Chariots of the gods

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My first book "memories of the future" was published in 1968 March, till now, more than 1/4 centuries. At the time it is published at press, this is a German company. In writing this book or in those two years ago, the two years, from different press rejection letter snowflakes generally timing to my desk: "sorry, we can not use......" "We are very sorry......" "This is not our current direction......" "We're looking for a more interested in mysterious press recommend......" Later, people often ask me, miracles happen, how can there be a textbook publishers willing to enjoy famous publishing this controversial book. Today I can finally confessed: I got help from the outside, but at the same time it is also cautious results. In the summer of 1967, I knew at that time Germany "times" weekly science editor Dr. Thomas von Randolph. He read me good manuscript, read carefully after the strange picture finally said: "this is not for us, you have to turn it into a Book publishing." "What do I have to do to get a house?" Dr. Thomas von Randolph spit a smoke from his pipe, towards me staring at said: "I'd know a publishing house, if you want, I can give them a call. But what can't guarantee." He picked up the phone, to Dr. Erwin Bart von Villenap number, this is Mr. Aiken press leaders. A blood poured on my cheek, I know a professor von Randolph also don't know things: the manuscript has already been Aiken refused once. Nature, then this dialogue with branded in my brain like an indelible. "I have a Swiss guy here, he wrote a book to write that book. But he was not mad. Maybe you should listen to their talk to him." The other end of the Is it right? Asked me to go to his office immediately. Also ask for it! I gave myself up to say, such a large publishing house boss, certainly not know before his staff how to dispose of my manuscript. After a young editor had lunch, the contract was agreed. The manuscript as long as slightly modified, it will be published in the spring of 1968. Only small differences from the title: "" memories of the future "listen not words, people can not remember the future ah", the editor comments. But I stubbornly refused to modify the title of the proposal. (published in 1969 English version of the British Memorial press the title changed to "chariots of the gods", the book which is known to the world, so I still use this title.) "Chariots of the gods" had caused a stir, two years after the first edition, it has been reprinted two times, in 600000 volumes. The 1969 movie were released, the following year in USA. "Time" magazine has a name for the popular phenomenon, called "alien heat". The themes in the book becomes a worldwide topic: Is it right? Had aliens visited our ancestors? A heated discussion, but one thing is certain. We had hundreds of thousands of years of history have difficult to make out a good case. In ancient times, there are many unknown God had been aboard the shuttle to the original earth, in ancient times, also had a technical achievement unbelievable, had we are just re mastered a portion of the wealth of knowledge. We also have difficult to make out a good case where archaeology! Archaeological excavations for thousands of years before the battery, in the primitive man appeared in frescoA belt buckle a full suit of weird creatures, the Mayan astronomical calendar rules can been calculated that a few million years. The ancient people how to create these? We are more difficult to make out a good case where religion. Various religions have a common point, that is promised to help and salvation of mankind, the ancient god is such a commitment. Why don't they keep his promise? Why in the primitive people applying ultra modern weapons? Why try to wipe out the human race? The gods in the dim past left numerous traces, until today we can read and decipher. Space travel in the current was a popular topic, thousands of years ago was the truth. I can affirm, ancient aliens come to earth at once, even though I still don't know who the hell is the wisdom of the extraterrestrial, and from which the planet, but I still think that these aliens have destroyed part of the human, and creating a new species, they are the world the first batch of homo sapiens. This is a revolutionary assertion. It will fundamentally shaken seems so perfect spirit building structure. My goal is to provide evidence for this assertion. Therefore, the book came out three years, it has been translated into 28 languages, published in 36 countries, 40 years later to have continued to reprint, is still regarded as an alien in the field of reading textbooks. Since the "car of the gods" since, I wrote 20 books, each book are the same theme. Readers apparently have a sustained interest in "outer space God", so every book I write like this, on the best seller list. In 1973, a man named Jean M, Chicago lawyer Phillips ancient astronauts Association nonprofit "established in America" (Ancient Astronant, Society), a variety of topics to study I wrote in the book. New York Polytechnic Institute Professor Luis Navia wrote: "to look at 'we believe in God without prejudice and open attitude, is this assumption Ancient Aliens', you will find that it is not against the natural laws of science the most rigorous, also not inconsistent with our understanding of the universe at. Erich von Dniken's most valuable place lies in, he will be many archaeological, cultural, historical and religious phenomenon into people's eyes, as long as people are aware of the possibility of T alien visitors, they suddenly have 7 meanings." India Institute of Calcutta Sanskrit Sanskrit and India professor Dilip Kumar Kangila at this point also put forward their own views: "observed from ancient India literature will undoubtedly prove, once visited Earth creatures from outer space, the civilization of ancient India deeply influenced by them." The fact is this. Erich von Dniken

In 1968, the first edition of this book was published in Germany, which triggered a global alien research upsurge. To complete this book, the author von Daniken? Field visits to the alien ruins around the world, including Europe, the Stonehenge in Britain, Italy, American Peru valka Monica site the Nazca plain, Mexico at Chichen Itza ruins in Honduras, Oceania, C Easter Island, Egyptian pyramids, South Africa Africa Fort Brandon murals site, Sahara Tasiri, took a lot of photos, selected from strong evidence, in the most clear writing, proved the existence of aliens to readers.
the book is recognized as the global alien research foundation works, all about extraterrestrial perspective, reasons and evidence of what we know, all stemming from the book. It has been issued in 32 countries, the total over 62000000 copies in print, still in the world of the bestseller list on the poor, is the milepost of alien research.
reading book, in the shortest possible time, concise and thorough understanding of aliens.
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Von Dniken (Erich von
D? Niken): Swiss writer, in his representative works "in God we believe in" chariots of the gods ", are the ancient alien" views known, known as the father of alien research. Now he has written 28 books, his works have been translated into 32 languages, global sales of over 70000000 copies. He was involved in the establishment of the search for extraterrestrial life Organization (SETI), and is responsible for the design and construction of the Swiss Interlaken area mystery theme park.
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The aliens have ordered
the first chapter in the universe?
second chapter when we visit other planets......
third chapter murals, statues in be lurking alien visitor evidence!
fourth chapter God, is the ancient alien
fifth chapter alien chariot riding dropping from the sky, bring the civilization
sixth legends not imagine, is a fact!
seventh chapter ancient architectural wonders, is actually between Aerospace Center
eighth chapter Easter Island and the Inca civilization strange parallels
ninth chapter Ancient Aliens promises to the Maya built city
tenth chapter alien still looking at us
eleventh chapter now, it's our turn to active contact with alien!
twelfth chapter conclusion: a better future is ahead of us
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The copyright page: this book was published in 1927, five years earlier than the large statue found. The theory of "satellite" speculation, there was a satellite to capture the earth, when the satellite is constantly gravitational pull closer to the earth, the earth's rotation is slow. The final collapse of the satellite, the moon. The theory of "satellite" in say, once a year on the earth is only 288 days, the satellite to orbit the earth 425 times a year, the statue is so written symbols. Bellamy and Alan are forced to conclude, large statues was recorded in 27000 before the passing of night. They wrote: "the inscription on the statue of general people think...... It is also a kind of future generations of records." Indeed, for such a statue of antiquities, said it is "ancient god" is not acceptable. If the symbol is that the astronomical markers stand, we must ask: this help even the building technology needs to learn, it can accumulate the knowledge of astronomy? Or the knowledge from extraterrestrial civilization? In any case, the complex knowledge statues and calendar displaying is shocking. Tiahuanaco town is full of all kinds of secret. City at an altitude of more than 4000 meters away from the mundane world. Starting from Peru in Cuzco, have to spend the next few days by train to arrive by boat, Tiahuanaco and localities. The entire plateau scenery looks absolutely is not above the earth. Physical activity is the pain of any person, even if he was the local people; atmospheric half quite Yu Hai plane in the air, oxygen abundance corresponding reduction. But in places like had a big city. About the Tiahuanaco, have no what can be called the traditional statement. Maybe we should be happy, because in this case there is no orthodox prejudice. In the ruins of ancient cannot estimate the age, the fog shrouded in mystery from the past. 60 tons of sand barrier in 100 tons of rock, a brick wall. Joint surface is highly polished, joint grooves are cut extremely accurate, even with the use of the copper clip lock the square stone reinforcement together, all processes are accomplished very accurate. In about 10 tons of stone, also found a number of about 2.5 meters deep hole, use is unknown; those who cut from the same piece of stone on the 5 meter long sheet will not help solve Tiahuanaco secret. 1.8 meters long, 0.5 meters wide stone pipe like toys scattered on the ground, is obviously a big disaster. The manufacturing process of their exquisite make cement pipe modern appear crudely made -- our city ancestors manufacturing these water without any tool, just boring?
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"Chariots of the gods: the alien history" is based on the world of aliens. For the first time in the field of global alien ruins. Everything you know about alien view, reasoning and evidence in this book all the source! In 1968, "chariots of the gods: the alien history" first edition published in Germany, which triggered a global alien research upsurge. "Chariots of the gods: the alien history" has been in 32 countries worldwide, totaling more than 62000000 copies. "Chariots of the gods: the alien history" is still the world's best seller list on the poor, is the milepost of alien research. Reading "chariots of the gods: the alien history", in the shortest possible time, concise and thorough understanding of aliens.
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