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Date of publication:2010-3   Press: Shanghai Culture Press   Author:Fang Shizhong   Pages:253   Words:180000  

This book is about the study of the world performing arts market of monographs, the book includes: Cultural coordinate, the Lincoln Center for the performing arts, carrying forward the traditional British business drama charm, neoclassical ballet cradle, the international level of national Chinese Orchestra, the southern hemisphere. The book suitable for the relevant research work of reference reading.
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Fang Shizhong, doctor of philosophy, East China Normal University, EMBA of China Europe International Business School, visiting scholar of Economics Department Kyushu Kyoritsu University, Shanghai Conservatory Of Music, College of Visual Arts Fudan University Shanghai guest professor at the national cultural system, "a group of four" business management talents. By the end of 2004, led the formation of Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Center, Dean of the Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Center president, Shanghai Grand Theatre
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The first comprehensive center for the Performing Arts in chapter first, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Comprehensive Art Center's flagship flexible complementary dual management structure of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in the operating conditions of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts economic effects of second chapter Kennedy performing arts center. America image representative capacity 乃火 swallow anything and everything the third chapter Japanese art cultural revitalization would support Japan traditional performing arts government public and private efficiency with the fourth chapter of Hongkong Art Center from the "cultural desert" in the rise of entertainment and education simultaneously second large theatre in Chapter fifth, the Royal National Theatre theater layout to carry forward the traditional British triple play charm of the sixth chapter Sydney Opera House sail shape theatre of the southern hemisphere have a style of one's own cultural coordinates the operating characteristics of the seventh chapter in metropolitan New York the Metropolitan Opera Opera Opera "Mecca" city of first-class stage third internationally renowned performance group the eighth chapter the Boston Symphony Orchestra USA richest Art + capital = the successful operation of ninth chapter of the Philadelphia Orchestra great "Philadelphia sound "Cradle of civilians and elite participation success capital operation in Chapter tenth, the New York City Ballet neoclassical ballet into chapter eleventh Hongkong ballet integrating Chinese and Western Ballet essence to become real friends of the ballet twelfth chapter of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra international level of national Chinese Orchestra's orchestra universal Lok thirteenth chapter of Hongkong Chinese Orchestra world class Orchestra in music also close to the pulse of the times, fourth growth in the China case: Art of oriental metropolis of Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Center in the fourteenth chapter, Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Centre follow the laws of art, promote the artistic original ability to follow the market rules, to create the city's cultural card in accordance with international practice, explore the development mode of operation: appendix ten years road and dreams
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