Exodus From the Earth

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"Escape from the earth: when science encounters the doomsday prophecy" famous physicist Stephen Hocking: if the government and society now don't take practical action to abandon nuclear weapons and prevent a further deterioration of the climate, there will be a great danger we can foresee. And warned, the earth will be destroyed in 200 years, human beings to survive only one way: migration to the outer space. "Escape from the earth: when science encounters the doomsday prophecy" tries to interpret the world's doomsday predictions using scientific methods, all the mystery quest has occurred or will occur, with full and accurate data, show the earth environment worsening human suffering from disaster and will have to face the disaster alert the world, this kind of strange phenomenon, seemingly Providence hard, how many of them are not man-made? If you do not treat the earth, the end of the world is not far away.
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Han sea, long-term study of various scientific discovery, science fantasy and predictions, pay close attention to various crisis of human and earth crisis, promote environmental protection and health economic sustainable development view and philosophy of life; published a number of articles on blog. Discussion of technology and science fiction theme, called on people to love life, to protect the natural, reinforced earth survival environment crisis consciousness
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The first part doomsday predictions of
doomsday predictions
1. ancient Mayan prophecy and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull
2. "book of changes" and the end of the world
3. "Tui Bei Tu" doomsday prophecy
4. "Bible" and the end of the world
5. earth and solar magnetic poles will in 2012 reversed
6. Uranus anomaly near the earthquake triggered a tsunami
7. El
8. Hocking
9. other doomsday prophecy doomsday prophecy.
second worldwide in the past, now, future catastrophe.
worldwide catastrophe
1. super bacteria killer br />2.
3. invasion < earthquake volcano
4. asteroid
5. solar storms hit the earth
6. global warming caused by species extinction
7. incoming aliens? The mysterious forces in the
9. particle experiments of nuclear war
10. nano robots and other disaster
third part of the global environment and analysis of
world ecological environment
1. air pollution alert
2. water resources crisis
3. land desertification threat
4. marine resources
5. destruction of biological diversity The decrease of
6. energy crisis warning
7. chemical pollution and nuclear pollution
8. greenhouse effect of
9. destruction of the ozone layer damage
10. decrease in forest area -- the lungs of the earth.
fourth part ulcer from the earth and human technology.
fifth part of vigilance, save, regression
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The copyright page: illustration: called is the largest ocean pollution super killer oil spill. Oil and refined products (gasoline, kerosene, diesel) in the mining, refining, storage and use of the process into the ocean and pollution, known as the marine oil pollution, also known as "black pollution", is a worldwide serious marine pollution. "Black pollution" why can cause so big harm? Because of the large area covered in oil on the sea, effect of atmospheric oxygen into the ocean, to prevent the absorption of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ocean, increases the probability of the greenhouse effect, oil film ocean there will be greatly reduced into the water, solar energy, resulting in a large number of algae and death of microorganisms in the ocean, marine ecological system the food chain suffered damage, leading to imbalance in marine ecological system. In addition, the oil will adhesion in eggs and fish gill, make a lot of dead fish, many seabirds because wing adhesion oil instead of flying, the oil pollution is a lot of dead fish, or the quality descend, and threaten the human health through the food chain. According to relevant statistics, every year through various means of leakage in the marine petroleum and petroleum products accounted for about 0.5% of the world total oil output, the oil pollution is the most prominent victims. Every year through various pathways into the oil and oil products reached 6000000 tons of ocean. Large-scale oil pollution resulting in a large number of biological death due to hypoxia. The famous 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is for the local marine ecology devastating disaster is a There was no parallel in history. ecological catastrophe. Marine ecology and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill experts pointed out, with all the bad factors: crude water-soluble high; oil are not the vast vents out; fragile Bay during the positive marine biological reproduction; near the coast line is difficult to clean the swamp. Some people think that, compared with its damages, the 2005 5 hurricane "Katrina" just fur. Louisiana State University professor Offerton said, because crude oil from the depths of the ocean, is a mixture of heavier. This oil unlike ordinary oil rapid evaporation of seawater, but easily and emulsification, forming a chocolate mousse like sticky, hard to be washed away or to fire, eating is also difficult to make "oil eating microbes," even the best cleaning up the oil weapon, also helpless. With the increase of population development and industrial sewage and sewage generated every day, on the land in a large increase. The sewage into the sea, but also to the marine ecological environment caused great harm. For example, known as the European resort called the Black Sea has become a huge pool of sewage, the reason is that land on a large number of sewage Everfount into the black sea. A lot of petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmaceutical factory, which they discharge sewage often contain more mercury, cadmium, copper, lead and other toxic metals. Coastal residents sewage emissions also pose a grave threat to the marine environment. Large amounts of organic matter in domestic sewageAnd the nutrients, can cause some of the plankton population irrupted in seawater, large consumption of dissolved oxygen in water. Oxygen levels in the water would reduce fish, shellfish bio mass death. Many people think, not what the relationship between inland and marine. In fact, the inland of pollutants through the river runoff, atmospheric diffusion and snow settlement into the sea, can say, the ocean is landfill land of all pollutants "". For the destruction of the marine environment, and the daily life of plastic bags, packaging bags, pesticides and oil, cigarettes first, never underestimate their destruction. But the plastic waste in the ocean has three main sources, one was the storm that land buried plastic garbage washed into the sea; the two is one of the few people in the marine industry the lack of environmental awareness, the plastic trash crowd; third is all kinds of accidents, the ship encountered a storm at sea, the deck container. To the sea, the sea of plastic products will become "the tramp". Each piece of plastic that we consume, are likely to flow to the sea. Only the Pacific Ocean trash has already reached about 3000000 square kilometers. More than the land area of India, if no measures are taken, the ocean will be unable to load, and humans will not survive. Plastic bag, plastic bottles and other plastic packaging now filled with our lives, plastics has been a British media in twentieth Century as one of "the worst invention". Now, plastic has been from the land to the ocean, in the Pacific Ocean on the formation of a large area of Texas then to plastic based "marine litter belt". Texas is the inland area American a state's largest, about 700000 square kilometers. So, when the scientists referred to "the Texas area is" sea rubbish, many Americans do not believe this is true. Plastic waste not only can cause visual pollution, also may pose a threat to the safety of navigation. Waste plastic will entangle the ship's propeller, especially known as "all kinds of plastic bottle bottle", they will mercilessly damaged hull and machinery, accident and suspended, causing great losses to the shipping company. But the more terrible is, has a fatal effect of plastic garbage on the marine ecosystem health. P132-133
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"Escape from the earth: when science encounters the doomsday prophecy": in March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake in Japan in the history of the world, the maximum magnitude, strong earthquake triggered tsunami, earthquake lead to nuclear leakage, the earth what? Major, major disaster continues to happen...... The disaster happened in our footsteps, also accelerated progress. However, no one can predict whether man can escape from the earth in the limited time...... Prediction is accurate? Human how to escape? Can escape to where? Detection of human society itself, a clear need to establish more scientific operation rules. Please cherish, love our common homeland -- the earth!
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