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Date of publication:2005-12   Press: Shanghai dictionary press   Author:Yang Tianshi   Pages:231   Words:202000  

The book is "a hundred years the tide" series of fine, it to the Soviet Union as the breakthrough point, with the recent declassified Soviet archives of precious materials, reveals a series of important events in the specific historical environment, and these parts behind the little-known insider, read the shocking. The book also introduces what Khrushchev did at TNCCPSU on the Stalin report insider; Soviet marshal Zhukov political ups and downs. In addition, after the two war between America and the Soviet Union dimension of half a century of cold war in twentieth Century 60 years they had a "Cuban" missile crisis nuclear confrontation in the Caribbean, almost put mankind into a nuclear war in the Korean War abyss; the sword in the string of be struck with fright shadow; "the rise and fall of the Khmer Rouge", you can read in books.
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Yang Tianshi, the ancestral home Jiangsu Xinghua, on 15 February 1936. Experts China modern history. Peking University in 1960 graduated from the Department of Chinese, was assigned to Beijing eight one agriculture machinery school. In 1962 January, and to teach the high school affiliated to Beijing Normal University. In 1978 April, transferred to the modern history research China Academy of Social Sciences History Research Group (later renamed the room), engaged in professional research work. In 1988 promoted for research
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"(hundred year tide) series of works" ordered world Trotskyist organization of the origin and evolution of Hitler's rhetorical meter and the Soviet purges of the Soviet Union in 1941 and 1991 Khrushchev secret report publishs inside the Soviet Union "the last anti Party group" came out on Zhukov's political ups and downs gossip Brezhnev political movement sequelae and the drastic change of the Soviet Union the terrible "interview with Molotov" the political and economic reform in Russia in the tortuous experience the ups and downs of Li Senke and Soviet genetics novel "Doctor Zhivago" and its author Khrushchev why help China speech -- Khrushchev in 1961 and Kennedy talks of a nuclear confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union be struck with fright -- declassified files show the Cuban Missile Crisis "Tito road" is how to form? -- in 1948 the South of Jiangsu conflict through to assassinate Tito: Stalin's attempted plan fifteen thousand Poland officers were killed. Three hats of Jaruzelski "Prague spring" -- the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and the Li Chengwan forty years ago is how the downfall of the Korean War in Japan nuclear shadow "Bushido" the Khmer Rouge forty years: "the rise and fall of Pohl Butt the left." A mirror "(100 year tide) series of works" afterword
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  •   Hundred year tide's book, the quality is certainly not to say
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  •   As the official published works, have very real.
  •   Reflect basically some public information, content is not too many fresh ideas, for beginners to have a look just fine.

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