploring the ultimate goal of these aliens come to earth.
Author brief introduction

Nick Redfern (Nick Redfern):
1964 was born in England in Standford County, Texas, is a UFO and unknown biological aspects of the best-selling author. Nick Redfern is officially allowed to study public records for these files including FBI, Department of the air force and Department of defense and other government agencies to thousands of pages of UFO events. Now he is the "phenomenon" magazine editor.
Catalogue of books

The FBI and the U.S. Air Force faithfully record the alien sightings of
Chapter FBI archives in the early
second chapter love witness testimony alien female captain, and his wife divorced
third chapters with mold, to attract attention.
fourth chapter alien alien concerns human extinction
fifth chapter UFO witnesses the British air force in the
sixth chapter alien beauty liquid witness
seventh chapters and aliens communicate
eighth chapter alien said: they have penetrated the earth
ninth chapter UFO glow of the secret
tenth chapter of history the highest confidence UFO sightings
eleventh chapters by aliens confused, overthrow the faith
twelfth chapter aliens called alien witnesses the crop circle from their hands.
thirteenth chapter a long hair alien witnesses: Adamski
fourteenth chapter FBI disclosures about Adams base internal file
fifteenth chapter FBI survey of interstellar travel case
the sixteenth chapter was the use of
seventeenth chapter alien sightings and espionage work.
eighteenth chapter it has just witnessed illusion?
nineteenth chapter experimental U.S. military led to witness the illusion?
twentieth chapter CIA and U.S. military control part to witness the event
twenty-first chapter new aliens? Or the earth?
twenty-second chapter the British Ministry of defense witnesses in the exploration of new forms of life after
remember meet your own alien -- don't be afraid, listen to the
Chapter excerpt

Ann Gerus said, first do not see what there is, but it gradually with the morphology, mysteriously summoned him to. Anglo was with intuition, cautiously approached the opening, stepping in, found a huge ring into the house, put a deck chair, he immediately felt bound to sit not. The following is a moment of panic room black, Anglo, felt that an unknown force that pushes his body. He suddenly realized that he was in a spaceship, high overlooking Losangeles ocean, which made him feel like fear and. Best is yet to come. Anglo, seize the chair armrest, surprised to see the front wall, a window suddenly open. "Somewhere I realized that I am at the space, look into the distance from a planet, shook with excitement." Familiar with the alien voice said: "Orfeo, now you see the earth -- your home! Look from the 1600 kilometers outside of the space, it is the world's most beautiful planet, but also peace and tranquility, but you and the earth's brother know what is where the real scene." The voice of human volatile nature warned that if we stick to violence does not repent, the future will come to destruction, "critical moment" is rapidly approaching. At that time, the two world advanced alien technology and the old religion seems to seamlessly together. Ann Gerus said he heard the Lord's Prayer tone, "seems to be thousands of violin in a unison ring". At the same time, the voice cried, "dear Earth human friends, we now have a million stars eternal light for you." Then suddenly full of dazzling white spaceship. Anglo, vaguely conscious, the body seems to feel heavy, it is to feel the earth's gravitational field, obviously he is being sent back to their homes. As the spacecraft to return to the starting point is located near the Hyperion highway bridge, Ann Gerus felt he had "experienced death, get unlimited life". Aware of the landing was completed, he stood up and found the floor there is a small "strange, glittering metal". He picked up from the previous to the door, a head not into the darkness, to a warm home. He said, strangely, in leave the ship on their way to the home, the piece of metal "shaking", "shrink", and finally "disappeared without a trace".......
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★ FBI after decades of alien confidential files, now the first comprehensive exposure! ★ 37 eyewitness testimony, 20 UFO shape, 29 kinds of aliens...... Take you live alien witnessed the scene, participate in various stunning bizarre contact events. Posters:
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  •   Understands the alien witnesses every amazing details. 37 witnesses testimony, 20 UFO shape, 29 kinds of aliens...... Take you live alien witnessed the scene, participate in contact is terrified of bizarre events.
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