Crystal solar mystery

Date of publication:2006-5   Press: Education Press of Shanghai science and technology   Author:Robert Temple   Pages´╝Ü524  

The writings of Robert Temple, 9, have been translated into 43 languages. Chinese version of the "Chinese creation spirit -- China 100 first in the world" (formerly known as the "China: invention and Discovery Kingdom") by 34 experts translation support China academy, and was recommended to the national primary and middle school students in extracurricular reading.
Temple is a visiting professor at Kanta Ki Luis Weil University of humanities, history of science and philosophy of science, adjunct professor of Tsinghua University Institute of science technology and society, associate London optometrists Institute, the Royal Astronomical Society member, and Sanskrit and Oriental Studies degree. In 1996, he according to this "Sir Fraser's works prepared by drawing out the". In 1998, he and his wife Olivia published "the first English translation of Aesop's Fables" history ", as a Penguin Classics". Temple published several articles about Aristotle's animal science academic articles, including the major works of Aristotle "lost" pieces written outline of anatomy.
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The first chapter to be delivered from oppression Digest no sunshine but deep in my heart seemed to spring up strong life -- the soul of the sun as the sun burning me...... -- Si Carey Anos (Angelos Sikelianos) if the man did not invent the ships, there can be no water traffic. Then, the ancient wouldn't have sailed -- go by land. But this to archaeologists and historians left a question: it seems there is a long distance travel and trade the evidence. If they had a ship, then it is logical. If no ships, must find out the complex land routes, with all the cultural ties between the interpretation of national. Although now found some evidence that perhaps, ships are there. But the evidence is experts deny. They think that depicts the ancient vase on sailing but is full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting fantasy or mythology in the scene. These experts have discovered the wreck submarine called "rock vegetation" and a contemptuous disregard. They believe that the discovery of ancient remains of the ship not ships: they are "votive offerings to god". They think of sailing records in ancient books, for example, across the Mediterranean is imaginary, never happened events. If we all this for gospel truth, it will be great to distort history. All the ancient navigation will become the myth, as well as claimed up to Olympus in the air, no truth, and we will believe, that never happened in ancient maritime traffic. No doubt, some people will create a theory, to illustrate the truth is the ancient religions express: people worship the goddess of the earth, because only stepped on her, each other can the contacts. An erudite professor will take the matter seriously repeatedly told the students that this is true, so that no one will be the standard or traditional concept of objection. If any make trouble out of nothing 'attempts to put forward the ancient is a ship, will be upright gentlemen denounced the madman, rejected by the. Because everyone knows no ship ancient. Unfortunately, many people would react this way, the traditional concept of a particularly difficult than to get rid of the experts. If you ask which one expert, ancient have a magnifying glass, he will answer: "of course not, no such evidence I have never seen this kind of thing, not heard, not about the ancient records of a magnifying glass." However, the book is to show that we're on the ancient world there exist many misunderstandings, like the about ancient no ship in fictional examples.Although we do not believe that ancient people did not have the argument, but we always believe that ancient people did not have any optical technology. Because of the lack of basic information -- and because we are sure that it doesn't exist -- we read a lot of event in the history of mankind. History, technology, architecture, religion, mythology, literature, philosophy, theology and works, technology, manufacturing industry -- are affected by the distorted concept. Using the wrong view of all this, like the pleasure palace magic mirror, seemed to lose one's beyond recognition. Now is the time to reveal the truth and the incontrovertible evidence to rectify this situation. We will see that there are more than 450 kinds of ancient manually optical products -- most people are not that "no". We will see many ancient text, they clearly, unambiguously tells us, in ancient times, optical technology has been mastered and applied. The text is clear. Then we will explain in detail, because of this evidence, we can give a familiar person or event with new meaning. For example, "Odyssey" (The Odyssey) of the Cyclops Cook Ropes (Cyclops) is implied from the significance of optical, rather than just the epic poet random fictitious play fast and loose the monster? So many possibilities, we will be talking about. We see the data as well as they may contain past interpretation, will enable us to have a new understanding of the ancient world situation. We understand this change and understanding, to almost all aspects of the ancient. Many of the original very be very much puzzled by things will become clear. On the other hand, many of our past that clear things, today may be incomplete or misleading. Historical kaleidoscope turned, new pattern appears, I dare say they are more beautiful than the old. We should not think that our ancestors not suddenly say we beat all things. Because they have stood up from the grave, wearing glasses, right in front of us, in the two thousand century B. c.! P3-4
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Acknowledgments order first real evidence to be delivered from oppression first chapter second chapter second texts evidence really is inside the shell third chapter Plo Michel J fire the fourth chapter in the fifth chapter the disappearance of the telescope beam to explore third ancient legend sixth part mirage seventh chapter eighth chapter Crystal Sun Shi Lei fourth origin ninth chapter of the eye of Horus color chart description of black and white plates the text of the appendix 1 appendix 2 skull of death have the names of the lens Appendix 3 Lessing on ancient optical two article Appendix 4 Appendix 5 Woodward Finland lens lens Appendix 6 ancient Rome lady's crystal ball on the Viking era appendix of 71904 optical technology validation Appendix 8 related this piece of important documents Annex 9 to the Viking "Sun Stone" literature in Appendix 10, Gotland old lens appendix 11 of London's Sloan lens @##@ translation postscript Rarely see a book can provide a whole segment is missing in human history, and Temple's book is a book. The friction from GoerTek to Shanghai, from Athens to Cairo, Temple traveled all over the various museums, with research in the world for 33 years, he see the various languages of thousands of books, finally come out completely forgotten history: ancient civilization in the history of optical technology. Egypt's Old Kingdom at least it can be traced back to the 2600 BC, the ancient times to the western. Modern archaeologists and historians don't know an optical science and a highly developed lens manufacturing technology, is in the ancient common and basic skills. It evokes fear the application of this technique to the ancients, resulting into their mythology and religious ceremonies, or even lead to medieval Christian theology "light the world". Now we can understand how the ancient Egyptians with unusual precision survey of Pyramid and other buildings; they used instrument is equivalent to the theodolite with lens, they have mastered the optical measurement technology. We also finally understand why thousands of years ancient fine engraving on precious stones, including some small with the naked eye is difficult to identify the root carving. Archimedes watch the moon with the ignition mirror to destroy Rome fleet telescope, he says there are mountains on the moon, it is the second planet, Temple found many unknown crystal lens in several British museum. Many myths have been explained, now for the first time to know from the Cyclops Cook Ropes's eye and the eye of Horus to Plo Michel J heaven fire and many other religious event.
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Interested in the history of science book readers, once read the book to Temple, will put it down; book is likely to lead to rewrite the history. -- Arthur C and Sir Clark
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The author of this book from Stockholm to Shanghai, from Athens to Cairo, all over the world museum, search and saw hundreds of ancient magnifier. The load one's pages with references, see many languages, thousands of ancient and modern literature, after more than 30 years of the study, written in the book, thus providing optical technology in the ancient civilization of human history -- a whole section completely forgotten history. The book is called a "science and Civilisation in recent decades was most special works of epoch-making significance". The content of the book cover and contain everything, including optics, astronomy, calendar, theology, cosmology, and even music, mathematics, nuclear physics, material science, construction engineering and measurement techniques, are involved in. Interest for the readers. Book a fluent style of writing, freely flowing style of writing like writing, and the book in many celebrity anecdotes, anecdotes, reading books to add a lot of fun.
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