An emblem of eternity

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: Jincheng press   Author:[Switzerland] Erich von Dniken   Pages:193  

In the past, NASCAR just a sleepy remote villages, located somewhere in the back of the seven peaks in the territory of Peru. A not laying asphalt of the dusty road and it is the capital city of Lima together. OnlyIn cannot but time, someone would take this road, walking in the hundreds of kilometers of road, to go through a full of sand and gravel. Winding, and winding down, the mountains between to winds around, and finally a short road, road winding undulating, rather dangerous. For every two hours, the road will be an Indian Cun Zhuang, is far away from the source of the Andes in the river into the Pacific Ocean. Indians sell dark yellow banana, orange, green and hard epidermis lemon in makeshift stalls, and homemade lemonade. The simple life is monotonous. In addition to fruit, they also coins in radish, potato, onion and cotton. Every Sunday, the entire Cun in people will gather in the Catholic church the little. Today, between Lima and the NASCAR road is four lane highway, the other half has been greatly expanded, also covered with asphalt. The road from Lima, the world famous "Pan American highway" (Carretera Panamericana) (the road in Europe was Bill as "World Dream Road", it is from north to south across the American continent, from Alaska to Chile), toward the South Chilean extend about 450 kilometers long. Roadside Indian Cun Zhuang been retained, and the scale has been expanded to many. Traffic signal lamp and one-way guided vehicle flow passes through the surrounding villages, has been a substantial increase in the number of Cun Zi, everywhere filled with automobile tail gas, gas station, restaurant, pub and a garage around open on both sides of the road. The Nazca this remote villages into a museum, city parks, shops and Bank town, accept education become residents of obligations, various hotels to attract tourists with Cheung, long-distance truck drivers and adventurers, both sides of the street stand billboards common, on the outskirts of the city there is a small airport, there stands the tower and the pub. As long as the $100 to $150, the NASCAR fascinated people can fly in the sky be known to all the world "Nazca plain". When the pilot put their small plane shift from a crowded route to another, some passengers will be sick sick. Half an hour after the end of the flight, each tourist can get a certificate, write the date, and the "vulture" driver's autograph, proof curtain Sir or madam was flying over the Nazca plain. Flying target visitors see the so-called "trench pattern appears in red on the wilderness". In this piece of wasteland, people can recognize a giant spider (Figure 1), a hummingbird, a monkey, a screw, a fish, slender and straight line in the middle of these patterns, Phi mountain was covered with lines depict the every kind of pattern. In addition, there are different marks on the ground, looks like flying iIi few take-off and landing runway. But all these can only be viewed from the air, on the ground is what also can't see. I asked "pilot Edward Holland vulture", why visitors don't over Hussein Gene O (Ingenio) Valley, to the mountains. "Our instructions are mainly in the trench pattern, flying over, because the interest of tourists to these patterns. In addition, such as King we have in the area round flying hours, cost is high." I myself for a few days so cruising flight. Historical review of the spring of 1927, archaeologists in Peru Toribio Mejia Sespe (T0ribo MejiaXesspe) is a NASCAR River (Rio de Nazca) of a small valley of archaeological excavation, there are the ruins of several pre Inca Empire in this valley. Because of speculation on the mountain there are several such ruins, he to Phi mountain climb. Stopping to rest, Sespe looked to F Que Lillo prairie at the foot of the (Pampa de Chiquerilo), Los xinuosi prairie (Pampa de Los Chinos) and NASCAR prairie (Pampa de Nazca) at. Something made him feel strange, that is his feet of the dark brown heath, the lighter, straight lines. At first, on the ground of these markers did not cause his attention, he guessed that these markers are hikers walk out of the path, the age-old, may find the new continent in the Kolumb existed before. Until Ig40 years, in the 塞斯佩 examined two such lines, to write an article about his discovery. This article is the first publication of the Nasca lines. In June 22, 1941, New York Long Island University historian Paul Kasok (PaulKosck), on a single engine plane. Education, he must in ICA (Ica) and NASCAR between channel. Dr. Kasok knows that, although the Incas and ancient tribes had built a water supply pipeline, regular but, these pipelines is always in place to act after missing. He felt, more easily in the air to find these ancient canal. In addition, two years ago he heard in the scene where the Gini for between Ou river and NASCAR Cun discovered strange lines, these lines are like scraping out on the ground. So he guessed these lines will and water pipe have relationship.......

Erich von Dniken, born in 1935 in Switzerland, the most authoritative writers in the world of mystery, 1968 for a movie about aliens and the early relationship between human civilization works "memory of the future" and spring into fame, become one of the world's super best-selling book writer. His series of works explore the mystery of human civilization has been translated into 35 languages, and by the American Broadcasting Company, Nbc National Broadcasting Company shot into a plurality of monographic film. In 1993, a German satellite television 1 according to his "cosmic trail" shoot the 25 episode TV series; in 1996, USA ABC/Kane film company produced an hour long called "chariots of the gods: the mystery continues" feature film screenings, and synchronization in the world. 1996-1997, ABC/Kane television again and iken together, produced a feature film, "found in" channel. In September 26, 1996, Germany's largest television network RTL broadcast the film, then Europe alone 4900000 people watched this movie. The absolute authority of the world of mystery, his works "mystery" sit tight in the long-term, "natural science", "soul", "the universe" and other classification list, ranked the "occult" and "UFO" books list. So far, Dniken speaking tour of more than 3000 games in 25 countries worldwide, of which more than 500 is held in each university in the world. Dniken himself had created the archaeology research, space and search for extraterrestrial civilizations will. The organization has a great influence in the world, members up to 10000 people, both the various sectors of the general public, there are experts.
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Nasca (Nazca)? What's that? Nasca, again? Until a few years ago, some people also think, oneself to the NASCAR almost know everything, I was one of them. I know about NASCAR professional literature and popular literature, understand all the theory and all kinds of speculation.. In the past 30 years, I have had numerous in NASCAR stay. Where I of the desert and the hills near the flight over time, together for several weeks, and, in the early 70's, I also spent a few days in the local hot fields covered with gravel, and rock layer of red ocher walk. At that time, I believe they have solved the mystery. But now I know that, I, and all the others, the Nasca understanding is superficial. In the final analysis, what is the NASCAR? It is mysterious, it is difficult to understand, and scary. The Nazca people stick out a mile, and unpredictable. It is so fascinating, seductive, logical, but the absurdity. Nasca is just like the countless times a rational. If the eyes can cry, then they will do so in nascar. The Nazca enlightenment covered up, vague, each on its theories are stultify oneself. On the face of it, the Nasca seem unable to be explained, all seem to be crazy and meaningless. Sometimes, those that surround the Nazca city pattern issued by the enlightenment to let a person feel silly, strange strange, no reason, just because the impulse generated, but soon after, the logic of the fuse will re ignite in NASCAR, make people want to know again. But let all people no longer have the insight. This for me is not a bit strange, because human reason is always stubbornly on right now. We often put their own ideas and knowledge on others, who lived a long time ago, their view of the world and we have nothing in common. We are most probably it did not actually happen that he is smart, gifted detective like wit. We think, the scientific method will lead us into the knowledge of the kingdom of heaven, and others just wandering in some type of psychic world, some people believe they already know or feel about NASCAR truth. They put forward the theory that the doctrine, if other people don't believe it just as committed iniquity, although this is a venial sin. It produces a variety of NASCAR theory, NASCAR conjecture, NASCAR theory, doctrine, NASCAR NASCAR Rhapsody, there are other about NASCAR stupid comments, all of these in the final analysis, in fact, what also didn't say. Nasca is great, it not only refers to its geographic breadth, similar to the great Pyramid of Egypt, Nasca is a time machine into the human history of I Nasca, see is a startling abyss, there is a mirror, can illuminate the universe.
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caption @##@ to readers The first half of the twentieth Century, people in Peru was a NASCAR place, discovered the vast wilderness interspersed with up to tens of meters of the animal graphics, stretching several kilometers line winding in the plains and valleys. There are similar taxiway lines. In the next few decades, many scientists and researchers are trying to unravel the mystery. They are the symbol of ancient tribal? Is a prehistoric Olympic Games sites? Is the astronomical calendar? Is the water diversion system? Or a... Theoretical mix a variety of the poor, everyone claimed to find the answer, but the truth is as if more and more far.
Erich Dniken very early start on the mystery of Nasca, it was through him, Nasca became be known to all the world. Dniken 30 years of research work of more than 1200 aerial shot folding photos, this book selects one representative, the first magic public photos. The authors first reveals a lot of top secret information, discusses various common view, and put forward my own interpretation. In this. Dniken not only put forward a controversial theory, also provides detailed and convincing evidence. This is a rare good book to the human mystery lovers.
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    wonderful, deep and far, a full set of I bought, 20, was more than 440. Awesome.

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