The international etiquette

Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Tianjin Science and Technology Press   Author:Lian Juanlong   Pages:188   Words:258000  
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The old world Coffee and tea ceremonial meal etiquette and meal Chapet 1 food preparation before the Chinese etiquette Western-style food etiquette etiquette know-it-all banquet for Japanese food wine etiquette etiquette etiquette know-it-all wine etiquette etiquette clothing: wearing Chapet2 clothing and grooming formal clothes marching men article Formal Dress Lady article etiquette know-it-all understanding brand leisure occasions dress etiquette know-it-all basic skin care and cosmetic Chapet3 etiquette etiquette etiquette to home Lodge Hotel etiquette etiquette manners Chapet4 posture between elevator etiquette etiquette etiquette Chapet5 bus communication ritual greeting and conversation etiquette telephone etiquette letters and e-mail etiquette etiquette Chapet6 social networking media etiquette workplace etiquette business etiquette Chapet7 Chapet8 Chapet9 travel abroad reference @##@ etiquette To be in appropriate cases show well versed in etiquette elegant, in addition to behavior norms, rich knowledge is the connotation of etiquette. The lack of connotation and just keep specification, while the main line is not rude, but also unavoidable give a person is too stiff to close feeling. The books on etiquette, more thematic approach to introduce the relevant knowledge, such as the world of wine, understanding social dance, awareness of brand, is very practical and can make you relax into public topic in the international social occasions in the common sense. In order to make the reader not only is the external performance of the etiquette, but also sufficient knowledge to words, natural and elegant manners show from the model. The international etiquette is very broad.
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