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Date of publication:2011-10   Press: Harbin Publishing House   Author:Wu Jiafan, Sun Weida.   Pages:240  

The earth about 4000000000 years ago, humans have lived on the earth for about 3000000 years, and has 5000 years of history of civilization. In this long history, what contain many unknown secrets? Many scholars, researchers, to uncover the layers of mystery racking their brains, however, a lot of things or can not find the answer, the answer is negative or the new data, but the real is to unlock the secrets of the less. After all, the human is known to be limited, and the unknown is infinite. It is known to unravel the secrets, it is no secret; but unknown is unresolved, unknown secret, became a mystery. About these mysteries, is the human with the existing means of science and technology, or in accordance with the normal thinking and logical reasoning, natural, astronomy, history, cultural phenomenon which can not be explained. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say, we need to face the whole world, is an unsolved, waiting for the secret world. So, about the universe, about the earth, about human beings, there are too many secrets in waiting for us to dig, the secret eventually can be open, with the development of science and technology, we still need further explore to know. To this end, we write this "mystery" series. Including "China celebrity mystery", "the world famous mystery", "China historical mystery", "the history of the world of mystery", "Chinese Culture Mystery", "world cultural mystery", a full set of a total of six copies. Are in detail introduced various types of mystery. From the earth to the universe, from nature to history, from science to art, people almost always rule and variation in exploration and explanation of all sorts of unknown things. Although this series for the reader to show a picture very imaginative, very mysterious, very challenging the unknown world of the scene, but for these mystery, still need to be with open us to think, explore. With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of the level of human knowledge, we can more successfully find relevant evidence to prove we have been troubled by the human historical mystery. But, even so, the new findings will also give us new challenges, therefore, to unravel the mysteries of human history we need to more carefully and patiently to meet the challenges. Stroll in the history, we will find that history is heavy, it can make our heart be full; history is meaningful, after chewing makes us suddenly alert, a lifetime; history is also light, into the rhythm of it, will make our life pulse and time rhythm with. I hope this book can take you see as far as the world for thousands of years of vicissitudes.

Chinese culture is the sum total of the Chinese national spirit wealth, is the crystallization of wisdom of the ancients, is Chinese spiritual entity, is China history of the soul, conceived and affect the future of our nation. Mr. Lu Pu said, only the nation, is the world. The famous historian Bernard once said: Chinese for many centuries, it is one of human culture and science center. However, in China long and brilliant culture in the process, there are still many problems to be in suspense, who left numerous difficult to explain the strange mystery culture, the culture conditions of case the legendary and mysterious, and some also contains details of process understanding of the culture, mysterious charm they are distributed, like a magnet a curious eyes, and stimulate a strong interest people explore the truth. This kind of culture and analysis to decipher puzzles, can not only nourish our hearts, enlighten our wisdom, inherit and spread the essence China culture and knowledge, but also can get the pleasure of spiritual experience.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter to find ancient origins
"long live" when the emperor's special called
the Chinese nation when called "Huaxia"
"people" what solution
word is Cangjie man-made
mysterious Hetu and Luoshu
the Xia Dynasty existed
Epang Palace 真建 into you
Huangdi invented soccer mystery
people advocate yellow puzzle
the name Yellow Crane Tower came to
Nuwa's puzzle
the paper inventor who is
Chinese dragon cult puzzle
go from
erhu origin
second chapter pursuit implied the mysteries of
the sage birth puzzle
Dien is the "dwelling in the Fuchun mountains"
Ou Yangxiu "unwarranted" gossip mystery
olisi have for Li Bai boots.
Zhu Geliang ever wrote "after the teacher)
" Huang Di Nei Jing "in a book in when
their origin what the truth is.
" grandchildren strategics "who is the author of
Zuo Qiuming have written" Mandarin "
" Lu spring and Autumn "what books into what
fourth chapter feel wonderful customs
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: so, "long live the word" at what time to the emperor dedicated? Historians disagree. Contemporary scholar Wang Chunyu wrote an article "long live test", that, at least in the Shang Dynasty, no "long live", a lot of Oracle Bone Inscriptions of Shang Dynasty saved, no "long live", no "long live no more" records. And in the late Western Zhou Dynasty, Jin Wenzhong, repeatedly see "eyebrow and boundless", "万年无疆", and also "long live" records. However, it is not for the praise, but a kind of writing styles. Some people do not agree with Wang Chunyu, that, the Han Emperor Liu Bang Chao, "the temple ministers are called long live". When the "long live", and the Warring States period as a general cheer "long live" language is different, with a complete set of etiquette together. Liu Bang in the world, ascended to the throne, still often expose the wilderness true colour of a hero. Minister Shu Suntong think, no system is not conducive to the maintenance of the emperor's dignity, so a set of Royal etiquette, "since the kings who fear the vibration arms", also made Liu Bang feel"We are today known as the emperor of expensive". Then this set of etiquette for the later system constantly supplement, revise, more and more perfect. Therefore, "long live" for the emperor called, should be started from Liu Bang. Qing Dynasty, Zhao Yi has also held the "Liu Bang" said, he thinks, to the Han Dynasty, with Confucianism was the emperor decided one, "long live the emperor" has been scheduled for a man. But there are also people do not agree, think, "long live the word" although the emperor used, but not the emperor dedicated, and only after the Song Dynasty, the emperor's only gradually strengthen specific. Since the Han Dynasty, in addition to the emperor "long live" is a word used outside person, or some. For example, the rules of etiquette, the crown prince also said the "long live". When the royal family and to "long live" in the name of the emperor, and the younger brother is called "Liu long live". Also, from the Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, the official said "long live" case, also be too numerous to enumerate. Not only in the Han Dynasty, "long live" not really become the exclusive private matter emperor, is also in the Sui dynasty.
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