2012 Mayan prophecy.

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In the boundless universe, the earth is undoubtedly the most numerous star a out of the ordinary. It is in the hundreds of millions of years gives birth to the universe is the most wonderful life, and as time goes on, grow up, derived from different species, forming a huge chain. In this huge chain, man is the most intelligent species, rule of this beautiful and mysterious blue planet. In the past six thousand years, the progress of human slowly, from the primitive society to the slave society, and from the slave society into feudal society, finally achieve the modern industrial civilization. This a series of progress of human civilization is the essence of the human survival environment unceasing discovery, exploration and plunder. Of course, in human adaptation and conquering the world at the same time, the natural environment with the development of human civilization and the rapid changes, which have both positive and negative side. Over the past hundred years, the rapid development of modern industrial society, so that the vast majority of the world's people are bathed in rich material civilization, but the rapid development is to the earth's natural environment has brought hitherto unknown damage. In the human high damage to the nature at the same time, nature also will be gradually created by human himself the bitter fruit of each show. In recent years, we find that the global climate continues warming, thinning of the ozone layer, frequent extreme weather, volcano eruption, earthquake and tsunami, Tiankeng constantly in the world, nuclear radiation pollution raging, phenomenon of millions of fish, birds get killed, let people feel panic. The famous Hollywood disaster movie "the day after tomorrow", "2012" once again set off the doomsday predictions, especially for the Mayan prophecy attention, on 2012 will be the end of the world is once again cause a temporary clamour. Then, about 2012 doomsday Mayan prophecy is true and reliable? If you are not reliable, how should we look at the end of the warning, to deal with the problem? This book will give you the answer.

In recent years the global catastrophic climate frequently, because near December 21, 2012, Maya predicted the world tomorrow is the end of the world is also cause a temporary clamour. What the ancient Maya why this prophecy? What's the mystery? By the end of 2012 would say not as predicted in that way, mankind will face hitherto unknown disaster? Why is near 2012, disasters around the world continue to increase? Another question, in people's mind. The book speaks from the recent disasters, leads to the end of the Mayan prophecy said, and the doomsday prophecy, whether it has burst or unconfirmed are described in detail and the control, elaborated own viewpoint, rich knowledge and interest, have a positive and practical significance.
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The first chapter is the bell has sounded alarm bells ring end how far away from us?
2. crying abnormal climate glacier
3. disturbing the earth
4. frequent disease
5. a large number of animal deaths

second chapter Maya civilization and the end of the world
1. what is Maya Maya civilization history of
2. />3.
1) Maya civilization achievements of agricultural production
2) superb technology the Crystal Skull
3) astronomy and the calendar
6 math text)
8) literature philosophy religion
4. Maya civilization end
one guess: with the aliens leave
guess two: because of belligerent and destruction of
guess three: the ecological damage caused die
guess four: drought destroyed
guess five: strict hierarchy in the Maya civilization destroyed
guess six: because the earthquake buried in the depths of the sea
guess seven: internal violence and death.
guess eight: sacrifice to kill too many

third chapters other famous doomsday prophecy?
1. missionary Robertson predicted that in 1982 the day of judgment
2. Nostradamus
3. "doomsday prophecy:" New York Times Halley's comet doom the earth

fourth chapter that has "fulfilled" famous predictions that the Kaiser
2. the death of the tyrant Nero
fifth chapter if a disaster really coming
sixth chapters indigo children and the end of the world.
seventh chapter the end or the beginning?
Chapter excerpt

In recent years, the climatic variation in China north and south. People can not help but ask, what is our earth? Why is cold, and cold as ice, sometimes violent as arthritis? Global warming, this is an indisputable fact, everyone can feel to get. Investigate its reason, it is because the rapid development of modern industrial society, constantly predatory destruction of nature at the same time, it will be a large number of harmful substances and carbon dioxide emissions, the original nature of the balance has been broken, the ozone layer in the earth's protective umbrella of be the first to bear the brunt, suffered great damage. Since the ozone layer breakage, global climate gradually began to become, in some parts of the earth was in March from the large snowflakes, severe winter but when the scorching sun. Not only that, abnormal weather also led to some local disasters. In China for example, inland climate has gradually towards the coastal climate, winter inland has been very difficult to see the snow. While the north is dry river bed, no water, the sky dark year such as cloth, but without a drop of rain. People struggling to dry land the hard land, dug thousands of fissure loess, looking for helpSource of water. They used a quantitative transport from dozens of miles away to water, every day with less than five litres of water difficult to live. In their world, gargle is a luxury, a drop of clean water is very precious. This is not alarmist, drought years old, is a well or a stream, two village played half alive things are not uncommon. We are in the civilized society, if it happened, had to say is a miserable thing. In contrast with the severe drought, is a monstrous flood. Northern region is not to drink a mouthful of water, sorrow, South to the Hunan based inland provinces and cities, but year after year suffer from floods. Too much water has become a disaster, which implies the great strength of flood, along the way, overcome all obstacles. Forest tremble in the face of it, the house before it collapses, life asked quietly in a wave...... Our earth is how in the end, what time from the beginning, our earth. The mother suddenly become so grumpy? In twentieth Century 60 years, one year a sustained global appeared some weird weather. A rare weather come one after another, and even then the World Meteorological Organization also aware of what. When people into this weird weather was surprised when, the World Meteorological Organization will these climate data archiving, makes a unified processing, and give them a new name -- "rare weather phenomenon in 30 years". Just as a side door filing, but did not think this weather occurs frequently at the start of the following years, and there are more and more serious trend. For us, it's just numbers increasing year by year, but in the climate scientists' eyes, the figure is like a time bomb on the timer, it will be a message to them -- the earth seems to be rapidly aging, from the destruction of the more recent. What happened in the recent 20 years things, strange and changeful climate has become a common practice. What these strange climate what explanation? In the northwest and north area of our country, in recent years, frequent large-scale dust storms, people feel very strange at first, but later with the annual sandstorm, the climate has almost become a fixed pattern of weather in the north. Once the dust storm, the sky became winds mixed sand and dust of the world, gray sky obscured the sun, in the sky, only to see a layer of yellow sand covered the whole region in the north. The air, the opacity of the hours of sand clouds, once people go out the dust impact, some people suffering from respiratory diseases, serious and even threat to life. Many factories without building a special sealing building, therefore in the dust weather can stop stop, because of the weather reason things are not rare in the north. In the raging sandstorm days, upon which the survival of farmers farmland, livestock, fruit, can not escape. Once the news report, during a sandstorm, because there is no advance prevention, many livestock inhalation of dust had exceed the standard on the respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, began a large number of death. Wait until after the sand storm, life in the open air of vegetation were the entrainment of dust blowing not anything left. Leaves fall, root exposure, heavy dust and the remnant of the covers on the foliage, making them unable to photosynthesize, lost in nutrient conditions, slowly began to wilt. After the statistics, only the direct economic losses caused by disasters will reach two hundred million. And the nature of the warning is far from over, wait until after the storm, with the seasons, it began to snow. Snow is a kind of flow, when the snow on the ground, with the ground temperature cooling degree at 0 ℃, -1 ℃ and -2 ℃, it will begin to flow in the cold air. Snow is a kind of indirect aid, it can only linger in the snow, in some cases, rising temperatures the cold snow melt, snow change in water, snow appear at this time. It swept through the treetops, those about to melt snow into ice crystals, is our winter often seen in the tree, this phenomenon is called snow. Snow in the north is a common weather, but it is on the south is a huge disaster. Because the snow in winter the water is frozen into ice, into a freezing, frozen block buildings with increasing attachment, trees, telephone poles, communications, power plant, highway and railway traffic, the aircraft will be affected, if action is not taken, these mechanical equipment will be damaged. To reduce the loss caused by the snow we can do very little, only to human destroy blocks of snow or snow melting agent is used to alleviate this disaster. P1-4
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An amazing prophecy, like a secret! December 21, 2012 is the end of the world? Why does the Mayan people have such a prophecy? Behind this prophecy representation, hidden in the end what kind of secret? The mystery of the Mayan civilization, how much we uncover the veil? Stories about the 2012 doomsday Mayan prophecy is true and reliable? If you are not reliable, how should we look at the end of the warning, to deal with the problem? "2012 Mayan prophecy" will give you the answer. The book was edited by Zhao Yaohua.
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