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Date of publication:2011-6   Press: Higher Education   Author:Shu Ying   Pages:768  

Weiwei China, five thousand years of history, our ancestors to the amazing creativity have left a splendid cultural heritage. While we try to restore the long history of civilization, but encounter various difficulties. History, culture, nature, science, biology and many other fields there are a large number of unknown mystery: King Zhou of Shang is not a tyrant? Tongzhi emperor died of syphilis? Why did Wu Zetian make the monument without words? Yang hiding in Japan? Who is the Dong Hubei princess...... Despite Books are numerous. historical records for verification, back, but those records are still not enough to restore the true history. At the time of the depth, these be in suspense mystery by Chinese and even the whole world is full of curious people earnest attention to the Oriental mysterious civilization. These puzzles, some with the development of science and technology and archaeological discoveries and the relative reasonable explanation, and some are still puzzling. To go into the whys and wherefores of these puzzles make people more stereo feeling great and wonderful Chinese civilization. Can say, the ancient oriental civilization mining, inquiry, crack, interpretation, not only can the heritage of Chinese civilization, acquiring knowledge, but also can maximize the development of people's imagination, bring people a glimpse of the truth. "The mystery unsolved China mystery" one book is based on this editor. The editor selected more than 200 is mystery, the selected events involving many areas of archaeological, historical issues, civilization history of celebrity, the natural world, ancient science and technology, culture and folklore. They are mysterious phenomenon China the vast land of the world, or is lost to history in relation to the key details of cultural process, or strange customs through the ages, and still make people hang old mystery...... We strive to use Weiweidaolai narrative language and logical analysis, in the interesting exploration you into this ancient and legendary country, make you in the process of puzzle questions, thinking, exploring, is thinking of exercise, and so you get a reading pleasure. In this book, we classify all kinds of mystery, make it clear, clear logic, it is easy to read. Regardless of the breadth and time from the content covers the span depth, and analysis have great originality, readability of the book of the plate with mystery and sporadic deep charm is undeniable. This book is a vast amount of historical documents, archaeological materials, absorbing the latest research results of folklore and the scientific community is widespread, in order to maximize the incomplete history and ancient civilization, in the process of re carding integration show mystery, try to restore the old day appearance. In fact, this book brings together Chinese most charming mystery books, through the mysterious symbols and magnificent wonders of continuous exploration and rigorous proof, reflected the whole human civilization thought and sentiment. This kind of self reflection and concern of the ultimate fate of human beings, will no doubt give readers endless spiritual nourishment.

In the history of the development of civilization in the long, interlink miracle stories emerge in an endless stream. "Large print version of classical culture: Mystery unsolved mystery the mystery Chinese" most charming Unsolved History, through the mysterious symbols and magnificent wonders of continuous exploration and rigorous proof, transmission of human thinking and feeling of civilization.
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Civilization archaeological mystery Chinese ancestors came from Africa "Beijing people" cannibalism "Taishan Hui Ma Ling" origin mystery Banpo face fish mystery disappearance of Liangzhu Culture Mystery stepmother e Ding mystery China Pyramid mystery the mystery of Sanxingdui of Pakistan's origin and the mystery of the missing ancient Yelang actually where ancient Kroraina the mystery of death, the mystery of the Guge Kingdom civilization destroyed Tibet mystery Fusang where Yumen Pass Guzhi riddle Gen Gi Khan tomb mystery Qin Shihuang twelve bronze mystery riddle of the Yerebatan Sarnici Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Terracotta Army the burning mystery riddle of the Chinese were the first in where Beijing Guyaju mystery jinlvyuyi mystery Ape Man fossil in Beijing. The mystery of Cao Cao seventy-two suspected mass graves mystery the mystery of Western Xia imperial tombs of the Silk Road starting point and end point of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes dig mystery the mystery of Dunhuang cave mystery Qianling headless stone mystery Yuwang inscription mystery Wu Zetian's Monument without words puzzle Qixia mountain Qianfoyan mystery Longyou underground grotto mystery Redcliffe mumbo-jumbo mystery Fuxian Lake the ancient mystery of Hongshan Culture goddess Temple goddess who is the mystery of China uses frescoes mystery historical issues puzzle "emperor" from where Nuwa riddle Huang Di women "ares" Chi You mystery of Yao and Shun Shen Yan Yu is the mystery of Mysteries: home of King Zhou of Shang is a tyrant do visit the queen mother of the West Zhou mystery ancient emperors Jiuding mystery the mystery of sleep on the brushwood "Chuan Guo Yuxi" the mystery of the whereabouts Qin Shihuang pit kill Confucian mystery death of Qin Shihuang Zhao Gao disrupt the Qin affairs mystery Buddhist when incoming Chinese Zhaojun mystery the Huns westward riddle Gan Ying stop the Persian Gulf puzzle Liu Bei Han Wei to call on sb. repeatedly mystery slave King India mystery Chibi ancient battlefield position the mystery of Lord Liu Chanzhen is headed for why do Cao Cao dead emperor Suiti who is the mystery of the canal Xuanwu Gate become the initiator of evil Tang Taizong tamper history riddle Wu Zetian live in East Luoyang, the mystery of the mystery of the death of Song Taizu "LiMao change Prince" the mystery of who is the murderer of Yue Fei afanggong named mystery yuan Zong Mungo death of Zhu Yuanzhang granddaughter far Dujiangyan funeral mystery the mystery of life and death in the assassination of emperor Shizong mystery Taichang emperor the mystery of the violent death of the death of Nur Ha Che emperor died where "Chuangwang" Li Zicheng ending mystery whether Wu Sangui really Qing Shunzhi five left home The mystery of Taishan emperor Yong Zheng ascended the throne mystery Tongzhi emperor died of disease wing Wang Shi opened the mystery of go Guangxu emperor dead mystery Nishinomiya empress East buried mystery "the Peach Garden" exactly where the mystery of history celebrity Jiang Taigong's hometown in where the doctor Bian Que riddle me mystery Confucius mystery went where the beautiful women the poet Qu Yuan the death of Qin Shihuang is the father of Lu Buwei do Xu Dongdu Japan riddle Meng Jiangnu cry the riddle of the the Great Wall Diao Chan mystery Liu Bei died and was buried in where Zhu Geliang married Xiang Yu ugly mystery "burn Qin Palace" riddle Tang Taizong mystery Yang Xiang went where Jian Zhen monk really blind Li Bai was born the mystery of Li Shishi's puzzle mother-in-law thorn word puzzle Marco Polo visited Chinese it's the death of Xu Da courtesan Chen Yuanyuan home puzzle Liu Rushi hanged himself mystery Zhuang Fei her mystery the mystery made killed Princess Dong E who is the mystery of Emperor Qianlong was born was a riddle Zheng Banqiao "woolly headed" mystery of falling into a well located the mystery of the death of empress consort Yuan Shikai death mystery Pu family puzzle Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Wang Guowei Lake mystery the mystery of the Yellow River Yangtze River natural world, where is the source of the e eyebrow Mountain "Buddha" mystery "roof of the world" the mystery of Taihu origin mystery "devil's triangle" mystery West Lake what is the formation of the riddle of the Huangguoshu Waterall. The formation of Loess Plateau in Taiwan Island Mystery is how the formation of Kanas Lake "monster" mystery "wandering" the mystery of Lop Nor Jinsha River turning mystery short of Mount Qomolangma mystery "germinal stone" mystery ravine why called "demons ditch" Shennongjia white animal riddle Shennongjia "savage" mystery "Shangri-La Shrine" where the small wild goose pagoda "God of" Mount Lu "the mystery of the Millennium puzzle Buddha lamp" spontaneous combustion "ghost town" Fengdu mystery strange rain mystery Mingsha mountain sand the mystery of Sinosauropteryx is "dragon" or "bird", "blood BMW" mystery monster mystery pandas riddle snake venom mystery only ants "clock" directional system mystery animal collective Dutch act mystery Xinjiang tiger extinction mystery animals predict earthquakes forecast in the mystery of the strange tree mystery Qian Tang bore mystery "Jingshan Hill Zigong" seated "mystery of dinosaur graveyard" mystery Leshan Buddha is a coincidence and the sun rise mystery Mingdu catastrophe mystery cold in summer and warm in winter. The mystery of mysteries of ancient science and technology well Zhou micro carved Oracle mystery who The invention of writing brush "guide" the mystery of the ancient Yue Gu Millennium stainless mystery song Guanyao mystery seismograph operation mystery papermaking origin riddle Zhu Geliang eight chart riddle Zhu Geliang wooden ox mystery Mawangdui woman does not rot puzzle acupuncture bronze behind Zheng He's voyage treasure ship mystery the mystery of Yongle bell casting why not the northwest corner of the imperial city of Beijing Tiantan, the Circular Mound Altar echo mystery corpse of Ming Dynasty 500 years does not rot the mystery of Chinese main and collateral channels and acupuncture mystery Mafeisan mystery culture folk riddle "Chinese" name origin mystery "goddess" who wrote "Hu Jiashi eight" the mystery of the Lanting Pavilion film "order" mystery who is the first person to scriptures "24" mystery "along the river during the Qingming Festival" mystery "after the teacher" is the author of Zhu Geliang "Water Margin" the mystery of how Zhang Sanfeng record of Wudang boxing "Azolla" who is the author of "Yongle" original "Jin Ping Mei" the mystery of the whereabouts of the mystery why "have no relevance" Erlang God who "sin" prototype puzzle mystery of the origin of the Qing Dynasty 'poetic couplet come from high cliff hanging coffin mystery of the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival riddle of ancient women's foot binding puzzle alarm hole Real custom originated when the "daughter" of Mosuo people take marriage mystery "Jiangyong Nvshu" mystery of the love story authenticity mystery of mysteries of the dragon totem six nine seven holy Phoenix prototype is what the twelve signs of the zodiac animal origin twelve sort of mystery of prototype to know how much have the Spring Festival firecrackers mystery "God". Mystery 巴马村 longevity puzzle epic "Gesar" Millennium inheritance mystery "long live" a word to the emperors began when Tibet reincarnation mystery Buddhist sarira mystery......
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Chinese ancestors came from Africa it # said origin Chinese, one might at first think of "the legend of Nu Wa made people": the ancient goddess Nu Wa intolerable world of lonely and desolate, so with loess and mud, shaping the clay figurine in accordance with their own appearance, then blow a mystique, clay figurines have activities together, human was born. Although the story of romance, but after all, only a myth. Where Chinese ancestors come from? Is generally believed that the current academic circles, the earth of the earliest human originated 7500000 years ago to 5000000 years ago Africa. But for modern people, including the origin of modern Chinese, there are two kinds of disputes, many scientists support "Africa origin", that Africa is modern people's home; and a few scientists support "multiregional evolution", think that modern man is in the African Eurasian continents their origin. So, what Chinese ancestors Is it right? From distant Africa? With the passage of time, the scientists will have more discoveries, we might rub one's eyes and wait. Africa origin @1987, America scientist Wallace and Wilson through mitochondrial detection of cell DNA, found that all the ancestors of modern humans can be traced back to about 150000 years ago a Africa woman, she was known as the "Xia Wa". "The migration of Eve" seed by Africa continent to other continents of the world, and gradually replace the original life of Homo erectus and Homo sapiens in there. Later, one of them came to Asia, and completely replaced where ancient human, become Chinese, including all Asian ancestors of modern humans, evolved into the modern yellow; another invasion of Europe, wiped out the native Neanderthal, formed the modern europeans. In addition, it also pointed out, Southeast Asia is the human out of the Africa mainly "post" the great migration, some Africans from Southeast Asia to Chinese moving north, across the Yangtze River into the North China and Northeast China, become the modern Chinese ancestors. Multiregional evolution say @ East and China scholars have put forward the "multiregional evolution", they think, in 2000000 to 1000000 years ago, by the Africa Homo erectus migrated to other, independently evolved into modern Africans, Asians, Europeans, the people of Oceania. At present Chinese found ancient human fossils, from 2000000 years to 10000 years ago is not interrupted, from primitive to modern human evolution process is continuous, so Chinese is evolved, and "Africans" independent. In addition, some scholars free between two points of view, think in the process of human from Africa out, not simply replace the local primitive people, but local people in hybrid fusion evolution. "Beijing people" cannibal #1921 years, people in Beijing Fangshan District Zhoukoudian Village West of the mountain caves discovered ancient human bones fossils, stone tools and fire remains, after this still for a few million years of cave become attract worldwide attention. After several years, they found that the number of pieces of Australopithecus skulls. "The people of Beijing"Skull found in human history, put forward for at least 500000 years. The earliest and most scientific research of Beijing human skull fossils is the German Wei Dunrui, he is an internationally renowned paleoanthropologist. That "Beijing people" of the news, he rushed to the China in the spring of 1935, and thereafter fully responsible for the Zhoukoudian Beijing ape man to explore and research work.......
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Weiwei China, five thousand years of history, our ancestors to the amazing creativity have left a splendid cultural heritage. While we try to restore the long history of civilization, but encounter various difficulties. History, culture, nature, science, biology and many other fields there are a large number of unknown mystery: King Zhou of Shang is not a tyrant? Tongzhi emperor died of syphilis? Why did Wu Zetian make the monument without words? Yang hiding in Japan? Who is the Dong Hubei princess...... Follow Shu Ying, this "mystery unsolved China puzzle" to understand the mystery of it, in the mysterious and unknown world charming, try to think quietly and found.
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