World Cultural Heritage

Date of publication:2003-11-1   Press: Zhejiang people's Fine Arts Publishing House   Author:(DE), Schimmel, Shao Sichan.   Pages:347页  

This book provides a survey of the United Nations Educational, all world heritage UNESCO "World Heritage List", in a unique way, through the text and pictures, detailed display of 120 of the most beautiful and the most important world heritage, this part of the world heritage in the book is in accordance with the various continents and countries order (from the northwest to the southeast) to arrangement. For all other world heritage site (according to the name of the country
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3 1 from the northern shipbuilding inspired
2 prehistoric myth type an attractive wooden color the legacy
4 Georg Valley in the entertainment -- hot spring bath
5 church's murder and devout pilgrims
6 Greenwich -- the palace life center
7 not the mill rattle, also do not see gurgling streams flow
8 washing, bleaching and pray to
9 the cult of the virgin
10 Lascaux stone age Picasso
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