The international city of Geneva

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Digest geographically, Geneva is located in the southernmost tip of lemon lake, located in the central basin surrounded by mountains, 375 meters above sea level, the outflow from the lake, Nehe city and had to wear, to france. It welcomed the Jura Mountains of East and West, a French territory in the top of the Alps -- the distance across the northeast of Blanc peak, is on the verge of thousands of hectares of lemon lake, just control between the Alps and the Jurassic Luoshan important Swiss corridor, and is the thoroughfare, central location to Italy the Alps mountain mouth and along Thorne a Luo Nehe in the corner of the Mediterranean Sea, the magnificent mountains and rivers, is extremely advantageous geographical location and important. Often listen to local people say, Geneva is the smallest of all the big city city, is the largest city of all the small city. Come to think of it, quite afford much food for thought and good sense. If with the world famous metropolis such as Beijing, New York, Tokyo, Paris, London and compared, both the city scope, construction, population and momentum, Geneva is too not worth mentioning. Because of its small size, it lacks the unique vision of the city and the magnificent general. But it is small, big city is not charming and quiet. In addition, from the importance, popularity and city life point of view, it is no less than those of metropolis. On the one hand, it is a famous international activity center, convenient transportation, know the time of day, national political figures, diplomats, dignitaries and large business contacts together; on the other hand, the municipal management be arranged in good order, the various social service is quite perfect, has no noise contamination, and close to the village of. Compared with the city, will be a stroke above. A person arrived in Geneva, the exotic landscapes and customs, always give him leave many memorable impression. These impressions are complex, novel, like a resplendent with variegated coloration picture, a see things in a blur, dizzying. So many colors, strong, bright and changes, make you a very clear. But all the people who first arrived in Geneva, but there are some common and obvious sense, Geneva is the first city in order and harmony. You see, that every house, every courtyard, each street, each hole bridge, and the lake for the rest of each bench, is that well-proportioned, arrange proper and reasonable, is well-balanced and coordinated; every tree, every blade of grass, every flower, have been deliberately dressing, no chaos, give a person a kind of harmonious beauty, make the person is not difficult to think of Geneva people in the municipal building on the ingenuity. In addition to tidy and harmonious, and clean. Both in the streets, parks, or other public places, almost did not see a piece of paper and other dirt, everywhere is clean. This is because people in Geneva and clean, there is a good habit to maintain clean, but also long-term green results. Geneva municipal government attaches great importance to the protection and greening of the environment, the average person has lawn of 15 square meters! The beauty of the earth, in the F that emerald sun '. Whether the city or the countryside, both Geneva and the Swiss, don't see exposed loess land for forest or grass, everywhere covered, very be good to hear or see, only this one is enough to make you greatly. P4-5
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Preface: "international city" by Geneva reprinted Wu Jianmin 1 Primer 2 lemon Lake Pearl 3 old walk 4 lemon lake 5 "water outlet" 6 Geneva Republic 7 reached the city festival 8 Protestant Rome 9 Geneva and France, Rousseau 10 and Voltaire 11 The ICRC 12 Geneva and "the League of nations" the 13 Palace of Nations 14 international cities and 15 of the Swiss watch industry cradle 16 bank secrecy 17 foreign workers 18 "no money, no Swiss" 19 Geneva 20 thriving tourism 21 University of Geneva 22 Lenin in Geneva @##@. Described here, is a famous international city of Geneva. Tiny Geneva, why so famous, so attractive? Because the past is known as the "pocket" Republic of Geneva, in the history once in the struggle of the heroic and unyielding, magically defending the freedom and independence of their own? Or because of the reformation in the history, it served as a stronghold of the Calvin. Known as the "Protestant Rome"? Because it is the landscape of the area feeding the eighteenth Century great thinker of the enlightenment, Rousseau?...... This book introduces you to a true face of this international metropolis. The church bell struck San Pierre woke up the sleeping city, lemon Lake breeze swing open tourists feelings...... Through this book, you can know the real Geneva. It is the cradle of watches and clocks, gathered the bank; the United Nations offices, the birthplace of the red cross. Lenin struggled here, Rousseau was dumped, Voltaire, Calvin left their struggle, figure.
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Review of Geneva is only a point on earth is very small, but perhaps most significant. Jefferson -- a luxury city. There, necklaces, watches, and...... Everything is gold. -- Alexandre Dumas when you see a Geneva banker to jump from the window, would you jump, can get the point of what. -- Voltaire
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