The development direction of modern Confucianism

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"The direction of development - Contemporary Confucianism -- the contemporary Confucianism conference" reflects the comprehensive large-scale international academic seminar to "development and prospects" and Contemporary Confucianism as the theme of the academic achievements, save precious materials conference. To investigate the relationship between creative adaptation of Confucianism culture resources and society from different angles, the deepening of the Confucian theory of innovation and concept innovation in modern times. By discussing the Confucian idea of multi subject, multi perspective, really play the Confucianism culture universal intrinsic value. Both reviews, criticism and prospect to the contemporary Confucianism research, or to explore new forms of contemporary Confucianism, the new theory and expounded; both comment on the status and function of Confucianism in the globalization, modernization of Confucian values, or to discuss and twenty-first Century human life relations, are trying to the development of Confucianism culture, the universal value.
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The International Symposium on Contemporary Confucianism addressed the opening ceremony of the "International Symposium on Contemporary Confucianism" opening "contemporary significance in the address value of Confucianism in Modern Society International Symposium on Contemporary Confucianism" confirmation "-- in the contemporary Confucianism International Symposium" speech at the "International Symposium on Contemporary Confucianism" speech "in Contemporary Confucianism International Symposium on" speech at the opening ceremony of the International Symposium on Contemporary Confucianism closing speech on the development of contemporary Confucianism Confucianism speech type: humanity ontology and global ethics of Confucianism and the contemporary development issues on Confucianism and contemporary reflections on the development of new Confucianism existent meaning "Neo Confucianism" philosophy -- comparison. Yu Kangde, Mr. Mou Zongsan may develop Thinking&Walking: development direction of the new direction of contemporary research of Confucianism Confucianism resources of life existence and cultural awareness of global ethics -- cultural thought of contemporary new Confucianism about Confucian values of universality and Confucianism a new form of thinking of kingcraft politics and the China political Confucianism and modern society of Confucian values and The intrinsic nature and power the universal values of modern society to explore Confucianism metaphysical: Confucian two breakthrough point of moral, the meaning of human existence of Confucian Zhiping Qi Xiu - and Christian thought three wishes accommodation to cultural perspective on Confucianism and East Asia mode "Mencius", is not criticized in this way -- "Mencius" and alleged corruption cases related to several text on Confucianism basis and characteristics of Confucian ethics thought of the contemporary value of the doctrine of the mean philosophy modern value of a middle course of modern significance of Confucian "people-oriented" tradition and the historical fate of Confucian thought of the people of the modern new Confucian studies of the modern new Confucian thoughts of the modern new Confucianism the ideal, Dilemma and lost on the relationship between Confucianism and Buddhism and Buddhism thought the modern development of Xiong Shili advanced body philosophy character constant Xiong Shili "desire is from Zhu Xi" and "save heaven, to human desires" positioning "comparison between Xiong Shili and Ma Yifu He Lin of the new Confucian other centered": complex of Liang Shuming Confucian ethics Liang Shuming's rural construction movement and cultural factors analysis of Ma Yifu's "" Ma Yifu's thought of education essence and significance of Ma Yifu and the modern new Confucianism mysticism in Kong Meng wing six -- Analysis of Mr. Ma Yifu's Confucianism thought from "Cloud Gate three sentence" see Mou Zongsan philosophical interpretation of Mou Zongsan's criticism of Cheng Zhuxue, modification and significance of "God" and "Einstein" -- on Mou Zongsan's philosophy in the two metaphor and the age and the world's attention on Mr. Mou Zongsan's theory of Luo Jinxi Feng Youlan's ultimate belief and its construction mode -- "the realm of heaven and earth" and "heaven and man" and its philosophical rationality on Mr. Liu Shuxian's Neo Confucianism on the characteristics of Neo Confucianism and Neo Taoist relationship between Confucianism in the world of modern new Confucianism in the English speaking world American Bostonian Confucianism and Hawaii Confucianism and Contemporary Confucianism in Japan (active on the change in the Japanese scholar)) -- Modern Confucian Kaihara Masu Nan Mountain, the end of "water brothers Yasuoka Masaatsushi and Confucianism on the charm and the subject of modern college education in Modern Japan -- simple summary of College Japanese Contemporary Confucian thought of Confucianism in Singapore: Okada Takehiko play The source, development, characteristics and evaluation of Taiwan on the mainland in the past twenty years Confucianism research review of ancient Confucianism research China announced statutory investigation and analysis of the problem -- Confucianism not opposed by statute in the spring and Autumn period, heaven two differentiation Confucius idea of Yi and future task rites, benevolence, the gentleman -- Confucius thought three supporting points Confucius "for the German government to" thinking of the contemporary significance Mencius "goodness" said heaven fit and external practice Mencius benevolent thought and its contemporary value of the Confucian theory Zhu Xili divided philosophy on Yang Jian interpretation of Confucianism and Its Enlightenment of Confucian culture method of the popular form of ancient villages of Huizhou "-- on the contemporary. The International Symposium on" Outline "of Confucianism in Contemporary International Symposium" papers
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