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Date of publication:2013-1   Press: Workers press   Author:Populus euphratica   Pages:251   Words:200000  

"The world, have", from ancient to modern, from the vastness of the universe to the boundless sea, from the mysterious nature to the changeable society...... The world we live in is always exist many coincidence phenomenon, incredible, baffled. For example, in the spring and Autumn Period Jin Zhao, Wei and Han is three divided by civil strife, and the period of the Three Kingdoms and the emergence of a Jin regime, one by one, the Wei, Shu and Wu three regime merger and unification; when Cao Cao pointed out that Liu Bei is the hero of the potential, and Liu Bei panic, dropping his chopsticks fell on the ground the sky unexpectedly, just hit a thunder, helping Liu Bei to cover the past. For example, in the absence of system pilot parachute situation, from a high-altitude jump, finally escaped; for example, the blind man was struck by lightning, has not been burned into coke, and even cured my eyes. Another example, from 1840 to 1960 this hundred years, every 20 years, elected president of the United States will die in office. Elected in 1840, only a few months after Harrison took office, he passed away; the 1860 election of Lincoln during the re-election was assassinated; elected in 1880, Garfield's second year in office is shot; in 1900 second times elected Mickinley, also in second years to have been shot; elected in 1920, Harding, would die of a sudden illness in 1940, fourth; once elected Roosevelt to term stroke died; the 1960 election of Kennedy, was shot dead in third years, died. In the world we live in, there are too many strange phenomena that cannot be explained, there are too many incredible coincidence into consideration, because they occur or has been completely beyond the imagination and recognition of our. Amazing what hides behind the mysterious? The book as the name suggests, "amazing coincidence all files" covers almost all kinds of mystery and coincidence in all areas of the world, give the reader a gluttonous feast, let everyone enjoy the mysteries in the world of unpredictable events and phenomena. For the convenience of the reader's reading, the book is divided into five chapters, respectively is "the coincidence of history", "wonderful world" and "unscathed", "the fate of the gods", "the uncanny prophecy", is structured, orderly and clear. Among them, "the coincidence of history" section is about some coincidence events in human history. These coincidences are very typical and representative, let a person cannot help Yanjuan thought, or to lament the human history proved, or go to the mining phenomena. "Wonderful world" chapter mainly is a natural phenomenon of amazing, such as near 30 degrees north latitude and not only has the Bermuda Triangle, Egyptian pyramids, there are legends of sunken Atlantis, and the highest peak in the world Mount Qomolangma in this, this is not a coincidence? "Unscathed" chapter tells the story of a series of people get good luck coincidence events. The parties in these coincidences, try your best to get rid of it, but could not escape fate, to understand those coincidence is his life in hiding. "The fate of the gods" chapter is fortunate coincidence, the coincidence events to surprise party, brought benefits. For example, there seems to be the gods bless a bullet to the heart, the parties have survived; return to play 25 years ago beach, unexpectedly found the lost ring in the belly of the fish. "The uncanny prophecy" section is about the seemingly absurd prophecy was fulfilled at one one, a suspect has the real staged, so I can not help but creepy. For example, the disaster film "the Poseidon Adventure" released shortly, a real disaster will Ruqierzhi scene is just like in the movie version of the same; and the painter imagine image imaginary, it resembles the true colors, and to help the police finally. Scenes of bizarre, fascinating; a terrible coincidence, resistance to ponder. Now, let us sit in front of the desk, quietly opened the "amazing coincidence all files", to feel the magic and mysterious world!

Populus euphratica compile "amazing coincidence all files" content introduction: "the uncanny prophecy" section is about the seemingly absurd prophecy was fulfilled at one one, a suspect has the real staged, so I can not help but creepy.
for example, disaster movie "the Poseidon Adventure" released shortly, a real disaster will Ruqierzhi scene is just like in the movie version of the same; and the painter imagine image imaginary, it resembles the true colors, and to help the police finally.
a fascinating scenes bizarre phenomenon; a terrible coincidence, resistance to ponder. Now, let us sit in front of the desk, quietly opened the "amazing coincidence Gold files", to feel the magic and mysterious world!
Catalogue of books

The historical coincidence
accidental is inevitable.
the three Jin and three hours, cent to Jin:
the spring and Autumn period
Zhao Weihan three
Wei Shu Wu Jin Gui Jin
Qin and Sui: Han and Tang first end
will die
the first feudal dynasty of China
the northern and Southern Dynasties separatist end
the Sui Dynasty: powerful time is similar to that of the
top bearing a strong and short-lived Dynasty
have experienced hardships and die
similar foreign strategy of
the coup: the rise and fall with the same play repeated
Liu Yu Jin Song instead of establishing
Xiao Daocheng replaced Song Jianli Qi
Xiao Yan Qi beam was established to replace
Chen Baxian replaced Liang Jianli Chen
Zhu Wen: first to destroy the Tang Dynasty, Tang destroyed by
ZHU temperature rise
Zhu Wen regicide killing Tang
a surname Li Tang
exactly the time of thunder: Thunder ear, "preparation" honor
the sponsor of the Liu Bei
from the Cao Cao trial
Liu Bei's coping
song song contest in Mongolia:
and graves in mixed
of song and Jin's against
the last struggle
Shunzhi and Kangxi: the death of his father on the ceiling, the son from
Shunzhi died from smallpox smallpox
Kangxi ascended the throne with smallpox.
two and smallpox king
is about: two great writer died on the same day
Spain's greatest novelist
the greatest British dramatist
warships "skin" Oolong: two "each with
in" the warship
"Carmen," the sea "for skin", upgrade to the USS
"Trafalgar" maverick
this is the "Tong Gensheng" fratricidal?
the magical world of
the magic behind the mystery of
coincidence "fate": the Khufu Pyramid coincidence puzzle
the mysterious "Hu Fu old fairy" is how to complete the
the world architectural history of the most?
coincidence - the ancient Egyptians continue to "fate", a lot of data from scientific computing?
curse - Khufu language "disturbing me dead!
do not disturb the Mummy: Curse of the mummy?
unearthed - mummy unearthed, the nightmare hit
transfer - the princess body transfer, many people die
silence -- "the devil" silence from
the source of happiness and disaster areas: God deception and 30 degrees north latitude
four ancient civilizations "with the line" originate?
troubled north latitude 30 degrees
Atlantis: the lost at 30 degrees north latitude
eighth continents of the world.
Imperial Feng Shui secret: Beijing City auspicious patterns hidden Hsuanchi?
the building inside and outside the city from
"to star take" the Forbidden City the Feng Shui Qi Bureau
"lying" Er long, Beijing City show kings like
"smart" Buddha: Shidu scenic area and the Buddha of bond
cliff "smart" Buddha word
falling mountain "." with the Buddha
expert quest "wonderful" language with
American edition "netherworld road": the bizarre and unpredictable
netherworld road
American edition "netherworld road" exotic lands
netherworld road does not go "dead" to kill
strange arrangement, Acheron Avenue is not only kill
three delta four City: also attacked the Iraqi capital city of

attacks against Afghan capital hit
the French capital Paris attacked
Egypt Sinai attacked
the coffin "play" drift: 28 years after the return home, die is intended to return?
mishaps, flood swept away his coffin
years of roaming, coffin discovered thousands of miles away in
Writing legend, dead leaves from
The Magic: 80 years after the sinking reproduction survivor
"through time reproduction" of missing
the captain again "through" challenges of scientific knowledge about
, repeatedly "through" may have scientific basis?
we are all people on earth: the human body and the earth like a coincidence.
important golden point
"anxious" life
mysterious Mingmen District Central
the restless life cycle
"Thor" the kindness of God: the lightning
split die
only coincidence. Firing button, singed hair Raytheon
to cure disease and lightning
was struck by lightning seven immortal fury of God
fate doomed
Wang Bo and Li He: the similarity is not just a little bit
was a prodigy
died at the age of only 27

exactly 100 years apart,
Lincoln stabbed
100 years after the tragedy of tragedies
20 fixed number: every 20 years elected president will

died in office of president of the United States 20 years of constant < br > Tecumseh curse
Reagan's lucky
the king with the "King": strikingly similar life
share a name
startling coincidence
to die on the same day
"unlucky ship": the world's most bad luck ship
"in the sea "King of
" why do I always hurt "
calm scene
burst accident tragedy
strange woman prophet?
Chapter excerpt

Fear of mice flocked after the Second World War, the depression and the war that the United States sequelae of housing construction is almost stagnant housing shortage problem is particularly prominent. In order to solve this problem, the government presided over the construction of a large number of low-cost housing. New York East 80 building is such a low rent house, there lived a movie career Raymond Masi couple. Mrs. Raymond Masi called on the government to respond, return the hotel room, where a rented house rent cheaper house. However, the low house to drawbacks couple quite a headache for Ma Xi, this is the rat. Indeed, the human living places have human "dear friend" mice with. But the Ma Xi the couple's apartment and some special, because here, the mouse is amazing, but were no scruples, seems to be human for they are not a threat to anyone. Therefore, Marcy couple very angry. One day, Ma Xi madam is tidy up the housework at home, suddenly looked up and saw a scene, and the scene to help numb the scalp. She caught a glimpse of the opposite house basement many mice pulled marched across the street, desperately toward their home directions. "This is the limit!" Massey was notNo scolding, "so many mice crazy, don't eat not to." So she hurried to the local health bureau to call, for deratization road. Subsequently, the health bureau sent a special team to help control rodent, and Marcy lady from friends and neighbors borrowed the cat, in order to both the rat extermination. However, mice are really too much, even the enemies of mice, cats are afraid afraid approached. Marcy lady so very tangled. Panic - neighbor died mysteriously at Massey couple for deratization big nerve racking, thinking when the eradication of rats methods, were shocking thing happened, opposite the rich wife died. The police quickly came to the conclusion that the rich wife committed suicide. This let Ma Xi couple shocked not small, because the rich lady is diligence, passion, and square neighborhood along very well, but also have not heard what to suicide. And let Ma Xi couples feel more surprise, mouse before Mrs. rich suicide come in droves, in rich wife died, mouse and "powerful" open to the opposite villa.......
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Explore the amazing coincidence, all series in "all files"! Shunzhi and Kangxi: the death of his father on the ceiling, the son from smallpox Junji many mystery body, on his death, a version is the most trusted, he was killed by smallpox. Shunzhi's son Kangxi also had smallpox. However, smallpox did not take Kangxi's life, but the achievement of his. Father and son had smallpox, father son died because of smallpox, but due to smallpox and ascended to the throne, the ultimate success of a Fan Weiye, it is not a coincidence. Imperial Feng Shui secret: Beijing City auspicious patterns hidden Hsuanchi Beijing city has always been the feng shui experts known as the "Ideal City mountain ring there must be water with gas". However, the pattern of Feng Shui is what in the end, as few emperors palace, the Forbidden City of Feng Shui is not poly aura heaven and earth a piece of treasure, rumours in Beijing City Wo two dragons is how to return a responsibility? Let us open the scroll of history, to explore the Beijing city pattern of Feng Shui to rigorous attitude. 20 year fixed number: every 20 years elected president will die in the term of the president of the United States although the scene is infinite, but there is a terrible destiny in their heads, a lot of President escape nightmare: from 1840 onwards, with an elected president to die in office every 20 years...... Disaster movie prophecy: disaster movie brought untold disaster if you can clearly recall the magnificent scene in the movie "2012": a strong earthquake, a huge volcanic eruption in front of a familiar home into a living hell, crazy hurricanes and typhoons have let the ocean into all the devil. Coincidentally, the disaster after the movie, in reality, usually followed by similar disasters is similar to that described in the film......
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