Chinese underworld gods

Date of publication:2002-6   Press: United Press   Author:Ma Shutian   Pages:302   Words:270000  

Ma Shutian, Beijing people, visiting professor of Minzu University of China. Chinese religious society, China Yanhuang Culture Research Association, the member Chinese myth Chinese folklore society, society. Now at China children press & publication group.
in the aspects of culture and folk beliefs Chinese gods, there are a lot of books have been published. With the 1990 "Chinese gods" is China God of the earliest published
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Preface preface (word ghost) (a) to produce ghost ideas (two) ghost and God (three) image and types of ghost ghost ghost stories (four) and (five) painted ghost drama (six) and (seven) a Halloween Ghost custom person doesn't have to be afraid of ghosts (eight) human fate the first chapter Hades a master of two Fengdu emperor three Dongyue four Yama Yama fifty six four second chapter Chinese Hades Hades handsome article one five general two Zhong Kui three Kang Yuanshuai five Meng Yuanshuai four Dongyue ten Taibao six Yang Yuanshuai seven Wen Yuanshuai eighty Yin Yin Guan Ming Li Shuai third chapter two judges a the three tomb God of earth four land five Chi tou lady Blood River Shogun six Gongcao messengers the fourth chapter one five through two devils evil god (evil ghost) three were five plague Angel eight ghost handsome four Ian griever fifth chapter the ghost of a Bai Wuchang black impermanent tau horse two three Yaksha Russian four Meng God @##@ appendix. "China underworld gods" is the "gods" Chinese culture in a book, the book is divided into five chapters, discusses in detail the Buddha in this complex and extremely long topic. The book for the belief that a complex cultural phenomenon, carry forward the reasonable elements of the health, to eliminate the feudal dross, no longer subject to the dead living; opposing superstition, do away with all fetishes and superstitions, afraid of ghosts, do not believe in evil, improving the national quality and self-confidence, purify our society, for the country and the people, impressed!
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  •   The contents in detail, a little trivial, but it is also because Chinese myth Public opinions are divergent., can make so also not easy, is worth a look, can be used as data book reading.

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