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History really left many mysteries? Perhaps even history do not know. Only continue to explore the mysteries of the truth, more and more people realize: history is the master playing hide and seek, it in order to increase the thrill, arrange all sorts of truth quietly hidden in the evidence, weathering, annihilated imprinting, but a lot of mystery, rumors, speculation out. Then, with a sly smile, watched people quarrel and sad. But about the universe, about the earth, about human beings, we have too many doubts: the mysterious power of Pyramid, supernatural phenomenon which exactly makes what explanation? The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is really "black hole" gives it a magic? The ship docked at the legendary Noah's Ark and docked in which corner of the earth? Another female spy really died in the nothingness of the evidence? Sexy goddess Marilyn Monro as it is known to everyone, but it is Dutch act...... In this world, about the universe, about the ancient, about history, about nature, there are too many mysteries waiting for people to explore. While these mysteries, and it is there are too many confusing events and phenomena, they have not the current human can be explained, and some even with the wheels of history will become the past, but the mysterious charm they send out, still let people enthusiastically to decode and analysis.

The book for the purpose of knowledge and interest, all-round, multi angle display the most valuable, most explore significance and most people concern more world mystery, divided into the universe mystery, the civilization of natural history, vision, fog, science, art, military secret mysteries mysteries the bizarre case, archaeology, legend, celebrities and 10 parts, vivid analysis of truth and Xuan these mysteries hidden behind the suspect. Although the world mystery there is no perfect answer, but it can arouse people's curiosity. Let the human imagination to challenge the limit, to explore the future. The editor selected many beautiful pictures, they correspond with the characters, story, one one puzzles, to show readers the broader cognitive vision and imagination, bring readers aesthetic feeling more and pleasant experience. From ancient to modern times, the world to the people left many historical mysteries, strange events, all the mysteries we have been familiar with has not been broken, and new and more at the mystery and come one after another. The fantastic world of mystery inspire us continue to grow to explore the mysterious curiosity...... Through this book, readers can feel clearly answer the layers reveal the truth, Weiweidaolai those fun; more can realize zero distance contact with the world culture and history, a full range of humanity and history sense of wisdom.
Catalogue of books

The first series of cosmic mystery how the universe was born in the age of the universe is how much the center of the universe where magic black hole the Milky Way secrets of the energy of the sun comes from where the sun the mystery of dark matter on Venus mysterious city market whether there is life on Mars moon origin mystery mysterious back of the moon the moon alien base magic circles and decryption UF mystery of existence UFOs are alien to the earth sent messengers you whether aliens to the meteor shower's voice we are aliens do earth's future is what prevents pioneer Hao Yuan from solar system the mysterious power of second series of civilization of Troy City real existence in Noah's Ark is docked in any at the destruction of Mycenaean civilization and mysterious Atlantic States why the Maya built Pyramid Maya city is how to disappear the mystery of the Steefan Kors magic Quetzalcoatl city got their name from air garden is just a legend in the "Stonehenge" of what use Minos labyrinth is preserved so complete Angkor lost civilization Brazil "seven city" Mexico mystery. The statues and Venezuela embossed with any mysterious who built Africa Stone City. The great mystery of culture of Thailand class Qing civilization mystery magic "dead face" lost the sun god -- Inca culture death mystery culture of Sanxingdui mystery why Kroraina and Dynasty annihilation of the mystery of the missing third series of natural vision torch island in San Francisco earthquake events why blame the rain come from the Tunguska mystery Remanbar mystery has specific functions of strange spring "magic Tan" mystery mysterious Bermuda triangle between Lop Nor Hawaii islands are arranged in a straight line the mystery of why double Lake who created the "ghost city" the singing sand ravine mystery extinction of dinosaurs. Self explosion devil shark terrorist Loch Ness monster the turtle "buried" mystery animal plant serves as a messenger mystery why not old Guaipo mystery doesn't frozen lake secret fourth series of fog of history the Sumerians mystery Merlin palace tragic truth the Titanic sank mystery Kursk nuclear submarine salvage mystery is where the Vikings "gold treasure fleet" submarine to sink treasure the whereabouts of Robinson Island box of gold Templar treasure mystery mysterious "Grossdeutschland treasure" Macedonian Alexander the great who died in military King William II was died accidentally do Watergate mystery Pharaoh's death spell "Yao and Shun" is comity or usurping falling into a well located the mystery of the emperor is burned to death Xiang Yu really had refused to Jiangdong Qin Shihuang had met the aliens do fifth series of scientific mystery who drives the earth will be depleted in oxygen on earth where is water from the formation of giant hail tornado ball lightning mystery magical Aurora "greenhouse effect" dispute Satan's curse -- El Nino machine cat space-time tunnel bacteria with magnetic puzzle twins really "telepathy" it is the beast adoption people will breathe the Crystal Skull Millennium not rot Mawangdui ancient corpse of Baghdad Battery explain the ancient Greeks made gear computer magic hypnosis heads can be transplanted do dinosaurs come from green children legend sixth album art behind the author who is who is the author Dante when started to write Jesus shroud authenticity mystery who is in Shakespeare's poetry "black lady who is the author of" prototype whether Shakya Muni was a real person whether Jesus was a real person Menoir Venus Brokeback mystery, Ska painting reason "popular nude sculpture from ancient Greece where desert murals painted" exactly who Monalisa enigmatic smile as • why the source of Beethoven "Finch magic creative immortal beloved" the death of Pushkin and the Tsar Nicola I of Andersen is the Prince music master Beethoven's death mystery paintings so composition the painter van • high why Dutch act seventh series military secrets Troy war is really false ancient Rome missing Legion to Spain "armada" destruction of mystery why Hannibal and Rome rub shoulders and the British boy scouts in the mystery of why Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo the Eight Power Allied forces used poison gas shells you attack on Pearl Harbor insider missing third teeth atomic bomb Yamamoto Igarashiroku who is killed in "operation Sealion" bankruptcy mystery who destroyed Hitler's atomic bomb dream Stalin why to the German raids undefended espionage in cannot decipher the secret technology -- gold lip emperor of Mongolia was difficult to understand Shi Lang cause of death is a traitor or a loyal Li Xiucheng surrender is true who buried the Beiyang Navy two thousand Kuomintang soldiers fighting in Kosovo Nanjing mountainous mysterious disappearance "task force Eagle "plan why abortion eighth series of bizarre case of ancient Egypt, the death of Tutan Camon Fa Nao the ancient city of Rome set behind the murder of the ancient Indians make spaceships mystery Kennedy assassination squad Martin Luther • • Jin killed was a conspiracy behind the assassination of Rabin it whirling with the question of" the black hole of Calcutta event "the mystery of Lenin's assassination Lincoln was the French Revolution leader secret treason mystery Dandong the same day the shipwreck survivors, the same name exist many coincidence two crash kings and civilian indissoluble bound latitude. The mystery of the mummy Nazi repeatedly attack hidden treasure to which the Churchill party killed spy who died the death of emperor Yong Zheng hands Stalin the truth really die of a sudden illness of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom defeated Cao Cao Chibi mystery for jewelry empress dowager Ci Xi buried ninth series of archaeological legend Cao Cao tomb mystery why burning human cliff in Wan Ren cliffs of the mausoleum of Qin Shihuang Liu Bei was an where mystery corpse's bones mystery the mystery of the invention of gunpowder tomb mystery Goujian sword mystery of ancient Rome "cosmetic" mystery amazing tut Ling Turkey "underground maze" "the curse" submarine group who is the design of Taj Mahal builder building of Pyramid the mystery of how majestic Pompeii is the collapse of the "Solar gate" the mystery of Easter Island in Brazil who created the stone cave drawings mystery the mystery of Babylon towerThe stone ball is really a giant toy cliff palace was built mysterious Mermaid puzzle tenth series of celebrity wonders of ancient Rome who retreat of Sura mystery the mystery of the death of Socrates Charlie the Great's coronation it happened accidentally Elizabeth I single puzzle "fool" the emperor Claudius Newton's why insanity and death two president Lincoln and Kennedy's amazing coincidence to "separate" friend -- Rommel and Montgomerie Monroe came to death Kawashima Yoshico riddle Jacqueline and the Greek shipping magnate Hitler marriage the secret behind the mystery of life and death of romantic female spy the tragic life of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai's death riddle Wu Zetian no Yu Bei riddle Li Zicheng after the defeat of the mystery of life and death Pu Songling lineage mystery Guangxu emperor's death mystery Yuan Shikai death mystery
Chapter excerpt

Double Lake mystery in USA north of the Alaska Peninsula to the Arctic Circle Point Barrow, a wonderful lake, Lake Walker called the effort, but people are accustomed to call it double lake. As the name suggests, this lake should be double. A lake is divided into two layers, light salty, the boundary is clear, and the upper is animal and plant fresh water area, the lower is the ocean of animals and plants. Effort Walker Lake 180 meters long, about 6 meters deep, boundary layer is located 2 meters from the lake. Due to the influence of the Arctic cold air, most in the time of year, efforts in ice covered lake Walker, the freshwater layer two meters thick, were frozen for a large ice. According to the scientists think, the lake is composed of a sea and gradually separated from the Bay formation, lower amounts of snow in winter, spring melt, become the quantities of fresh water into the lake, and when the storm comes, and the water poured into the lake, the sea water is heavier than the freshwater, natural to be deposited at the bottom of the sea. Similarly, located between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan of the Aral Sea is also a double lake, Weihai Lake in the depth of 300-500 meters below the surface of the sea below the emergence of another layer of the lake, the lake water and Cretaceous sedimentary layer mixed together, and the Tianshan Mountains have river interlinked, never dried up lake. If this is the two lake called the magic words, then there is a lake, it can be amazing! Five layers of lake which is the Barents Sea Island "". The composition can be divided into five layers: the first layer is the living water, there are many kinds of freshwater fish; the second layer contains trace amounts of salt water, a jellyfish, shrimp, crabs and other crustaceans arthropod animal and animal; the third layer is the habitat of saline water, sea anemones, starfish and sea fish; the fourth layer of the water was red, like fresh cherry juice, a lot of purple bacteria living inside; fifth layer of water is composed of the various biological remains mixed soil and become, in addition to gas bacteria.
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