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Date of publication:2010-11   Press: JINGWAH press   Author:Li Jin   Pages´╝Ü183  

Illustration: monk Zhi Pu also saw several times. Kangxi eighteen years (1679 August to midnight), as he was going out of the house, suddenly saw a huge monster, rising from the mountain in the volume, with the house, glowing red flame like, put the clothes according to the ochre. He hurriedly call out other monks came to see. Kangxi twenty-one years (1682 February), Zhi Pu in the south-east, saw two luminous objects with different size, so only one Zhang how far, almost within reach, after a very long time, slowly disappeared. Kangxi twenty-four years (in June 29, 1685) that night, he has just finished his Buddhist, saw in the south there is a luminous object, starts like a bucket as big as mountains, all of a sudden, so gentle, look around, "smoke", "clouds", uncertain, the southern slope of the mountain is it like rain in the same color, the whole body sends out a circle red halo, "light and light, the East That cannot be described.", the monks read, have amazing said this was not seen sight. This description, reminiscent of people said the saucer. In addition, in the "Panshan Chi" in one book and some sporadic records. But such many centralized description, in the ancient books is very rare. From the analysis of relevant records "Panshan Chi" one book, the scene in the book a lot of Michigan lake and the UFO phenomenon similar to. Therefore, some scientists have proposed an idea: this place in Panshan, ancient is perhaps one of the UFO base. This idea is bold, but not through scientific testing, let's rub one's eyes and wait.

China has vast territory, long history, brilliant culture heritage. In today's highly developed science and technology, people can fly in the sky, the moon. Even as like as two peas biological cloning. The past myth has become a reality. However, even now, there are still many of these strange mystery. Why the sky suddenly turned into night? The sun and the moon could appear in the sky at the same time? Actually to walk on water? Cycling walk uphill downhill difficult easy? Why do some specific regions into death, what are the causes of mysterious deaths of people? Why some people mysterious disappearance, where are they? Why do some people died when her body didn't rot? They and others have what different? The legendary Yetis really exist? The giants really have? Why do some animal will Dutch act, do they like the world weary and man, or was otherwise? Why some plants can dance? People often say that aliens really exist? All the mysteries. To all of this is covered with a layer of mystery. This book is the object of reading to young children, is divided into ten chapters. The content includes the children's curiosity, want to know the best field. In the first chapter, we will introduce you frequently visit the earth about UFOs and aliens, they are really exist, or the people see the illusion?
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The first chapter Chinese UFO mystery ancient mystery UFO modern UFO mystery the mystery of UFO sightings alien ruins puzzle second chapter makes the mystery geek riddle giant mystery the mystery of human nature in Chapter third the mystery of human body mystery the mystery of the missing coincidence puzzle fourth chapter mysterious mystery of nature the mystery of the sky...... The fifth chapter biological Kingdom puzzle sixth chapter the mystery of history chapter seventh ancient cultural puzzle eighth chapter ninth chapter ancient civilization mystery folk custom puzzle tenth chapter the mystery @##@ archaeological discovery Zero distance contact Chinese historical cultural and natural wonders, with unique vision all-round perspective of magnificent historical wisdom and breathtaking natural weirdness.
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"China Mystery (Student Edition)": growth reading encyclopedia series (full version)
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