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Date of publication:2012-7   Press: China Books Publishing House   Author:Qi Cong he   Pages:357   Words:206000  

China is experiencing a great change of far-reaching. "The media and cultural innovation of library integrated creative force: the Chinese cultural industry case study" choose China to the "creative industries", "new media" or "cultural accumulation" in the name of the five cultural industry park, and three cultural industry base to adjust the industrial structure represents the area or industry upgrading and transformation. For the depth research of type; at the same time, trying to macro, meso and micro three levels, through the longitudinal historical development and transverse multidisciplinary perspectives, construct the research framework on the development of Cultural Industry Park system. Study found that, as with consciousness, thought, idea, the category of philosophy are closely related, cultural industry is being elected to change the vanguard position, and the culture itself is changing as the primary productivity in the information age.
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Qi Cong he, Hebei. Master's degree in economics from Hebei University, Communication University of China, journalism, communication psychology direction. Now Beijing City University lecturer. Research direction: the psychology of communication, journalism, public opinion, communication theory, etc.. Compiling the "communication theory", "news criticism theory" and other books, published many essays.
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Create the TV media industry chain of the legendary culture
- China Beijing Star TV production base of research and thinking of
established in the text based on the Creative Kingdom
- royal literature limited
cultural and creative industry park construction "Shenzhen experience"
-- Taking Shenzhen overseas Chinese town of OCT LOFT, Tian design of the Creative Industry Park as an example of
Yichang Che Xi minority cultural heritage protection and tourism development of
Beijing Songzhuang cultural and creative industries in the development of
Tangshan cultural and creative industry development survey of
-- from the perspective of Resource-based cities transformation of
the traditional paper media to create the cultural industry to explore the road to
-- "Peninsula Metropolis Daily" case study
Dalian animation industry research and development
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(two) the transformation experience of the Jiangxi Jingdezhen mention Jingdezhen, people will immediately think of nice cloisonne. Jingdezhen porcelain is known, in addition to the superb technology craftsmen, Jingdezhen high quality porcelain mine resources is also making magic exquisite porcelain. With a restless Millennium kiln fire, China clay mining step has never stopped, but also makes the Jingdezhen china clay resources step by step into the depletion period. In 2009, the national development and Reform Commission in Jingdezhen will be identified as the second batch of resource exhausted cities. Jingdezhen with the national resource exhausted cities pilot reform as an opportunity, the reconstruction of Chinese porcelain image. Specifically the ceramic cultural and creative industry as the starting point, with large ceramic industry strategy to promote the revitalization of Jingdezhen old industrial base, improve the urban quality, speed up industrial restructuring, in order to realize the combination of ceramic industry and tourism, culture, science and technology, the ecological environment, leading to realize linkage development one or two, three industry for ceramic cultural and creative industries, effectively improve the livelihood of the people to build harmony, thus speeding up the adjustment of industrial structure, safeguard financial growth, full employment, construction transformation innovation pilot area, to create the world's porcelain, ecological livable city, to promote sustainable economic and social development. The reconstruction model of the core meaning is "creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, with these three ideas throughout the urban industry, urban, social, ecological and environmental factors such as restructuring, improvement and optimization. One of the key resources in Jingdezhen urban transformation is the consumption of resources cities transformation to culture creative economy leading cities of circular economy, and the optimization of resource reconfiguration to improve Jingdezhen intangible resources to open a new way for Jingdezhen resource city transition. Jingdezhen make full use of and mining enterprises to the accumulation of brand advantage and deep ceramic historical and cultural resources, rational integration of enterprise's tangible assets and intangible assets, the brand construction, bigger and stronger "Jingdezhen" the Millennium ceramic brand, brand advantage, research strengths and professional cooperation with the advantages of combining, ceramics the integration of industry resources development endless. The development of Jingdezhen ceramic culture industry focused, to build a world-class ceramic cultural and creative industry base. Give play to the unique advantage of Jingdezhen ceramic art, ceramic cultural and creative industries into the revitalization of Jingdezhen ceramics new growth point, the formation of world art ceramic, daily-use ceramics, industrial ceramics and other creative, planning, brand, technology and academic exchanges of high-end platform, and become the most influential international ceramic industry leader. A total investment of 1000000000 yuan, 1000 acres of land to build the "five centers", namely the world-class ceramic creative design center, world ceramic culture tourism center, world-class ceramic cultural exhibition and exchange center, a world-class antique pottery and porcelain and ceramics art trading center, a world-class ceramic cultural and creative education and information media center. From the construction industry from the perspective of creative economy in Jingdezhen City, promote the national innovation pilot city construction, realize the goal to create the world's porcelain.......
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