Awaken the Kingdom

Date of publication:2004-7   Press: Shaanxi Normal University press (Nanjing Division)   Author:Qi Dongfang   Pages´╝Ü191  

At the beginning of twentieth Century, the British explorer Stein found, known as the "sea of death" in the depths of the Taklimakan Desert in Xinjiang, he plundered treasures have shocked the world. But after nearly a hundred years the people gradually forget him; by late twentieth Century major archaeological discovery shocked the world again. People be hardly worthy of belief is a hard truth: one thousand seven hundred years ago, a culture to chan. With relics of the Old Kingdom and is located in the hinterland of the desert. In twentieth Century 90 at the end of 1990s, as China's archaeological and historical circles of authority, participated in the expedition this is a very touching of archaeology. He described the study life, personal experience and scholar's feelings, the scenery, the story......
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Qi East: was born in March 13, 1956 in Changtu County of Liaoning province. Graduated from History Department of Jilin University in 1982, bachelor's degree, in 1984 graduated from the Department of Archaeology at Peking University, received a master's degree, and doctorate in 1992. Now a professor at the Peking University School of Archaeology and Museology, doctoral tutor. Mainly engaged in the Han and Tang Dynasties archaeology, history, cultural relics, art teaching and research; the publication "gold and silver wares of Tang Dynasty.
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The charm of Stein and exploration boom, the preface was found on board (mumbo-jumbo) shocking discovery thanks to the wind sand in the desert cemetery No.1 excavation permit "Oriental Pompeii" was not a hoax desert is civilized warehouse River signposts "oasis mother terrorist navigation Lighthouse" water, Nang and refugees a coffin undetermined sleeping Kingdom mysterious "old bridge" bridges people, here is the palace? "Shear continuously, the reason also disorderly" red in East West of Buddhist monks the footprint of the rich harvest of the tomb No. 8 "five-star collision, East benefit China" back to the beauty of nature culture soil, why not, the city lost a race, the mystery distant dream desert forgiven us Hu Yanglin charges
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  •   Beautifully and flying thoughts introduced the process of archaeological work and found the remains, is the understanding of archaeology, archaeological books oh love.
  •   On the history of interest to buy, but not down, up to now have not read.

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