China Mystery (three volumes)

Date of publication:2009-1   Press: Liaohai press   Author:Song Tao editor  

In this solemn and full of interest in the exploration, the reader will understand the vast unknown details to understand things, rich and changeable, more complete and profound understanding of things. Guide the reader also master the methods of things and truth, get great pleasure from thinking and found in. This will not only help to readers in the real life in a more dialectical perspective to look at the problem, further promote the maturity of the thought. This book to puzzle group, said the story form, history, archaeology, literature, art, military, political and other areas of knowledge vivid description, based on the knowledge content of large, official entertaining. The reader after uncoiling, will easily understand, grasp, historical knowledge, particularly suitable for the young friends.
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The mystery of the Huang Di dragon worship mystery "Huaxia" mystery of mysteries of the name Chinese characters Hetu Luoshu mystery of Yao and shun it? King Wu of Zhou in the end what year Taofa Zhou? "King Mu Chuan" records are true? Wu Guo is the ancestor of Taibai? Goujian is Xia Yu's descendants? The spring and Autumn period and the concrete which is a few people? The battle of Cao Cao why defeated? The 17 imperial palace is, for what? The emperor ending the truth? Ming Jingdi die? Chongzhen emperor died in where? Why did Nur Ha Che kill brother Schur Ha Che? Emperor Shunzhi really monk? Emperor Kangxi is how to die? Yong Zheng emperor Yizhao the tampering? Emperor Yong Zheng whether to enable the monk's? Emperor Qian Long was the Haining Chenshi born? Why die of emperor Tongzhi? Why the sudden death of Guangxu emperor? Wu Xu coup by Yuan Shikai whistleblowing? How did Yuan Shikai die? Yiyin is good or evil? The Duke of Zhou usurper king? Pray for the dead, Duke generation nano CE golden Teng Zhikui is true? Pang Juan commanded a battle of Maling? Why did Zhao Gao disaster Qin? Why Han Xin Liu Bang was killed? Why did Li Guang lifelong not Fenghou? Ma Su should cut? Guan Yu had left the posterity? Yang Zongbao is a male or female?......
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