Da Finch the prophet of Doom

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: New World Press   Author:Qiao Daen   Pages:240  

Chinese daily news publication group senior editor. He published "assassinate" "the conspiracy: the world's most mysterious power club" dozens of books.
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The copyright page: illustration: the first chapter: Da Finch doomsday prophecy -- "the last supper" mysterious symbols in the ancient Mayan civilization records, on December 21, 2012, will be the end of the day of human civilization, then, humans will cease to exist, the earth would go into a new period of civilization and a this civilization is no relation to. However, some experts put forward different views on the Mayan prophecy of the end of the 2012 human. They think, doomsday prophecies must be realized, but not in 2012. The real doomsday prophecies in Da Finch's world - famous "Last Supper" -- in humans in 4006 will usher in a great flood disaster, that is the real end of mankind. Doomsday predictions to be too numerous to enumerate, forecasters and scientists have different interpretations of the end of the world ". If the 2012 human doomsday prophecy comes from the Maya mystical inspiration, wisdom and magic of the calendar, then in the paintings of Da Finch about human will end in 4006 of a flood of doomsday predictions, based on what? Doomsday prophecy and his masterpiece, "Da Finch's the last supper" and what is the relationship? The end of the world really exist? If it is present, the life on the earth for millions of years of human, but can not spend the greatest catastrophe? Since 1 the end of the world in human history that entered in 2011, Japan suffered the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear leakage attacks, the world has frequently been the scourge of the test, with the movie "2012" in the global hit, global about human Mayan prophecy of the end of reached unprecedented climax, "2012" also seems to have become a the end of the human race. With 2012 approaching, almost all the people are eager to know whether 2012 is really the end of the human. In fact, for a variety of prediction of human judgment day prediction has been, but why do people for the Mayan prophecy of the end of 2012 human so uncertainty and fear? Of course, this prophecy with the Mayan Doomsday time are closely related, because now the shortest distance in 2012. In addition, according to the historical records of ancient human, Maya is belongs to a class of people is very clever. When the other farmers only know the original slash-and-burn cultivation, Maya has begun using rotational tillage fertilize the land; they have developed the road system, but do not use wheels, so that they may not need to work cattle, but they do know that the wheel, because modern people find they have used the wheel for children do the toys; the Maya built in Pyramid and Pyramid in Egypt to comparable; in 13 reservoirs the Maya built, the total volume reached 214500 cubic meters, the building process of its elite is the other ancient human civilization can not match. Not only that, research on the field of astronomy Maya more let a person as the acme of perfection. According to the scientists, the Mayan temple gates found on the back of the moon pattern, however, people always want to do not understand is, how the Maya saw the moon back of the pattern? Because the moon will only make the front towards the earth. In this regard, the scientists only explanation is: This is perhaps the universe gives Maya special inspiration and wisdom, and perhaps the Mayans created a belongs only to their own training system. Therefore, the Maya mystical and magical ability is also an important reason. However, the Maya civilization in their heyday suddenly fled, reason that modern people are unpredictable to the rack sth.. More let a person puzzle is, in 500 years ago the ancient Maya writing "wave" O Wu this prophecy, the universe formed with this description: "the universe like a cloud, mist, dust, it began with the left a piece of Fei in the dust." More surprisingly, the ancient Maya was already aware of a "black hole" in the universe exists, but modern people until one thousand years later discovered that this peculiar and important astronomical phenomena. According to records, the ancient Maya was predicted by the Mayan calendar on the earth in the "black hole", therefore, the Mayan calendar is caused by the modern one of the main reasons for the Mayan doomsday prophecy panic. In addition, according to records of the Maya civilization, the Mayan prophecy of the end of 2012 the human, is according to the Mayan calendar, the calculated conclusion. Therefore, have to mention the Mayan calendar here. The Mayan calendar is a calendar system established in the local, and on the basis of different calendar and almanac composed of calendar system, the solar calendar and the Tzolkin as prediction. This projection system is extremely complex, closely, and the Mayan civilization in sync with each other, forming a more extensive and long-term cycle. Its history can be traced back to at least sixth Century BC, a calendar system with other widely used in America has many features in common, but the Mayan calendar predicts system file the most complete, the most complete reckoning, in Kolumb Maya civilization period is widely regarded to use. In the Mayan calendar said, the Mayan calendar is based on 20 binary numbers, the Mayans put a month (Wu Na) as the 20 day (gold), one year (shield) equal to 18 months (Wu Na), add 5 on year not including death, a year (shield) a total of 365 days, coincides with the modern calculation of earth rotation schedule. The Maya also accurately calculate the length of the year, the 365.2420 day, the results of modern calculated is 365.2422, error of only 0.0002 days, in other words, the error is only 1 days in 5000. They also calculated the Venus calendar is 584 days, the calculation result is 583.92, the error is less than 12 seconds. In this context, the Maya scientific accomplishmentAnd the modern science and civilization than up, is not inferior, and even can be said to achieve a kind of extreme. According to the calculation of the Mayan calendar, the Mayan prophecy: on December 21, 2012, will be the end of the day of human civilization, then, humans will cease to exist, the earth will enter into a new period of civilization. According to the Mayan civilization, records, is supplying the world we live in, will encounter five major destruction and rebirth cycles, each cycle as a "sun ji". The calculated from the "cycle" of the time, we are now in the fifth "Dayang Ji", and from 1992 to 2012 period, will be the last period of the earth, in this cycle, the earth must be completely clean, namely "earth update period", the earth would go out after, the Milky Way shot money, brand new stage called "assimilation of the Milky Way line" (the sun and galaxies during the great cycle under the Milky Way ray, evolved into the result is Maya called "assimilation of the Milky Way Department"). Display in the Maya civilization of records, humans have spent four "sun", which of the four civilizations are destroyed in the big disaster in different. The first is the Matlack embankment Lee Ji sun, this is a "super ability in root Daya civilization", where people with an average height of 1 meters, men have three emerald eyes, and each has different functions, such as power and predictive ability. Women and modern humans, only two eyes, but their uterus have peculiar through the power of God, before becoming pregnant women will contact each other and to be the reincarnation of the God, both sides agreed, women will accept the reincarnation of the God, and that God will become of her children. According to the precious records, this civilization was destroyed by a flood. Later, analysts say, this is Noah's flood disaster. But there is little information about the civilization, so the modern basis also is rarely. Second the sun is discipline is, known as the "Mesopotamia civilization". According to relevant records show, the civilization is the continuation of the "root Daya civilization" period of successful fugitives, but because of the loss of memory in the process of fleeing, super ability is inexplicable disappearance. The civilization of man not only in the third eyes, but they are particularly preferred diet, there are a variety of diet expert, also known as the diet civilization. However, the civilization was unfortunately wind serpent annihilation. Third the sun is Que Ya Vello, known as the "Muria civilization". "Mesopotamia is the continuation of civilization" fugitives. This discovery civilization tremendous energy plants produced during germination, improved a century, they invented the plant can machine. Reportedly, this machine can release the ultra strong energy. But few records, in light of the little. This civilization destroyed in the land sank. Another argument is that the ancient nuclear war. Fourth the sun is Zonder Ric, namely "the civilization of atlantis". Atlantis is often mentioned by people, because it is a legend in the highly developed culture of the ancient city, but no one has yet to prove it is really exist, as a human mind cannot solve the mysterious mystery. The continuation of this civilization is not "Muria civilization", which should be inherited. Because Atlantis from hunters and settlers, and has the energy of light. It is said that in a long time ago, Atlantis disappeared suddenly, without any warning. Records say it instantly fell into the deep sea, there are also records say it is put in a fire and rain. Although the first Ji sun, because according to the problem, the disappearance of the failed to get a reasonable explanation and confirmed, but scientists believe that, along with the advance of history, all the mysterious things will eventually surfaced. Scientists have found that, in the Mayan calendar the Tzolkin calendar that records: "in every 'sun' at the end, the human will encounter a shaking heaven and earth of the century disaster, Fifth Sun Ji destruction is no exception." The Mayan civilization of records, also have a similar description: "have a look it, from the first to the fourth Sun Ji sun destruction, four times of destruction, mankind will experience unprecedented in chaos. Believe, in fifth the sun before destruction, the earth will also issued a warning to mankind!" Also, there is a passage in the Mayan civilization in the records of human: "in December 21, 2012, fifth the sun came to an end, the end of mankind to. The sun is about to disappear, the bright world will immediately become a dark, the earth started to shake, the earth is so into a great confusion, and in December 22nd the dawn will never come. This day will be the end of human civilization, then, humans will cease to exist, the earth will enter into a new period of civilization." In today's Internet, modern people think too many to count, recorded the end of the world as the Maya civilization in that way, such as the sun disappeared, earthquake, the whole world black...... It seems, that the end of the earth really is coming, and humans will also face a great escape unprecedented. Almost all the people's hearts are filled with fear and anxiety, in the face of the upcoming 2012, whether human beings should decide on what path to follow? But there are also people put forward different views, they think, the Mayan prophecies in 2012 the end of mankind does not mean that mankind will experience a catastrophe, but hinted at in 2012, mankind will usher in a consciousness and spiritual awakening and transformation, which makes the human into a and the human civilization there is no relation between the new civilization period. Although the world prophecies of the Mayan 2012 human doomsday view each are not identical, but the film producers but will it as a huge opportunity, can be imposed by then, each big media and film companies vigorously propaganda, spawned a doomsday disaster movie "2012". In the film, Losangeles city ground burst groove strip a bottomless, underground magma unable to hold oneself back to spray out, skyscrapers produce a chain reaction in a Domino effect, and then collapse in an instant. On the same day, the Himalaya Range monks left behind third sound alarm before it was sounded, flash floods beast will devour the Kyoho, will all away...... Some people believe that the film scene will be on the earth in 2012On the representation of reality, thus caused the world wide commotion about prophecy of the end of man.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter:? Finch doomsday prophecy -- "the last supper" mystery symbol
1. the history of mankind doomsday predictions
2. "Last Supper" predicted that in 4006 the human was destroyed by flood
3. doomsday prophecy -- the interpretation of market point < br />4. "different" and hidden in the last supper the great secret of
5.? Finch human doomsday prophecy -- God's cruel or human sin
second chapter: violence prophecy -- "Anji war" that human beings will end in violence
1. "battle of Anji" -- human destruction in violence predicted
2." battle of Anji "the history of painting -- one of the great mysteries of
3. war violence -- no end of trouble for the future human history of the vicious spiral
4. Modern Warfare -- human violence or non violence human
5.? Finch predicted --" the violence of war "or" human cruelty "
third chapter: digital cube type prophecy -- stealth in the" Monalisa ". Secret
1." Monalisa "secret: the magic of the Finch code 2. the future of humanity in the China: Interpretation "Monalisa" hidden password
3.? Finch predicted he would die
4. "Monalisa" character archetype in France's Secret
5. "Monalisa" false ones, people's increasing interest in
6. mysterious smile, careful design of the predicted
7 God with us: human hope lies in self rescue
Fourth chapters: the medical history of prophecy -- up to? "Finch mystery of physiological anatomy of
1. as" mystery? "Finch" physiological anatomy is a medical composition or art reproduction? Body structure of
3. confirmed prophecies "brain anatomy and physiology map" prophecy in
4.? Finch's mind of digestive system of
5. -- sketch heart composition of the medical profession predicted that
6. woman in the womb "fetus" future legend
the fifth chapter: the Philosophy -- "Bible Prophecy Sanjohn the Baptist" in the finger pointing to the puzzle
1.? Finch painting of St. John the Baptist "
2." -- as Sanjohn the Baptist? Finch and predicted that
3. mysterious gestures -- prophecy God to appoint people like Jesus to save human
4. Christian will continue to dominate the western world predicted -- heaven
5. Dynasty philosophy prophecy -- the angel and devil
6. finger on the cross on the doomsday prophecy.
sixth chapters: the coordinates of the astronomical predictions -- "round square Vitruvian Man" riddle of the
1. "Finch code" leads up to? "Vitruvian Man"
2. "Vitruvian Man" in the human body proportion and the golden section
3. crack a euro coins on the round square puzzle --
4. predicted astronomical predictions soul -- human body coordinates Between the soul position
5. gender equality and harmonious predicted
6. heaven prophecy -- person and natural harmony are unified
7. crop circle in the Vitruvian Man
8. "Vitruvian Man" -- as the embodiment of Finch? The mysterious life and artistic charm of the condensation of < br > seventh chapter: proven technology predictions --
2. aircraft magical military and mechanical composition
1.500 years ago designed confirmed perfectness gear composition
3.? Finch is a military strategist? Prototype manufacturing -- cannon invention and composition puzzle
4. bicycle and tricycle technology predictions
5. around the "crane" of
6. was used since the "scuba"
7. era "robot Knight"
8. military tanks tanks Sketch --
9. promote the development of science and technology "catapult" the birth of the
10. sketch blockbuster "ballista" earthly on
eighth chapters: the unfinished magic predicted in the paintings -- something the painting images
1. full of mystery:? Finch unfinished painting "
2." 圣耶若姆 closely:? Finch and the great plague of Europe
3. human future: the destruction of
4. "portraits of musicians" in the hitherto unknown plague: hidden in his human neural magic text password
5. "portraits of musicians" in the cipher text < br />6. Cryptanalysis: Genius of the perfect show
7. art defects: Dr. unfinished altar painting "to"
8. "for worship human nature, to worship in the prophecy" secret
9. is with one's hair standing on end: the human is the most evil creature in the world @# #@ Magic Da Finch prophecy is not said today, tomorrow can become a reality, and that it can unlock the fate for the people in the dark boundless universe password.
in this book, as seen through human secret outstanding talent, up to? Finch suffered a heavy pressure, but the secret must be oppression in the chest, can not be exposed in a word, in desperation, he can only will all secret hidden in the painting. "The last supper" "Monalisa" "battle of Anji" "Sanjohn the Baptist" "Vitruvian Man"...... This book will reveal the doomsday predictions 500 years Reda Finch would never say to you. Doomsday prophecy and his masterpiece, "
Da Finch's the last supper" and what is the relationship? And "Monalisa" and tells what kind of prophecy? The medical history of prophecy, coordinate the astronomical predictions, magical technology predictions from up on Finch's what?What picture? Many predicted that
Da Finch has been scientists and art historians, historians to decipher, and has also been confirmed, but more mystery deeply hid in his works and manuscripts, waiting for the readers to think and search.
Chapter excerpt

"Da Finch doomsday prophecy: peerless genius buried 500 years of blockbuster puzzle" Editors: doomsday prophecy -- "the last supper": Peter side that only holding the dagger in hand, exactly is who? The experts found that, in addition to Jesus and the 12 disciples, it also exist in other two mysterious persons, who are they? Violence predicted -- "battle of Anji": why was Finch took 18 months to complete the painting will be destroyed? This picture shows the cruel, violent grand picture scroll, is whether the human ultimate doom? Digital magic cube type prophecy -- "Monalisa": this picture is full of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the Lancang River unique masterpiece, is what kind of relationship with China? Monalisa smile in addition to 83% happy, even hidden 27% disgust, anger and fear! The smiling woman, what what hidden?
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