• The aliens and UFO

    The discovery third series, "Introduction" aliens and UFO content: really aliens? In addition to human existence on earth the existence of other life? This is a troubling human for a long time, if not, then the ghost appeared frequently in people's vision of UFO and repeated exposure to the news media event is how aliens,

  • Human mystery

    Human mystery, "human Mystery (premium collection)" content brief introduction: slash-and-burn cultivation has not yet dispersed the smoke, the original worship bell is still clear, the roar of the machine began to bustle, blue space has left the human footprint. With the mystery of the universe and the earth are uncovered, human beings seem to stand in, be equal to anything without,

  • The mysterious world culture

    "The world the mysterious culture": the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno of human knowledge and ignorance likened the circle, he believes that the circle is known, outside the circle is ignorance. The more you know, the greater the same circle, circle of ignorance is correspondingly larger. In the process of evolution of human civilization, ignorance,

  • The ancient Egypt

    The discovery third series, "Introduction to ancient Egypt" content: Ancient Egyptian people still Nile water tides in the struggle of life, the divine pharaohs has been in a magnificent tomb for luxury afterlife. The statue in the forest, hieroglyphs was still writing, Steefan Kors the terrible face gradually blurred in the years of efforts, gold,

  • The blind spot of civilization

    Decoding the human universe of 1,000,000,000 universes unsolved mysteries,, Nothing is too strange. Human beings have hundreds of thousands of years of history, in the region of different period, have left many hidden eternal mystery. "Civilization (blind decoding the human Unsolved Mysteries)" brings together the world's very valuable and puzzles, and vivid popular language to explain these,

  • The star child head bone mystery

    For human and alien hybrid descendents, he lived in 900 years ago, he was 5 years old; his huge skull was found in 1930; since 1999, he became a problem archaeologists: his DNA does not belong to human beings, human and alien hybrids. So, who is he? Where are you from? Why and come? ,

  • The world's most mysterious house

    The secret data from the world's largest ghost site -- haunted village network! Many of the world's house, cemetery there really astonishing phenomenon, such as: no man dare to stay overnight in Irish Bailey Castle Hotel, there are often 600 ghosts active Marie ship, has been wandering in the Rose Hall 150 years of evil,

  • Terrible coincidence

    "Terrible coincidence: explore the main content at all times and in all countries Indigo Prophecy works:" Nostradamus predicted the America "9 • 11" terrorist attack; Jeanne Dixon predicted the assassination of President Kennedy; a prophecy concerning "Tui Bei Tu" launched the Datang power...... And a "2012" movie,

  • People actually have two lives

    What dreams predicted, "people actually have two lives: what dreams predicted (Second Edition)" content brief introduction: each of us life will be like that, something like is going on in your life, you will be very very clearly remember ever dreamed of. Some people; or the death of a loved one, or the family, etc. in some cases will also appear in the dream,

  • Da Finch the prophet of Doom

    Peerless talent buried 500 years of blockbuster puzzle, "Da Finch doomsday prophecy: peerless talent buried 500 years of blockbuster puzzle" content brief introduction: the magic of Finch predicted that is not said today, tomorrow can become a reality, and that it can unlock the fate for the people in the dark and endless universe the password. As seen through human secret not,

  • God's strategy

    The lost city of God, "God's strategy: introduction to the lost city of the God" content: human myths and legends always have a mysterious connection with prehistoric sites, and the construction level of these prehistoric sites are far from our modern people can and the distant past and distant future seems to coincide to a point, ancestors and alien human life has,

  • The history of the prophet

    "The history of the prophet" content brief introduction: Ark of the covenant of the magic boundless mysterious God machinery now where? Various races in the world is the ancient aliens came to earth? On the island of Malta "rut" and why? Geometric net Greek temple is the astronauts masterpiece? Dniken, the history of the decryption,

  • Chinese mystery

    "Chinese Mystery (Student Edition)" content brief introduction: zero distance contact China historical cultural and natural wonders, with unique vision all-round perspective of magnificent historical wisdom and breathtaking natural weirdness. Buried for thousands of years to explore truth events, search for hidden puzzle mystery. ,

  • An emblem of eternity

    Nasca lines and use has been a mystery, for the origin of human mystery lovers have a strong attraction, but today, there is still much about NASCAR mystery stories are not so convincing. The famous Swiss writer Erich von Dniken in the book made a careful analysis of the,

  • The Zombie Survival Guide

    How to run amok in the crazy world of the living dead living, The Zombie Survival Guide, the end is near, a zombie infested is the choice of survival or assumption of destruction? This is not a fantasy or joke. This is a critical moment for the book! World zombie guru, pains, selling ten years, swept the world! Zombie fans have no reason not to read, not buy, do not worship the zombie bible! Must.

  • The end date

    "The Earth Chronicles" seventh, The End of Days: Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return, "the Earth Chronicles". Seventh, 30 anniversary celebration of double milepost end version! Periodic astronomical time ★ an already set means. The twelfth celestial bodies and the gods will return again? Why we are at ad twenty-first Century like the twenty-first Century B.C.? ,

  • FBI file aliens witness memoir

    CONTACTEES, read the transcript file FBI file integrity, understands the alien witnesses every amazing details. 37 witnesses testimony, 20 UFO shape, 29 kinds of aliens...... Take you live alien witnessed the scene, participate in various stunning bizarre contact events. 19.

  • People actually have two lives

    We in the life of every person will have so of time, something like the events in your life, you will clearly remember, it happened, rather, had occurred in the dream. Or, some people's bereavement or family, and some will appear in a dream, and it is proved that the. Some of the dream,

  • Unpredictable Egyptians

    The Nile civilization not secret, historical, complex human deeds, thoughts and life forms of common casting into. In a history table shine with great splendor phase, often with little offbeat custom known strange, weird situation incomparable, and unspeakable terrible conspiracy. They are in most textbooks have been deliberately ignored, is more comprehensive,

  • Not the phenomenon

    From around the world in a supernatural power, this book is a exciting supernatural landscape "guide", include: X-ray vision, bizarre expected, bizarre picture, anti gravity phenomenon appears in the strange place, crack space time structure, from coming back to the present time traveler, shaman stone energetic...... And so on from,

  • The Carnival

    "Erich von Dniken book" the gods Carnival (Kiribati Island alien tomb Mystery) "the shape of the alien world fascinating. He is a complete earth people also fascinating. The reader of the "gods Carnival (Kiribati Island alien tomb Mystery)" by Mr. nikken,

  • New life digital password

    Brief introduction of "new life" digital password: testing the hidden character, negative emotion to positive ability. Recognize talent, inspire potentiality, let everyone to find their own happiness and growth. Digital science and astrology, tarot and known as the western three big ancient mysteries. Its core significance for individual preferences and closely contact with him,

  • The mystery of the Second World War

    The discovery third series, "War II mystery" content: only a short while ago, ghost fascist war hovered over the world, people now this phantom has been a peace loving ignited the fire Stigmata justice. However, when people follow the historical trajectory change constantly like cloud and wave back at the second world war time, there are still many puzzling,

  • Kawashima Yoshico, the mystery of life and death to decrypt

    "Kawashima Yoshico on the mystery of life and death": she was born in the late Qing Dynasty to decrypt the contents of Aixinjueluo Royal, a statue of Su, Shanqi "Fourteen Princess", and later became the Japanese Naniwa Kawashima "sons and daughters". Her life is full of legend, known as "men's beauty". Originally should be the friendship between the two peoples in Japan,

  • China mystery unsolved mystery

    "The mystery unsolved mystery" China carefully selected more than 200 is mystery, the selected events involving many areas of archaeological, historical issues, civilization history of celebrity, the natural world, ancient science and technology, culture and folklore. They are mysterious phenomenon China the vast land of the world, or submerged in history,

  • The world of mystery and Mystery Box

    The world of mystery and mysterious phenomenon of complete works, "the world of mystery and mysterious phenomenon of complete works" content brief introduction: change unpredictably vast universe and Nothing is too strange. The big world, there are always some phenomenon, let a person feel mysterious, there is always something left too many mysteries. These strange phenomena and the nature of numerous numerous difficult problem, can always arouse our,

  • China cultural mystery

    "Introduction China Culture Mystery" content: Chinese culture is the crystallization of Chinese civilization of thousands of years, in this long cultural history, with thousands on thousands of ancient civilization is still a mystery, scientists Einstein said, a mysterious sense is the most beautiful of all the experiences and feelings of human beings, this is all true art,

  • Wonder world

    "The world's most fascinating: evil supernatural place" content brief introduction: in the world of the unknown corner, there are many strange place, behind them there are many stories worthy of our mining. "The world" the most evil: which place the strangest selects many famous supernatural world, and tells them the story,

  • The ancient Egyptian Book of the dead

    "The ancient Egyptian Book of the dead" is an ancient and magnificent poetry, a total of twenty-seven, including a spell, hymns, long release, all kinds of manners, such as word of God, they have generally been carved or writing in Pyramid or the tomb wall, while others are printed on the coffin or engraved on the fine. Because the original is like,

  • Exodus From the Earth

    This book attempts to some predictions using scientific methods to interpret such as above all over the world, with various mysterious phenomenon has happened or is happening, to a large number of data reflects the current human life environment of the earth, shocking to reflect human suffering from disaster and will have to face the disaster, and display and forecast,

  • The Jesus Family Tomb of mystery

    One theory is that Jesus is "pagan mythology gods birth" and "Resurrection", with the first century Jewish Messiah (Christ) product legend binding, authenticity in history, not in Greek mythology, Zeus more. One billion five hundred million Christians -- accounted for more than 1/5 of the world population -- thought,

  • The study of myth

    "The myth of" the income has three kinds: one, "Central Plains classical mythology rheological study", this book was published in 1991 by the Shanghai literature and Art Publishing house. It is difficult to find the book. It mainly studies Chinese ancient mythology in the characteristics and laws of folklore. It is to research and publish investigation report of Central Plains myth,

  • Human is half alien, half the people on earth

    "Half human is alien, half of the earth": 500000 years ago, a band called "viscera life" aliens came to earth, they found here is rare in the vast universe of heaven of life; the planet's land, sea, sky, full of beautiful, rich, unbelievable life. ,

  • I have been abducted by aliens 11 times

    Stan Romanek on earth is abducted by aliens the most number of people. First, September 21, 2001, long a possum face aliens kidnap him to the ship. Second, September 3, 2002, abducted by aliens who, in his brain with the mysterious equations. Third.

  • Tsinghua University scholar love to read the mystery

    "Tsinghua University champion most loved reading Mystery (CD)" content brief introduction: long universe is born, its future what kind? The Bermuda Triangle, let many guest inexplicably disappeared, what is the strength to make it so mysterious? UF0 frequent earth, is alien to this beautiful earth exploration,

  • The supernatural

    Brief content: "supernatural" mysterious events when the fantastic emerge in an endless stream, people begin to wonder -- strange stones, gloomy old house, frequently staged the disappearances, insurmountable dead zone...... Too many things let a person be not a little bewildered. So, appeared with the dialogue spirit, have,

  • Amazing coincidence all files

    Amazing coincidence all files "file series: amazing coincidence all files" included a coincidence "fate": Hu Fu Pyramid coincidence puzzle; 20 years fixed number: every 20 years elected president will died in office; imperial Feng Shui secret: Beijing City auspicious patterns hidden truths; word Mystery's startled day secret: the puzzle leaked landing plan; disaster,

  • In the name of Jose

    The alien is how to "disguise oneself" hidden in the US? Primitive tribes of indigenous people to grasp how profound knowledge of astronomy? Mawangdui unearthed topographic map was a satellite map? The Celtics ancient mirror after pattern is of fractal graphs? What sacrifice masquerade? The legendary Shambhala is,

  • 2012 Mayan prophecy.

    In recent years the global catastrophic climate frequently, because near December 21, 2012, Mayan doomsday prophecy that cause a temporary clamour. What the ancient Maya why this prophecy? What's the mystery? At the end of 2012, what will it did not as predicted in the,,

  • The genesis of a day early to start

    This book is written by the famous Swiss writer Erich von Dniken about the myths and legends and the origin of human exploration of the. "The genesis of a day early to start" author Erich von Dniken in this book the Bible stories to the reality of the reasoning and theoretical analysis, through a large number of text column,

  • The magic of the Maya

    The Mayan culture because of its mysterious prophecy and rich history, from generation to generation handed down; changeable stereo, complex and self system. "Magic of the Mayan doomsday prophecy: the decryption password" 2012 focuses on the Mayan culture content, classification, and the characteristics of Maya culture in each period and specific content,

  • Interpretation of dreams.

    Study on the extraordinary dream -- they will tell us about the dream of information; children and adolescents in what dream nightmare; how to influence results; Freud and Carl Jung's dream theory; how to make the dream that will lead you towards success; themes and meanings for common dream; recurring dreams are telling you what the meditation and other methods,

  • Nicola wills

    600 years ago, a lowly scribe Nicola Rome in Paris quiet death, that Nicola Rome is the most famous European medieval mystery, he is the legendary magic stone owner: he left a huge amount of property suspected, an obscure jargon, full of books, and a use,

  • The mysterious mystery collection (,)

    "Exploration, found that teenagers must read: mysterious mystery collection (strengthen fine Edition) (set of 2 volumes)" magic moment truly reproduce the big world, fragments of human civilization's wonderful interpretation secret. The layers reveal the truth, weiweidaolai. No can not understand things in this world, only has not been,

  • A book to read through the world of mystery

    "A book to read through the world of Mystery (Acura over the latest version)" with knowledge and interest as the purpose, all-round, multi angle display the most valuable, most explore significance and most people concern more world mystery, divided into the clouds, the civilization of the universe natural history, vision, fog,,

  • The secret history of the Mongols

    "The secret history of the" content: low born geisha to climb back? The Millennium saw the empress deep end and how? Raising children queen why to die is still a virgin? Ban Lao Xu Niang invited King lifelong favor? This is a conspiracy, politics, love woven into a secret history, thousands of,

  • Crystal solar mystery

    The author of this book from Stockholm to Shanghai, from Athens to Cairo, all over the world museum, search and saw hundreds of ancient magnifier. The load one's pages with references, see many languages, thousands of ancient and modern literature, after more than 30 years of the study, written in the book, thus providing a complete,

  • Chariots of the gods

    A brief history of Chariots of the alien, Gods, in 1968, the first edition of this book was published in Germany, which triggered a global alien research upsurge. To complete the book, author Feng Dniken visited the alien ruins around the world, including Europe, the Stonehenge in Britain, Italy, American Peru valka Monica site the Nazca plain, Mexico,

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