Chinese mystery

Date of publication:2010-12   Press: Jilin publishing Refco Group Ltd   Author:Huo Chenxin   Pages´╝Ü255  
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The first chapter bizarre Massacre "hot and cold water hole strange mysterious magic zone under the three Xiao Dong ancient the Peach Garden" where Oh eyebrow "Buddha lamp" mystery long slope puzzle why or stone that can forecast the weather in Lop Nor Gujing walking forever Shangri-La longevity Puzzle Ring Sand Mountain mystery Tiankeng of magic mystery demon city mystery rock eggs mystery...... The second chapter biological Xuanqi archaeological discovery of fourth chapter third chapter fifth chapter sixth characters of scientific exploration suspense mystery seventh chapter chapter culture building and folk eighth chapter history a challenge @##@ sea "Chinese mystery" carefully selected more than 300 is China most classic mystery, content involves the natural geography, science and technology invention, archaeological findings, historical figures, calligraphy and painting thought literature, architecture, folk customs and other fields. With easy language, the scientific point of view, to explore the mysterious phenomenon of world attention, not crack the puzzle. The research results of the many documents, archaeological discoveries and new, vivid and causes of phenomena, reveal the mystery behind the facts. Because there are many questions unanswered, because there are many answers did not open, believe that readers enjoy reading fun at the same time, will get the cognitive space and cultural vision of a more broad, also issued a adorable impulse and desire to explore the unknown world...... Einstein said: "to explore the secret for humans, is the most wonderful thing." For thousands of years, human beings with wisdom key opens a mystical portal, social civilization and gradually advancing. Yesterday's riddle had been gradually broken, the development of the times and will leave new puzzles. Infinite loop process to explore, in confusion, secret, mankind to create a broader space for development and cognition for their own.
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  •   Chinese mystery is too much, to know some. Tell the children to listen to.
  •   Every night before going to bed to see, was very like ancient books, there are also introduced the tomb mystery book, very attractive
  •   Value, the feeling is very good, almost half cheaper than bookstore, recommended!
  •   Let children learn more things
  •   To see the child, he said it was like.
  •   Ha ha, my mother is watching, old mama say pretty good
  •   More exciting, illustration, affordable
  •   This book is good, authentic, very good-looking, paper is also very good, like the.
  •   This book is interesting.
  •   No, look, the book is good, affordable
  •   Did not see it, but I know this book certainly looks good
  •   Well, speed very quickly....
  •   This product is good, also comparison value
  •   The plot is good, do not know the truth, just have a look
  •   Just to the book, look at the feel good. It is worthy of our and the education of the next generation of extracurricular reading to learn. It is worth learning.
  •   Buy the book several times faster than is the.
  •   After reading, to some the former views, with a clear change.
    fine, there is many analyses of reasoning. Let the people understand the history must be rigorous, elegant
  •   Doesn't like this book not only in black and white, color, graph.
  •   Not satisfied with, but at least I watched the duller....
  •   The contents are not based on or legend, no meaning
  •   The world is so.

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