2012 = doomsday

Date of publication:2010-8   Press: Hualing   Author:Zheng Tong  

In 2012, the earth will be destroyed? In 2012 December 21st, is a legend in the end of the world? According to the Maya creation "Zhuo" calendar said, our earth is now in the so-called "Fifth Sun", this is the last "Ji sun". The Maya believed in the sun, the movement of the earth and the solar system is through the Milky Way ray beam from the Milky Way system. Cross section of the beam diameter is 5125 earth years. In other words, the earth through the radiation beam needs in 5125. So, the first year in accordance with the Mayan date, 3113 BC and 5125, the termination time of civilization in the 2012 a.d.. The Maya did not mention what caused the civilization ending, but since the Mayan calendar so accurate predictions, they should also have a according to the. So, various doomsday view cause a temporary clamour, many people even get jittery. In fact, in recorded human history, for the doomsday prophecies, there have been many. In the past century, we have verified that the absurd enough doomsday prophecy. After reading this book, you always be anxious and fearful, perhaps there is another new answers to the end of the world will.
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The first chapter? The Zoroastrian heritage of the 42 death and the end of the world 73 end time 84 Egyptians 11 Zoroastrian hell idea 115 other point of the 012 chapter second? "The Bible" 151 revelation of a 172 "Isaiah" 193 "the book of Ezekiel" 224 "the book of Daniel 025 the third chapter" Enlightenment "? Record" 321 "Revelation" full 322 in John's eyes to read "Revelation" 433 "Revelation" puzzle 454 conflict between good and evil and Satan: Lamb 475 "Revelation" and "Daniel" 486 "to read" 507 start and end the Apocalypse 538 "human final war" story the 054 chapter fourth? "The Bible Code" 561 from the beginning of the Newton recourse 562 Bible Code 573 has been cracked predicted 584 past, present and future exist simultaneously 735 Bible Code -- the book seal? 746 end face 084 chapter fifth? "The Koran" 941 doomsday arrive? 942 before the end of 963 the moon sign cracked 1004 world chaos 1015 city will be destroyed 1036 earthquakes of 1047 human in poverty 1058 moral value collapsing 1069 religious beliefs abandoned 10810 society on the brink of collapse 11111 the rapid development of science and technology 11412 ISA (Jesus) Adventist 11913 golden age 12214 prime time after the 124 chapter sixth? "Method 1261" destroyed "destroyed" by 1262 Padmasambhava predicted 129 chapter seventh? "The century" 1351 a "new" Bible "" 1352 predicted 5.12 earthquake 1383 "king of terror" drop from the clouds 1394 terrorist king who is? 1415 doomsday disaster 1436 predicted his own death 150 chapter eighth? The sleeping prophet 1521 magic medicine 1522 the understanding of life on 1553 world 1584 predicted 1605 about geographic variation in interpretation of the future world of 161 the ninth chapter? Chinese ancient prophecy predicted 1641 "Tui Bei Tu" 1652 "doomsday" Tui Bei Tu in about 1683 "the Shaanxi Taibai Liu Bowen inscription" 174 chapter tenth? Maya 1791 developed abnormal and mysterious disappeared civilization 1792 Temple of the inscriptions 1843 the mystery of the tomb owner 1864 owner ship driver? 1885 the mystery of the Tzolkin 1906 humans have destroyed 193 chapter eleventh? 35 in the history of the 2031 oldest failed doomsday prophecy doomsday prophecy 2032 Christian predicted 2043 montanists predicted 2044 ad 970 years in March 25th 2045 in 1284 2056 "Christ" 2067 out of 2078 mysterious birth flood Messiah Adventist 2089 "666" 20810 new spell over England black sky 20811 hens prophet 20912 "mother Maria" predicted 21013 in April 23, 1843 21014 August 7, 1847 21115 1874 21116 1881 21117 1891 21218 1910 21219 December 17, 1919 21320 1967 21321 April 29, 1980 21522 March 10, 1982 21523 April 29, 1987 21624 1988 21626 September 28, 1992 21625.90's 21727 in 1997 March to in May 21728.1997 years in March 26th 21729 March 31, 1998 21830 July at twelve one in the morning in 1999 21831 in January 1, 2000 21832 May 5, 2000 ad 21933 ad 2006 In February 12th 22034 in March 21, 2008 22035 artificial black hole 220 chapter twelfth? The haze will accompany human 2231 earth sun pole will be reversed in 2012? 2232 super solar storm makes human return to the "Dark Age"? 2253 bad tempered baby -- the "El Nino" 2274 Uranus anomaly near the earth 2305 the earth will turn into the fourth dimension 2316.2015 years into the end of the world turning point, save the earth in just 7 years time? ??? 2327 asteroid will think in 2036 "kiss" earth 2358 Newton manuscript doomsday will likely put humans into hell 23710 "mad scientist" sentenced death 2411110000000 years after carbon dioxide in the atmosphere disappeared in 2060 2369 nuclear war, the end of the world? The 24312 mercury instabilityCaused by fear of mars hit the earth caused by solar system chaos 24413 astronomers said that 7600000000 years after the end of the world 246 to thirteenth chapter? The human will not destroy the 2491 Maya really predicted in 2012 to the end of the world? 2492 America NASA: 2012 is not the end of the world 2503 solar activity will not suddenly accelerated 2514 neutrino heating core is twaddle 2515 pole reversals can't affect the 2526 planet "wired" 2527 person NASA gravity from the small star and 2538 earthquake is not doomsday threatened 2549 collider will not bring about the end of the world 25710 scientists published five scheme to protect the earth not being hit 25911 scientists will be the end of the world clocks back one minute 26212 quest Norway "Doomsday Seed Vault" 26313 to save the endangered species tractor. The earth, the British introduced the "frozen Ark" plan 26814 ultimate idea: cover "lunar Ark" continued survival of life on earth. The 2012 27115 Tibetan monks to save earth force, immortal the 272 chapter fourteenth? The real world 2741 terrorism globalization 2742 2815 2773 earthquake tsunami havoc 2794 global ecological deterioration of the environment -- the earth cannot bear the economic crisis of 2836 the plague -- like a flock died 2857 to doomsday prophecy? 287
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  •   The content of this book is very attractive, I was two days after.
  •   It is a magical book
    !! Love it
  •   Curious children read it
  •   Yes, it is a very good book. Introduces the 2012 doomsday and interpretation of the end of the world. Recommended
  •   How to feel what cannot read. I feel very deep. Buy a book. Keep after slowly see discount 17.1 yuan, but also good
  •   The thought of the contents of the book is the novel plot, who knows is that
  •   Perfect dismissed absurd predictions, the knowledge content is too high, very good

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